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Hello dear Oblivion TES Community. I am very new to this world. My 1st mod was downloaded just the in beginning of feb and I really don't know much more now than then.

I am hoping someone will like my little diatribe and take pity on me to help me---if not..then I hope this just brightens your day.

  1. I love the Exnems body. But I don't consider this a realism body. I would need the D Cup sagging, low rez/gossamer light look complete with all the white-trash paraphernalia. -----I like fantasy! I would also like to figure out how to put the damn tattoos on it!

  2. Wish someone would convert all those pretty BAB dresses over to Exnems.

  3. Why can't you mod makers when you put like-15 files in a mod tell stupid noobs like me which I need or is it all? Ah...the duplications I must have gorging up my harddrive!

  4. There is beef in Cyrodiil. Where are the cows?

That being said--any info on mod making for someone who CAN BARELY TURN ON MY COMPUTER would be lovely. Or even direct tutoring. I am ,hum, currently BETWEEN jobs. I have practice time. <please envision a boo boo kitty face here>

I want to learn how to create new races, hair/eyes (or add them in at least) and make clothes.

And last but not least --Grasshopper, what is the sound of one mod not working? Me cursing and trying to figure out load orders! Ha


I can be reached at Lisnpuppy [at] yahoo.com