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Angry Caesar.png

β€œIn ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”

Mainly a user and contributor for the Nexus websites and the Nexus Wiki. I do some art projects on the side and can make 3d models/textures on request.

Other Websites

deviantART: Some art and Fallout stuff

Current and Planned Projects

SER (Special Encounters Reborn): Recreating the special encounters from the Fallout games of old. Updated and improved where appropriate and as close to the original as possible

Goodsprings Expanded: Massive Expansion of Goodsprings

New Vegas Bounty Boards: Based upon the Borderlands bounty boards, with one in each major settlement

Bending Havok to my will: It WILL obey

Published Projects

Nuka Cola Cans: Adds cans of Nuka Cola to the Mojave

Prospector Saloon Basement: A prelude to the Goodsprings Expanded mod

Published Resources

Sunset Sarsaparilla Vector Logo: An infinitely large version of the SS Logo, handy for textures

Blood Decals Pack: More blood decals for modders. Mmm, lovely and morbid

WIP Header Image: Go on, use it on work in progress articles. It looks so pretty :p