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Area filler is deprecated for future projects.

To make artist's life easier when filling big areas such as woods or meadows with vegetation we have a tool called Area Filler. It allows artist to quickly fill any area with predefined vegetation pattern. The other benefit is to keep a vegetation density on the sane level – artists usualy have a tendency to make vegetation more dense when handpainting.

You will create area where you want the vegetation to be generated by selecting Area -> AreaFiller

Vegetation Filler Documentation Image1.png

In Area Filler rollout, you can pick the type of vegetation you want to fill. You can combine multiple types together in one filler: for example for old dense forest you will use forest/forest_trees/forest_trees_primeval_big_old together with forest/forest_undergrowth_mixed_high_dense and grass/grass mixed. You can also add mushrooms, pickable flowers etc. Right-click on selected vegetation preset and select Add To Area Layers. Clicking on the button Fill With Layers will create the vegetation within the area.

Exclude Areas

Let's say you have a forest and inside the forest, there is some special location (herbalist shed). When you refill forest area, the vegetation will be refilled in the whole area including the herbalist inside. To prevent this, you need to use Exclude area. Create Area -> EditorArea around herbalist and pick it to the forest filler under the Exclude Areas section. 

Vegetation Filler Documentation Image2.png

Vegetation Filler Documentation Image3.jpg


  • filling is based on random generator, everytime you refill, the result is different

Vegetation density debug

In the 3DArt utility tool, click on MergedMeshesDebug and select Groups. You will see colored boxes (based on terrain segments). To simplify it, blue color is ok, green starts to be not ok, red is definitely bad - vegetation density is too big. 


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