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Due to declining health, I will no longer be creating or maintaining modding guides or tutorials. The following information may be outdated.

QwHeNwx.png Morroblivion Overhaul - Graphics and Immersion

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Morroblivion Overhaul - Appendix For installation and load order references, troubleshooting, etc...
This Modding Guide is a [WIP] currently Under Construction! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL this version of Morroblivion Overhaul until it is officially released!
This message will be removed when the content is considered complete.



It is recommended to pick a style that suits the user and try to stick with a particular author tp have the most consistent result. Mixing styles from various authors can result in a worldspace that appears choppy with many objects looking out of place.

01.1 Resources - Guides & Tutorials

Resources that provide a guide, tutorial, or general information about modding.

02. Bethesda Official Content

Official Games and Addons

03. Utilities - Tools

Utilities which allow you to create, edit, or manage mod-related files.

[Official Oblivion Construction Set]

Official Oblivion Construction Set - v1.2.404 - by Bethesda

Main Files

  • Construction Set 1_2_404
  • Construction Set 1_2_404 Readme

Optional Files

  • LIP Template

Description: The Elder Scrolls Construction Set allows you to edit and create content for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
Special Instructions: Notice: GOG Users should already have this utility.

Official Oblivion Construction Set Special Instructions
Visit The Elder Scrolls: Construction Set Wiki page for guidance and tutorials.

NOTICE GOG Users: TESConstructionSet is included with the GOG version. Skip to Step 5.

1. Create a new folder in \Oblivion Mods\Utilities and name it Oblivion Construction Set.
2. Download and Extract the files.
3. Launch the executable to install the TES4 Construction Set.
4. Extract the LIPTemplate and manually install the Sound folder to the Oblivion\Data directory. Do not install the LIPTemplate.esp.
5. Run the TESConstructionSet.exe. This will create the ConstructionSet.ini. Navigate to C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Oblivion and open the ConstructionSet.ini with Notepad or other text editor and make the following changes:
SInvalidationFile= (this should be left blank)
Mod Organizer Users:
SArchiveList=Oblivion - Invalidation.bsa, Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa, Oblivion - Sounds.bsa, Oblivion - Voices1.bsa, Oblivion - Voices2.bsa, Oblivion - Misc.bsa
Wrye Bash Users:
SArchiveList=ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa, Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa, Oblivion - Sounds.bsa, Oblivion - Voices1.bsa, Oblivion - Voices2.bsa, Oblivion - Misc.bsa
6. Save and then close.

[The Construction Set Extender]

The Construction Set Extender - v8.1 - by shadeMe

Main Files

  • CSE 8.1

Optional Files

  • Visual Styles Enabled CS

Description: Construction Set Extender (CSE) adds features and functionality to the CS - read the installation instructions.

The Construction Set Extender Special Instructions
Notice: CSE does not recognize obse_loader.exe loaders older than the most current v0021. If you chose to replace the Steam version in order to launch the game with an older obse_loader.exe, CSE will not function.
Special Installation Instructions:
1. Extract the files and move the following directly into the Oblivion game directory:
• Data folder
• CrashRpt1403.dll
• crashrpt_lang.ini
• CrashSender1403.exe
• dbghelp.dll
• DevComponents.DotNetBar2.dll
• GlobalInputMonitor.dll
• ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit.dll
• lame.exe
• Launch CSE.bat
• ObjectListView.dll
• TESConstructionSet.config
• TESConstructionSetOld.exe
2. If you downloaded the Visual Styles Enabled extract it and copy the following file into the Oblivion game directory:
• TESConstructionSet.exe
3. Move the Construction Set Extender_readme.rtf in the Data\Docs\Construction Set Extender folder.
4. Mod Organizer Users:
Modify the Construction Set Executable
Binary: %Steam\steamapps\common\Oblivion\Launch CSE.bat
Start In: (leave blank)
Arguments: -editor -notimeout
Check "Close MO when started"
Click Modify then Close
Notice: obse_loader.exe and TESConstructionSet.exe must be set up to Run as administrator for the CSE. Right click on each executable file, select Properties/Compatibility and check Run this program as an administrator.

[Land Magic]

Land Magic - 0.3 - by Timeslip

Main Files

  • LandMagic_v0_3

Description: Tool to fix tears in landscape. This utility should be used everytime you add/modify a mod with landscaping.

04. Script Extender Plugins

Script Extender expands scripting capabilities and adds additional functionality to the game.


Blockhead - v11.0 - by shadeMe

Main Files

  • Blockhead 11.0

Description: An OBSE plugin that adds support for gender variant head models and textures for NPCs. And allows free camera movement in the race/sex menu. And enables pain-free inventory idle overriding. And per-NPC/Race/scripted body/head texture/model overriding. And animation overriding. And equipment model overriding.
Special Instructions:

if installing Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2.

[WalkBlessed OBSE Plugin (diagonal move)]

Highly Suggested
WalkBlessed OBSE Plugin (diagonal move) - vBeta15.5 - by cOJzZ

Main Files

  • WalkBlessed

Description: An OBSE plugin intended to enable simple PC diagonal movements, inspired by the famous NV mod "Diagonal movement".

05. Master Files and Utilities - Ingame

Master Files are mods containing ESMs (Elderscrolls Master Files). These must load before ESPs (Elderscrolls Plugin Files). Utilities - Ingame mods are plugins which have an ingame interface.

[Cobl v174]

Off Site
Cobl v174 - v174 - by Cobl Team v174

Main Files

  • Click the Download this file button.

Description: Cobl significantly enriches the world of Oblivion: new races, new books, new ingredients, new foods, etc. There are no quests, but you'll find the world a better and more interesting place in many small and large ways.
Special Instructions: Select the following options from the BAIN package:

Cobl - 00 Cobl Core
Cobl - 01 StableCore

This mod is only required for the following mods that will be recommended later in this guide:
The Ayleid Steps
Notice: Cobl will make use of either Conscribe or Pluggy.

[Harvest Containers]

Harvest Containers - v0.99.10 - by Harvest Team

Optional Files

  • Harvest Containers SI

Description: Harvest was designed to allow players to easily see which containers they had already searched. Along the way, that goal turned it into a popular mod for realism fans as well. When you search inside a container, it will change.
Special Instructions: This file is not needed if OOO - Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul is installed.
Notice: Patches may be required for mods that add items on top of containers.

Harvest Containers Special Instructions

From the root file copy the Harvest[Containers].esm into the Data folder. From the Standalones folder copy the following and place them into the Data folder:

Vanilla folder
• meshes folders
• textures folders
• Harvest[Containers] - Vanilla.esp
Shivering Isles folder
• meshes folders
• textures folders
• Harvest[Containers] - SI.esp

Note: Add ons are Optional. Read the documentation provided for user preference.
TES4Edit Cleaning Required:
Notice: BOSS Log reports 'Harvest[Containers] - Vanilla.esp Contains dirty edits: 19 ITM, 0 UDR records. Needs TES4Edit cleaning:'.
Launch TES4Edit.exe to manually remove the following records by right clicking on the record and select Remove.

FormID EditorID Header text
010011E7 DEJharvestMiddleChestJewelry "Open Jewelry Box"
0100B8CA DEJharvestMiddleCupboard01 "Open Cupboard"
0100B8D4 DEJharvestLowerCupboard01 "Open Cupboard"
0100B8D5 DEJharvestLowerPot "Open Covered Pot"
0100B8D6 DEJharvestLowerDrawers01 "Open Drawers"
01000CE8 DEJharvestUpperCupboard02 "Opened Cupboard"
01002A58 DEJharvestUpperDesk01 "Opened Desk"
01002A59 DEJharvestUpperDrawer02 "Opened Drawers"
010011D4 DEJharvestMiddleDrawers01 "Open Drawers"
010011D5 DEJharvestMiddleDesk01 "Open Desk"
010011D6 DEJharvestMiddleDrawers02 "Open Drawers"
010011D7 DEJharvestMiddleDrawersTop "Open Drawers"
010011D8 DEJharvestMiddleShelf01 "Open Shelf"
010011D9 DEJharvestMiddleShelf01a "Open Shelf"
010011DB DEJharvestMiddleLectern02 "Open Lectern"
0100342F DEJharvestUpperDrawer01 "Opened Drawers"
0100391C DEJharvestUpperExecDesk01 "Opened Desk"
01002081 DEJharvestUpperCupboard01 "Opened Cupboard"
01003430 DEJharvestUpperDrawer03 "Opened Drawers"

06. Fixes and Unofficial Patches

Mods which fix issues or bugs without adding new content. They are standalone mods that are rarely affected by other mods but enhance/overhaul large parts of the game with minimal or no overlap. These may include fixes which specifically address game stability or performance.
:Earliest Mods: Plugins that need to load directly after the ESM files for whatever reason. -> 
:NPC Face Mods: Bash and deactivate to keep new faces with NPC altering mods later. -> 
Vanilla Fixes: Fixes for vanilla game bugs, everything else must be allowed to override these. ->
:Unofficial Patches: A very large compilation of vanilla game fixes -> 
:DLC Shivering Isles: Official DLC and mods directly related to it. 

[Consistent Beggar Voices]

Consistent Beggar Voices - v1.2 - by Publick Gamer

Main Files

  • Consistent Beggar Voices 1.2 (Audio Quality Fix)

Description: The beggars' inconsistent voices is probably one the most notorious and hilarious audio mistakes in gaming history. This mod rectifies that, by replacing all the male and female imperial beggar dialogue, with the original versions from earlier in development, that ARE consistent! No more mid-dialogue voice changes, hooray!

07. Early Loaders

Mods that enhance/overhaul large parts of the game with minimal or no overlap.
:Post UOP Fixes: Mods that directly edit fixes found in the UOP. -> 
:Non-English Language Fixes: Fixes for non-english versions of Oblivion. -> 
:VWalk Post-UOP Files -> 
:BSA Tricks: Dummy files which are used to activate BSA content. -> 
:Initial Fran's Files for FCOM 

08. Gameplay - User Interface

Mods which add or modify user interface components. Oblivion's UI Menu has one of the most undesirable gaming UI that I ever played. It's a combination of wasted space, improper scaling, and inappropriate controls. Several mods are available that attempt to correct some of this. I will list my own preferences below, however, I recommend all users research what will best suit you. Remember, if you decide not to mimic my list, make certain it is compatible with mods you choose to install. Try to install only UI mods that are still being actively supported by either the author or the modding community.

08.1 Gameplay UI – CORE

Menus define the layout and style of the UI. This may include the HUD with remodeled textures, etc...

[Coloured Enemy Health Red]

Coloured Enemy Health Red - v1.0 - by LordOverkill

Main Files

  • Coloured Enemy Health Red

Description: Makes the enemy health bar above the crosshair change from default - red depending on how much health the enemy has left.

[Dot Crosshair]

Dot Crosshair - v1.1 - by PuppetVaysa

Main Files

  • Dot Crosshair v1.1

Description: Change the crosshair to dot.

[MiniMap - Reboot]

MiniMap - Reboot - v1.2.0 - by Kyoma

Main Files

  • MiniMap v1x2x0

Description: This mod introduces a small minimap on your HUD. It will be as close as possible to the real map.
Special Instructions: NOTICE: This mod could potentially cause a drop in framerate.

[Pick Me - lockpicking interface retexture]

Pick Me - lockpicking interface retexture - v1.0 - by Author maczopikczo

Main Files

  • Pick Me

Optional Files

DO NOT istall Northern UI Pick Me as this is incompatible with NortherUI Away.

Description: Lockpicking interface upgrade for all you gentlemen thieves out there. Because we might be bandits, but we're no strangers to style and sophistication.
Special Instructions: If using MajorJims UI delete the \textures\menus\darn folder.

[Women Class Portraits]

Women Class Portraits - v2.0 - by Raven6D9

Main Files

  • Women Class Portrait

Description: A mod which aims to give a variate for those who role plays in Oblivion as female characters and also stays faithful of the original design of

08.2 Gameplay UI – FONT CHANGES

Mods that alter vanilla fonts.

08.3 Gameplay UI – LOADING SCREEN

Mods that alter vanilla loading screens. Need to have the Graphics tag or they may be overwritten.

09. Base Mods

Contains several sub-categories (Weather, Water, Sounds, Lighting, and other Base Mods such as Audio Visual - Models & Textures, and rextured Items). Mods that can be overridden in part. Low priority mods. New Items, NPCs & creatures that are not overrides of other mods. 'Library' mods.

09.1 Audiovisual - Weather

Mods which add or modify weather. This may be moved to a lower category in either Gameplay - Immersion & Role-playing or Override Mods - Late Loaders if overwritten by lower mods.

09.2 Audiovisual - Water and Lava

Mods that retexture water and lava. This may be moved to a lower category in either Gameplay - Immersion & Role-playing or Override Mods - Late Loaders if overwritten by lower mods.

09.3 Audiovisual - Sounds & Music

Mods which add or modify sound effects, music, or voice. This may be moved to a lower category in either Gameplay - Immersion & Role-playing or Override Mods - Late Loaders if overwritten by lower mods.

09.4 Audiovisual - Lighting

Mods which add or modify lighting. This may be moved to a lower category in either Gameplay - Immersion & Role-playing or Override Mods - Late Loaders if overwritten by lower mods.

09.5 Audiovisual - Major Texture Packs

Mods that retexure a large portion of the games meshes and textures. Theese mods may be overwritten.

[Really Textured Normal Maps for Vanilla]

Really Textured Normal Maps for Vanilla - v1.1 - by Jarod, uploaded by skylarscarborough

Main Files

  • RTNM_Part1_v1_1
  • RTNM_Part2_v1_1
  • RTNM Shivering Isles Fixed

Description: Very detailed normal maps that add a ton of texture to Oblivion\'s vanilla textures. Now with Shivering Isles.
Special Instructions: Mmclendon recommends: Really Textured Normal Maps for Vanilla Download and extract all three files. Either exclude or delete the normal maps from "Oblivion\Data\Textures\trees\branches" as they can cause flickering tree trunks. If you are planning to use OOO Shivering Isles, then you should also exclude/delete the "weapons" and "armor" files from the "RTNM Shivering Isles Fixed" archive as they can cause visual issues with Dark Seducer/Golden Saint armor.

[Qarl's Texture Pack III Redimized - QTP3 R]

Qarl's Texture Pack III Redimized - QTP3 R - v1.3Fixed - by Qarl and Bomret and dev_akm

Main Files

  • QTP3 Redimized 1.3 Patched Fixed and Optimised

Description: New textures, normal maps, specular and parallax maps to replace a large number of those in the game with ones which are higher resolution and more photo realistic, while at the same time still very close to the original feel of Bethesda's intentions. Included in this version are PYFFI Optimized QTP3 Meshes - Fixed. Most of the textures are 1K.

[QTP3 UOP350 Compatibility Patch]

QTP3 UOP350 Compatibility Patch - v1.0 - by Pickysaurus

Optional Files

  • QTP3 UOP350 Compatibility Patch

Description: Compatibility patch for QTP3 and UOP 3.4.2.

[Bomret's Texture Pack for Shivering Isles v1 with meshes from USIP]

Bomret's Texture Pack for Shivering Isles v1 with meshes from USIP - v1.0 - by Bomret and the USIP Team

Main Files

  • Bomret's Texture Pack for Shivering Isles with meshes from USIP

Description: This is Bomrets Texture Pack: Shivering Isles v1 with the fixed meshes from the USIP

09.6 Audiovisual - LOD Resources

Mods that offer include LOD resources.

09.7 Audiovisual - Grass & Flora Overhaul

Mods that retexture both grass and flora.

09.8 Audiovisual - Tree Overhaul

Mods that retexture trees and shrubs.

09.9 Audiovisual - Landscape & Grass Fixes

Mods that fix landscape and grass anomolies. These may also include mods that claim to increase performance.

09.10 Audiovisual - Landscape

Mods that retextue landscape including dirt, rocks, roads, etc...

09.11 Audiovisual - Architecture

Mods that retexture buildings and other architecture.

09.12 Audiovisual - Caves & Dungeons

Mods that retxture caves, dungeons, forts, ruins, etc...

09.13 Audiovisual - Interiors

Mods that rexture inerior decorations.

09.14 Items - Tools & Clutter

Mods that retexture items that cannot be worn, ingested, or used as a weapon. Any new and unique items belong in a lower category in Gameplay - Quests & Locations.

09.15 Items - Ingestibles

Mods that retexture items you can eat or drink. Any new and unique items belong in a lower category in Gameplay - Quests & Locations.

09.16 Items - Armor, Clothing, & Accessories

Mods that retexture items that can be worn such as armor, clothing, jewelry, cloaks, and bags. Any equipment items that include body replacers belong in a lower catergory in Character Appearance - Equipment.

09.17 Items - Weapons

Mods that rtexture sticks you can stab, squish, or shoot people with. Any new and unique items belong in a lower category in Gameplay - Quests & Locations.

10. Load Order Independent Mods

These mods don't need to go anywhere, they're fully scripted, so load them early. 

11. Late Loaders - Base Mods

Mods which are load order independent that need to be loaded after other base mods to avoid conflit.
:Map Marker Tweaks: Load after OOO to override OOO initial map marker changes, otherwise let OOO remove starting default map markers. ->
:Hotkeys: Load order independent. Use only one unless documentation says otherwise.

11.1 Audiovisual - Post-processing

Mods which perform post processing or include a post-processing preset. These are Graphic Extenders including ENB, ReShade, Sweet FX, TES Reloaded, ect...
Under Construction

11.2 Alternate to Oblivion Reloaded

Oblivion Reloaded may not be everyone's cup of tea. Don't despair, I will offer you some alternative mod suggestions that will not only reduce memory usage of the game, but also enhance the visuals and graphics much like you will see with Oblivion Reloaded.

Extenders and DLL Enhancements
Third-party programs (or extensions thereof) that enhance Oblivion functionality or display. A few in this list may be Optional and only needed if specified as a prerequisite for a specific mod.

[ENBoost v0.259 patch for TES Oblivion]

Off Site
ENBoost v0.259 patch for TES Oblivion - v0.259 - by Boris Vorontsov

Main Files

  • ENBoost v0.259 patch for TES Oblivion

Description: This is adaptation of code Boris Vorontsov did for TES Skyrim to reduce memory usage of the game and to fix most CTDs (crashes to desktop) because of "out of memory" issue when many mods installed. It's just a patch without any changes to graphics. What it's doing? Utilize your video card memory much better, compress resources and send them to enbhost.exe process, so you can install more mods with x64 OS (up to 4 gb game use by default and with this it's max about 10 gb at this moment).
Special Instructions: Instructions for this utility are included in the following CTD and Memory patch ENBoost mod.

[CTD and Memory patch ENBoost]

CTD and Memory patch ENBoost - v259 - by Boris Vorontsov

Main Files

  • ENBoost 1_0

Description: A fix for CTDs and Memory Patch

CTD and Memory patch ENBoost Special Instructions
1. Review the instructions on the download description page.
2. Settings can be altered to suit the users’ preferences. Browse the web for recommended enbseries.ini configurations and test them out.
3. Review and make any needed changes to the "enblocal.ini". Some Recommendations include:
VideoMemorySizeMb=0 (Use Boris Vorontsov VRamSizeTest v1.0 to get the correct value for the parameter)


Remap the Free VRAM key to a different unused key

Notice: Some users may still experience CTD issues. Review muffinz10's post on CTD and Memory patch ENBoost Nexus Forum.

[Oblivion - Enhanced Camera]

Oblivion - Enhanced Camera - v1.4b - by LogicDragon

Main Files

  • Enhanced Camera

Description: This is an obse plugin that enables a visible body when in first person. Also, any points where the game force switches to 3rd person (sitting, death, etc) are now in 1st person.
Special Instructions: INCOMPATIBLE with Oblivion Reloaded v7.0.

[Oblivion Graphics Extender]

Oblivion Graphics Extender - v3.0.1 - by -Timeslip -Scanti -ShadeMe and -Ethatron

Main Files

  • Old files: OBGE Core - Retro 3-0-0

Description: The Oblivion Graphics Extender is an OBSE plugin created by Timeslip that adds extra functionality to Oblivion's scripting language, focussed on the implementation and manipulation of graphics effects.
Special Instructions: This OBSE plugin is used solely for better quality water reflections.

Oblivion Graphics Extender Special Instructions
1. Extract only the OBGEv2.dll to your OBSE\Plugins folder.
2. Run the game once to create an OBGE.ini in your Documents\My Games\Oblivion folder.
3. Configure the OBGE.ini


iReflectionMapSize=2048 ;Try 1024 if you're using a weaker PC.


[One Tweak]

One Tweak - v2.1.0.2 - by virusek

Main Files

  • OneTweak

Description: OneTweak is Script Extender plugin mainly used for Borderless Window Mode and no crashing when you Alt+Tab.

[shadeMe Enhanced]

shadeMe Enhanced - v1.0beta2 - by arafuse

Main Files

  • shadeMe Enhanced

Description: This is a fork of the original shadeMe plugin which features improved shadow queueing, fixes the problem of disappearing shadows when turning, and adds some additional options and optimizations. You can now get nice dynamic shadows on architecture and landscape with a low shadow count and minimal performance drop.

Comparable Graphic Mods

[Detailed Terrain]

Detailed Terrain - v0.4 - by ChainsawXIV

Main Files

  • Detailed Terrain - Beta II
  • [Optional files] DT Texture Pack - Shivering Isles
  • [Update files] DT Shader Patch

Description: Detailed Terrain updates the technology used to render the game's terrain textures.
Special Instructions: Install all three with Oblivion Mod Manager (or extract the archive and repack it to install with other mod manager).

NOTE: Install DT Shader Patch last.

NOTICE: After installing this you may see flickering blood textures on the ground. To fix this delete Data\Textures\landscape\ & Textures\landscape\ or disable blood decals in your Oblivion.ini:

[Enhanced Water v20]

Enhanced Water v20 - v2.0 - by halo112358

Main Files

  • Enhanced Water v20

Description: This mod simply adds for better looking water.

[Enhanced Water v20 HD - SI Addon]

Enhanced Water v20 HD - SI Addon - v2fixed - by halo112358

Main Files

  • Enhanced Water v20 HD - SI 2fixed

Description: This is an addon for LprMan's Enhanced Water v20 for the Shivering Isles.

[FOV Modifier]

FOV Modifier - v2.0 - by troybayliss

Main Files

  • FOV Modifier v2_0

Description: This mod allows you to change the Field of View from the default 75, and the new value you choose will NOT be reset every time you talk or zoom.

[Koldorns LOD Noise Replacer]

Koldorns LOD Noise Replacer - v1.3 - by Koldorn

Main Files

  • KoldornsLODnoiseReplacer

Description: Replaces the noise effect on LOD textures to something better.

[Nighteye Shader Replacement]

Nighteye Shader Replacement - v1.1 - by Timeslip

Main Files

  • Nighteye Shader Replacement

Description: This mod contains 16 replacement nighteye shaders for oblivion.
Special Instructions: Install with Oblivion Mod Manager (or extract the archive and repack it to install with other mod manager).

NOTICE: If you choose to extract this mod to install with another mod manager, make certain to select only one of the shader files.

[Real Lava]

Real Lava - v1.3 - by CptJoker

Main Files

  • Real Lava 1_3

Description: This mods adds better looking lava.

12. Early Quest Add-Ons

Mods that add or alter quests in the game.
:DLC 1: First group of official downloadable content and plugins directly tied to them. ->
DLCHorseArmor.esp -> DLCOrrery.esp -> DLCVileLair.esp -> DLCMehrunesRazor.esp -> DLCSpellTomes.esp 

13. Character Appearance

Mods that modify the appearance of characters or add new options for character creation.

13.1 Character Appearance - Body Mods

Mods that adjust body shapes or textures.

13.2 Character Appearance - Skeletons

Mods that add skeleton meshes for comaptibility with body replacers.

13.3 Character Appearance - Equipment

Mods that add items specific to new body replacer.
:Items (Armor and Weapons): nest category which contains all "Items" headings. Wrye Bash tag all armor replacers need BASH: Graphics to keep their new look. Some items will need to go after overhaul or location altering mods to appear. ->
:Body Replacer Armour & Clothing: Stuff for use with body replacers. Wrye Bash tag all armor replacers need BASH: Graphics to keep their new look. -> :Not For Free Armor ->
:Horse Mods: Mods related to horses and some other types of mounts.

14. Pre Overhaul

Mods  that need to be loaded before magjor overhaul mods to reduce conflict.
:Only Name Changing Files:Tag with names and total compatibility. ->
:DLC 2 -> DLCThievesDen.esp 

15. Overhauls

Major Overhaul mods including: 
:FCOM, Fran's, OOO, MMM, etc -> Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod -> OOO; FCOM optional and related components; MMM and optional plugins -> OOO Full and Lite -> Post OOO -> MMM & FCOM  -> FCOM/MMM optionals 1 -> FCOM/MMM optionals 2 -> MMM for non-FCOM installs -> OWC New Dimensions -> Tamriel Travellers -> FCOM\MMM optionals 3 -> Overhaul Compatibility -> Additional MMM OOO Patches -> Waalx Animals and Creatures -> Post Overhaul -> CNRP (Cyrodiil NPC Remodelling Project) ->
:Creatures - New:Really needs Wrye Bash or a compatibility patch if using almost any overhaul.

15.1 Gameplay - Crafting

Mods that alter or add items purely through the crafting menu.

15.2 Gameplay - Economy & Item Balance

Mods that alter or change economy and item balance.

16. Morroblivion Mods

Morroblivion: Group for all morroblivion plugins. In the future, Skyblivion and Skywind may also be included in this group.

17. Gameplay - Quests & Stories

Mods which add or modify quests or stories.	
:Quests and Locations 1: All mods that add or change quests, player houses, add or change dungeons, add or change towns, villages, cities and/or landscape. -> Quests Early -> Quests Arena -> DLC 3 -> DLCBattlehornCastle.esp -> Quests and Locations 2 -> Immersive Environments

17.1 Locations - New Dungeons

Mods which add new areas where you can encounter and fight enemies.

17.2 Locations - New Lands

Mods which add completely new lands to explore.

17.3 Locations - New Player Homes

Mods which add new player homes.

17.4 Locations - New Structures & Landmarks

Mods which add new structures or landmarks. These may include ECTV (Expanded Cities, Hamlets, Town, Villages, etc...)

17.5 Gameplay - Immersion & Role-playing

Mods which specifically aid player immersion or role-playing. These may include weather, lighting, and other environmental and visual effect changes.

18. Gameplay - Quests & Locations

Mods which add new quests, locations and/or new inventory items to the game.
:DLC 4 -> DLCFrostcrag.esp -> Knights.esp ->
:ROM -> ROM Revised Oblivion Mod.esp ->
:Quests and Locations 3 -> FCOM Compatibility Section:FCOM optional addon patches. ->
:Quests and Locations 4 

19. Locations - Overhauls

Mods which modify landscape locations ingame.
:Landscape and City Overhauls -> Tamriel Worldspace Modding Project -> Extended Cyrodiil -> Towns and Villages -> HESU Mods and Patches -> CUO Cities -> Unique Landscapes and Compatibility Patches -> HM2 -> Post UL, Pre BC -> Unique Landscapes V2 Compatibility Patches -> Open Better Cities -> Open Cities Classic -> Open Cities Reborn -> Open Cities Patches -> Quests and Locations 5 -> Post City

20. Overrides

Mods that deliberately change specific things about vanilla Oblivion, overhauls or other mods. Some late loading quests and locations in here too.
:Overrides Early -> Lava

21.1 Gameplay - AI & Combat

Mods which modify character behavior, combat mechanics, or enemy strength in general.
:Sexual Stuff -> SPT Diverse Guards -> Overrides Late -> TIE Integration Compatibility -> Alternative Starts -> Realism -> Vampires 

21.2 Gameplay - Magic & Abilities

Mods which add new abilities or spells. including slchemy, enchantment, ect...

21.3 Gameplay - Stealth

Mods that add or modify stealth such as thievery, sneaking and crime.

21.4 Gameplay - Skills, Attributes & Leveling

Mods which add or modify skills or perks, attributes, and leveling.

21.5 Audiovisual - Animations & Physics

Mods which add or modify animations or physics.

22. Character - NPC Overhauls

Mods that add new face parts such as hairs, beards, brows, or eyes. They may also add new overlays such as warpaints, tattoos, or freckles.
:Beauty Packs -> Race Changes-Addons: Hair, eyes, race addons & changes and other cosmetics. 

22.1 Character Appearance OCO2 Overhaul

Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2 attemps to modernize characters in the styles of Skyrim and TESO. This affects both player and NPCs. It is a comprehensive NPC overhaul. OCO2 Overhaul is currently the most popular of flavors and most NPC equipment mods provide patches for it where needed, including ponyrider0's Morroblivion-OCO2 Facelift v0.2.

[Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2]

Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2 - v2.03 - by nuska

Main Files

  • Oblivion Character Overhaul v203

Description: A comprehensive, all-in-one revamp of Oblivion character heads. New head shapes, skin textures, normal maps, eye textures and some new hairstyles covering all races in the game, including Dremoras and Shivering Isles races, all built to a single unified art direction that adheres to the styles of Skyrim and TESO. Affects both player and NPCs.
Special Instructions: Delete Oblivion_Character_Overhaul.esp as it is replaced with Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 - Unofficial Patch.

[Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 - Unofficial Patch]

Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 - Unofficial Patch - v1.1 - by nazgrubar

Main Files

  • Oblivion Character Overhaul - Unofficial Patch

Description: Patches Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 to be compatible with the Unofficial Patches

[OCOv2 - DLC Faces]

OCOv2 - DLC Faces - v1.0 - by Oooiii

Main Files

  • OCOv2 - DLC Faces

Description: Fix for Oblivion Character Overhaul v2. This mod was created via an xEdit script. UODP changes were carried forward as well. You can merge it into your bashed patch.

[Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 Redguards Retextured Patch - Robert Male and HGEC]

Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 Redguards Retextured Patch - Robert Male and HGEC - v1.01 - by KarmaPowered and Striker879

Main Files

  • Oblivion Character Overhaul Redguards Retextured Patch v 1.01

Update Files

  • Version 1.01 Update

[Lifelike Eye Normalmaps]

Lifelike Eye Normalmaps - v1.1.1 - by T3alrose

Main Files

  • Lifelike Eyes Vanilla

Description: This mod adds normalmaps to all vanilla/SI eye textures except Argonians and Dremora.

[New Eyes for OCO v2]

New Eyes for OCO v2 - v1.5 - by monkeyangie

Main Files

  • New Eyes for OCOv2

Optional Files

  • User Preference

Description: New eye textures for OCO v2.

[Seamless - OCOv2 Edition]

Seamless - OCOv2 Edition - v1.4 - by junkacc11

Main Files

  • SR- OCOv2 IDIOT 44676

Optional Files

  • SR- OCOv2 Nudes

Description: Seamless Replacers for OCOv2's Heads and Textures.

[MOD Name]

Highly Suggested
Off Site
MOD Name - v1.0 - by Author Name

Main Files

  • File Name

Optional Files

  • File Name

Description: Paste author description.

[MOD Name]

Highly Suggested
Off Site
MOD Name - v1.0 - by Author Name

Main Files

  • File Name

Optional Files

  • File Name

Description: Paste author description.

22.2 New Characters

Mods which add new animals, characters, or creatures to the game.
:Allies & Companions -> Enemies -> Nuetral

22.3 Gameplay - Classes & Races

Mods which modify character classes/races or add new ones
:Race Overrides: Includes birthsign mods. -> Body & Head Changes -> Beauty Packs & Race Changes-Addons -> L.A.M.E. -> Post Magicka Overhaul -> Race Balancing Project 2 -> Bg Integration -> Other Race and Birthsign Mods 

23. Override Mods - Late Loaders

Mods that need to be loaded late for whatever reason or override other mods to avoid conflict.

23.1 Landscape And City Overrides

These may include patches created for campatibility with landscape and city overhauls.

24. Pre Bash

Mods that need to be very low in order to override everything else making the same changes. 
:Message Suppression/Changing Overrides:Best loaded late to override possible message additions from other mods. These are mostly covered by the Bashed Patch. -> Respawn & Day Length Overrides -> Shader Mods -> Shader Removers -> Shader Replacers 

25. Fixes - Patches

Fixes and Patches which make mods compatible with each other.

25.1 Merge Patches

Merged plugins output files.

25.2 NPC Retexture Patches

Conflict resolution patches created specifically to correct NPC appearance.

25.3 Utilities - Patchers

Files that are generated after running a patcher utility.

25.4 Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution mods consist of specialized edits to resolve game breaking conflicts and issues.

26. Post Bashed Patches

Mods which need to load after the Bashed Patch for whatever reason. 

26. Distant Terrain Output

Files that are generated after running a lod generation utility.

27. Map Mods

Maps should always override any Distant Terrain Output. They should also never be included in a Bashed Patch.

[Under the sign of the dragon - Tamriel Heightmaps]

Under the sign of the dragon - Tamriel Heightmaps - v3.1 - by onra

Optional Files

  • Tamriel Ingame Map V_3_1
  • Tamriel Heightmap LOD Resources

Description: This mod provides a lore friendly heightmap of complete Tamriel, located in the "Tamriel" worldspace ( the same where Cyrodiil is located ), coming as only one esp including all provinces, isles and surrounding seas.
Special Instructions: Only required for Morroblivion World Space.

[Dynamic Map]

Highly Suggested
Dynamic Map - 2.1.1 - by TheNiceOne

Main Files

  • Dynamic Map 2_1_1

Description: Your world map displays correct terrain for the active mods you have. Also let you zoom your world map in/out.
Special Instructions:

1. Sub-Packages: Check:
• 00 Core
• 01 (User's Choice: Select Only One of the Options). Please review the notes below to guide you in your selection.
Diana's Personal Assessment
01 Color Map selection best match for nONatees colored Shivering Isles map.
01 Elven Map selection best match for Elven Map For Shivering Isles.
01 Tamriel Heightmaps best match for Under the sign of the dragon - Tamriel Heightmap which is a requirement for Morroblivion World Space. (My selection as I will be installing Morroblivion World Space.)
2. Make the following ini edit:
Open "...\Ini\Dynamic Map base.ini"
set tnoDM.zoomIn to 264
set tnoDM.zoomOut to 265
set tnoDM.zoomReset to 3

Alternate Colorful world map for Cyrodiil.
Color Map Mod zipversion by p1p3.

[Elven Map For Shivering Isles]

Highly Suggested
Elven Map For Shivering Isles - v1.0 - by odin_ml

Main Files

  • Elven Map For Shivering Isles

Description: A full colour map of Shivering Isles with a slightly "elven" feel to it.

Alternate Colorful map for Shivering Isles.
nONatees colored Shivering Isles map by nONatee.

[Map Marker Overhaul]

Highly Suggested
Map Marker Overhaul - v3.9.3 - by TheNiceOne

Main Files

  • Map Marker Overhaul 3_9_3

Description: Add new, freely named map markers wherever you want * Add freely named tags to existing map markers to remember what\'s inside * Add new icon types for dock, castle, stable and many more * Many other features.
Special Instructions:

1. Notice: The Wizard.txt is not coded properly. You can extract the archive, encode the Wizard.txt to UTF-8, and then rearchive the mod for installation, or simply make your selections and install it as is.
2. Sub-Packages: Check:
• 00 Core
• 01 (User's Choice: Select Only One of the Options)
• 02 SI additions
• 03 Realism Settings (Optional)

28. Script Extender Output

Files that are generated by the script extender after launching the game.

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