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THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS PAGE. If you are searching for Lexy's LOTD:SE and stumbled across this, it is advised that you go to the actual guide, located here, for the working version of the guide.
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Based on Neovalen's Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition
Created and Maintained by Darth_mathias and DarkladyLexy
Last Update: 21:11:25 4 December 2023 (GMT)

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Part Three: The Merge Page
Quick Links
TROUBLESHOOTING: A few quick guides that might be able to address any problems you are having with the guide install can be found on the Troubleshooting page of the guide.
GUIDE SUPPORT: Support and assistance in the installation and troubleshooting of problems related to this guide are availiable in two locations - either will eventually get you the help you need. The first is located on the STEP Forums. The second, more real-time, location is on Lexy's LOTD Discord Channel.
MOD SUGGESTIONS: Don't see a mod in the list that you think needs to be included? Check on Lexy's Suggested Mods Trello board to be sure it hasn't already been suggested, is in testing, or has been previously rejected.
CHANGELOG: A full list of the changes that have been made to the guide and when can be found here.
Guide Page Links
Page 1: Introduction and Prerequisites
Page 2: The Mod List
Page 3: The Merge Page. YOU ARE HERE.
Page 4: The Finishing Line
Page 5: Recommended MCM Settings

Introduction To Merging

Idiot Check

  • Ensure you are using v0.6.4 of zEdit.
  • Verify that you installed Mod Organizer 2 in Portable Mode, in accordance with the instructions provided on Page One of this guide. This process WILL NOT WORK if it is installed in Instance Mode.
  • Ensure you have not moved your mods folder out of the Mod Organizer 2 directory.

With all the actual mods now installed, we have a rather large problem. Skyrim has a cap of 254 ESP Slots for using to load plugins. Skyrim SE made this more manageable with the introduction of ESL files, smaller plugins that are all grouped together as a single plugin (for loading purposes). Even with this, we have far more plugins than that, and trying to load up the game at this point would result in an instant crash to desktop.

To get around this, we will be using the zMerge portion of the zEdit tool by Mator to combine several mods into a single mod without losing the functionality of the original files. The process to do this is essentially the same for every merge we do, and so a general set of instructions will be presented first, followed by the list of mods to be merged.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you make use of Mod Organizer 2's profile functionality for this step, and create a separate profile for EACH of the merges. This will allow for an easier time of recreating merges when updates hit (as they do regularly) or when troubleshooting other issues. It will be a HUGE time-saver, and we cannot recommend it strongly enough. Profiles can be created using the instructions provided on Page One of the guide - refer to these if needed.

Merge Creation Process

It is assumed that you have setup zMerge as per the zEdit setup instructions on Page One of this guide. Deviations from this may result in undesired behavior.


1.: In Mod Organizer 2, create the profile for the merge. The name for the profile should match the name of the merge being created.
2.:  After creating the new profile, switch to that profile.
3.:  Ensure that NO MODS are activated in the left-pane (first time merge creation only).
4.:  Using the list provided, activate the required mods in both the left pane and right panes of MO2.
4a.: Many of the mods listed and activated will have master files required. Identify and activate the master files for the mods activated in step 4 above.
4b.: In a few instanced, the masters you just activated in step 4a will ALSO require masters. Identify these (if any) and activate these masters as well.
IMPORTANT: You MUST have all files listed in the merge activated, all master files to those files activated, and all masters to those master files activated for this process to work. When done properly, you should have no Missing Master Errors listed in MO2 (check the red triangle icon in the top right of MO2).
5.:  Run zEdit from the MO2 Executables drop-down menu.
6.:  In the program window that appears, select  zMerge.
7.:  Select  Start Session.
8.:  After the new window loads, select  Create Merge.
9.:  In the Detail tab, fill in the Merge Name and File Name (provided in the merge profile lists below).
10.: In the Plugins tab, select ONLY the files in the merge list.
11.: In the Data tab, verify that the Copy General Assets box is UNCHECKED. All other options can remain in their default positions.
12.: Select OK.
13.: In the header for the newly created merge, select Build.
14.: Wait for the "Merge successfully created" message to appear. Exit zMerge.
15.: Switch to the Main LOTD Profile.
16.: Ensure the new Merge Mod is placed in the load order (the left pane) in accordance with the instructions in that merge's write-up.
17.: Activate the merge in the Left Pane.
18.: Using the Merge Plugins Hide module installed in Page One of the guide, deactivate the mods associated with the new merge.

For the more visually oriented, these screenshots should provide you with some assistance.