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XCOM:Enemy Unknown 2012 is the 2012 Firaxis Games remake of the classic Microprose 1994 game UFO: Enemy Unknown' (or X-COM: UFO Defense as it was released in North America). This Wiki is currently devoted to the exploration of how the game engine works and methods to achieve modifications (Mods) to the game play mechanics.

Those looking for information on how to play the game or it's predecessors (i.e. FAQs, Strategy, and Tactics) are advised their attention is better directed to some of the many other excellent websites listed in the Other Web Resources - XCOM:EU 2012 page.

Those interested in the modding process or applying mods, should first read the articles in the lower Pages section of Category:0 Start here - XCOM: in particular Basic Guide to installing mods and Navigating the XCOM Wiki.