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QwHeNwx.png Morroblivion Overhaul - Enhanced Gameplay

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Morroblivion Overhaul - Appendix For installation and load order references, troubleshooting, etc...
This Modding Guide is a [WIP] currently Under Construction! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL this version of Morroblivion Overhaul until it is officially released!
This message will be removed when the content is considered complete.


This sections of Morroblivion Overhaul is an attempt to completely overhaul its gameplay. This includes massive and specialized Overhauls, Quests and New Lands, Dungeons, Guilds and Factions, Extended Cities\Tovwns\Villages (ECTV), Quality of Life (QOL), and various other mods.

OBSE Plugins


AddActorValues - v1.beta5b - by JRoush

Main Files

  • AddActorValues

Description: AddActorValues adds script functions for much greater control over actor values. It also allows modders to add \'new\' actor values for their own use.
Special Instructions: Only required if installing any of the following mods that will be recommended later in this guide:

Av Latta Magicka
FEA - Fundament Enchanting Addons

Esp/m Filter: Uncheck AddActorValues_example.esp

[AV Uncapper]

AV Uncapper - v1.beta1 - by JRoush

Main Files

  • AV Uncapper v1_beta1

Description: Uncaps skills, attributes, and other actor values. Also modifies game formulas so that values above 100 actually have an effect.
Special Instructions: AV Uncapper is the best choice for people who aren't satisfied with the choices made in Oblivion -Elys- Uncapper v098 and want the ability to fine tune themselves. Uncheck ActorValueUncapper_Example.esp
An alternative is the installation and setup of Oblivion -Elys- Uncapper v098 which literally takes two seconds with no readme required beyond "paste .dll into OBSE plugin folder."

Master Files and Utilities - Ingame


Fundament - v4.03 - by tejon

Main Files

  • Fundament R4 U3

Description: Fundament is a generalized replacement for countless small mods, including its predecessor, Progress. Through simple initialization files the user can safely edit skill advancement rates, game settings, and even Oblivion.ini settings.
Special Instructions: Carefully review the description page and all documentation provided.
This mod is required for any of the following mods:
Alchemy Advanced Adjustments
Birthsigns Expanded
FEA - Fundament Enchanting Addons


Progress - v2.1 - by tejon

Main Files

  • Progress OBSE-0018-pre

Description: Progress is a general replacement for skill rate adjustment mods. It allows full configuration of skill advancement rates by editing the Progress.ini file, and alternate advancement methods for several skills.
Special Instructions: Esp/m Filter: Only activate Progress.esm. All Progress*.esp files are incompatible with Fundament.
Carefully review the description page and all documentation provided.

Gameplay Tweaks and Fixes

[Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells]

Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells - v1.2.5 - by Alek, uploaded by mitchalek

Main Files

  • AULIAS_1_2_5

Description: Any leveled item or spell obtained as a quest reward or any unused sigil stone will be automatically replaced by better version of itself as player progress through levels.
Special Instructions: This mod is not needed if installing Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul.

[AV Uncapper Settings - Fixed]

AV Uncapper Settings - Fixed - v1.02 - by JCN

Main Files

  • AV Uncapper settings-fixed

Description: Bugfixed version of original 'AV Uncapper settings mod' by JCN (original by JRoush). Fixes Luck calculations if you want to use diminished returns formula for luck/skill.

[AV Uncapper - H2H Hand to Hand PATCH]

AV Uncapper - H2H Hand to Hand PATCH - v1.02 - by sickofaccounts

Main Files

  • H2HUncapper PATCH

Description: Fix hand to hand damage with uncapper mods.
Special Instructions: Edit BOSS userlist.txt:

ADD: h2huncappedpatch.esp
AFTER: JCN_AV Uncap.esp

[Dialogue Tweaks Fixes and Restorations]

Dialogue Tweaks Fixes and Restorations - v1.21 - by migck

Main Files

  • Dialog Tweaks 1_21

Description: Restores a few lines of dialogue and overhauls how some of it works.
Special Instructions: The trespassing greetings will prevent you from speaking to some NPCs during quests where you're trespassing.
Edit Dialog TFR Costs.ini

set TrespassDialogRestore to 0

[Idle Dialogues]

Idle Dialogues - v1.3 - by Shadow-She-Wolf

Main Files

  • Idle Dialogue - Version 1-3

Description: Enables the 86 Idle Dialogue lines included in the main game but never called in by the NPCs.

[Lore Friendly Generic Name Overhaul]

Lore Friendly Generic Name Overhaul - v1.0 - by Publick Gamer

Main Files

  • Lore Friendly Generic Name Overhaul

Description: Every single 'generic' named npc in every city, now has a REAL, LORE FRIENDLY name! Example, Apprentice Jangeline. With over 200 npcs given new names, Cyrodiil will feel more realistic than ever before!
Special Instructions: Load near the bottom of your load order. This mod may conflict with other mods that edit these npcs.

[Time Enough At Last - A Main Quest Enhancement Mod]

Time Enough At Last - A Main Quest Enhancement Mod - v1.0 - by dreamed1

Main Files

  • Time Enough At Last

Description: Add breaks to the main quest line so you can do other things instead of rushing from one quest straight into the next.
Special Instructions: Compare Sinitar's INI Tweaks for Ultimate Oblivion Gameplay\TimeEnough.ini

Major Gameplay Overhauls


[Under the sign of the dragon - Tamriel Heightmaps]

Under the sign of the dragon - Tamriel Heightmaps - v3.1 - by onra

Optional Files

  • Tamriel Ingame Map V_3_1
  • Tamriel Heightmap LOD Resources

Description: This mod provides a lore friendly heightmap of complete Tamriel, located in the "Tamriel" worldspace ( the same where Cyrodiil is located ), coming as only one esp including all provinces, isles and surrounding seas.
Special Instructions: Only required for Morroblivion World Space.

[Imperial Palace Improvement]

Imperial Palace Improvement - v1.9 - by Marob307

Main Files

  • Imperial Palace improvement

Description: The purpose of this mod is to make the Imperial Palace Alive and complete.


[Black Horse Courier Expanded]

Black Horse Courier Expanded - v1.2 - by Cliffworms

Main Files

  • BHC Expanded 1_2

Description: Adds 35 new quest-related and non-quest-related Black Horse Courier articles that can be acquired by the player, in addition to the game\'s 25 articles.

[Oblivion Uncut]

Oblivion Uncut - v3.1.8.1 - by Publick Gamer

Main Files

  • Uncut

Optional Files

  • Oblivion Uncut - Local Guards Features Patch (Needed only if installing Local Guards Features recommended later in this guide.)

Description: This mod restores over 35 cut npcs, 6 whole quests, a courier questline, LOADS of new dialogue, new locations, shops, spells; you can even celebrate holidays!
Special Instructions: Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul users will need the Oblivion Uncut - Adaptation to OOO patch.


[Realistic Player Dialogue Overhaul]

Realistic Player Dialogue Overhaul - v2.1 - by Publick Gamer

Main Files

  • Realistic Player Dialogue Overhaul 2.1

Description: This mod currently makes around 250 changes to well over 400 npcs, improving the overall player dialogue experience.

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