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I wanted to use this opportunity to find out something I have always been curious about.

I am fairly new to modding and the only reason I do it is for my own personal enjoyment, to make the game to my liking. To those who don’t know what modding is, mods are modifications of a game such as Oblivion.

Some mods add content (such as new weapons, NPCs, quests, clothing, faces, buildings, etc.), and others seek to balance issues in the original game, such as making items or NPCs either more or less powerful. Still others seek to improve upon what was already in the game in various other ways. Some go to extreme by changing the game environment itself and adding things to the game which I call master pieces.

It is amazing how much work is put into these mods. I have always been curious as why people put so much work into mods and put it on the internet only to be possibly scrutinized and battered. Most mods I’ve seen on sites are stuff you see in games at your local video game store.

I want to stress that the amount of work put into these mods is simply amazing. Why do these people do it, what is the goal in putting them on the internet and why put so much work into it. Perhaps these people do it, as do I, for their own enjoyment or perhaps it is for the hope of some day receiving major recognition through the publication of a major video game.

I am not looking for an answer to a question but wanting hear why YOU do it (meaning Modders)