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This Modding Guide is a [WIP] currently Under Construction! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL this version of Morroblivion Overhaul until it is officially released!
This message will be removed when the content is considered complete.



This guide is tailored specifically for Morroblivion Project Release. If you are simply looking to improve your Morrowind or Oblivion experience, I recommend reviewing and selecting one of the following guides as they are incorporated into Morroblivion Overhaul:
Morrowind Graphics Guide by DassiD
Oblivion Vanilla Enhanced by Mmclendon
Bevilex' modlist for Oblivion -Graphics by Bevilex

As my friend ponyrider0 says,

If you can find enjoyment in unskilled fan-fiction and fan-artwork, then Morroblivion might be for you. Morroblivion is an unpolished, inefficient, precarious fan-fic quality mod that is no longer being maintained by a development team. Users should not expect to experience the best performance or FPS when playing Morroblivion, even in its vanilla state. Yet, there is still a tremendous amount of love and hard-work poured into this project by its fans. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something that rises above your average unskilled, fan-made effort, you should probably wait for Skywind or another similar project.
All mods contained in this guide are simply recommendations and suggestios of mods suggested by other users and tested by the Diana TES GotH Dev Team. It is recommended to the user to think critically and plan ahead what mods are going to enhance the gaming experience. Take note of the
mods and review them carefully as they will provide a note of what mods will require them.

This guide has been split into a number of small sections and subpages for your convenience.


Minimum System Requirements for Morroblivion Overhaul
Review Oblivion:System Requirements. For those wishing to use the highest quality options available with higher resolutions than 1920x1080, be advised that a more powerful system will likely be required.

It is particularly important that new users begin with a clean installation of both Morrowind and Oblivion in order to be successful with their modding setup the first time through, so PLEASE READ EACH SECTION CAREFULLY, as no information included in this guide is irrelevant! Due to the many steps one must take in order to successfully install each mod, this will be a tedious and time consuming project. It is recommended that you take the time to save all changes made to any files so that if you have to revert back to any part of this guide you can more easily retrieve the files you made any necessary changes to.

You must have LEGAL copies of BOTH Oblivion GOTY and Morrowind + All DLC’s. Basic installation instructions can be reviewed at Diana TES GotH is creating Modding Guides and Tutorials: Installing Official Games, DLCs, and Addons.

Morrowind and Oblivion can be purchased and installed several ways:

1. Purchase the physical DVD from a retailer. Insert the disk, select Run "Setup.exe," and follow the on-screen instructions.
2. Install STEAM and purchase the digital media from the Steam Store.
Navigate to the Steam website, download the installer, and launch "SteamSetup.exe". Once Steam is installed, use the Steam search bar to search for "Morrowind" and “Oblivion” to purchase and install the game.
NOTICE: Make certain to disable Steam Overlay for all games. Steam Overlay is known to cause issues with modded setups.
3. Purchase the games from GOG.
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition setup_tes_morrowind_goty_2.0.0.7.exe
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition Deluxe install setup_oblivion_1.2.0416_cs_(12732).exe

Launcher Options

Included with the recommended settings will be an explanation of the related Oblivion.ini settings located in "C:(or user other defined drive)\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Oblivion". 1Mac has an excellent article entitled Oblivion.ini tweaking guide that I encourage readers to review before editing the Oblivion.ini. Some mod authors may specify changing settings in the Oblivion.ini to be compatible with their mods. Always follow a mod authors recommendations for best results.

Warning! Before you make any change, make a copy of your Oblivion.ini and your latest game save files. Changes in the Oblivion.ini can corrupt game saves or prevent the game from starting. In the event of an issue arising, simply replace the modified INI file with your backup and try using a backed up or earlier save file. 


OblivionLauncher.exe -> Options

OblivionLauncher 01.jpg
Adapter: Make certain your video adapter is selected.

Note: This setting can only be adjusted within the OblivionLauncher application.
Special Note: If you use multiple displays you may need to change iAdapter=0 to 

Screen Resolution: Select your screen resolution.

iSize W=640 ; Default for Very Low - Medium Presets Select to your monitor's width.
iSize H=480 ; Default for Very Low - Medium Presets Select to your monitor's height.

Video Quality Presets: User’s Preference (High is the most recommended preset. Ultra is recommended for High End PCs ONLY).

See Oblivion Launcher Video Presets to view the Oblivion.ini settings.

Mode: Note: Brightness control may become unavailable in Windowed mode.

bFull Screen=1 ; 1=Fullscreen checked, 0=Windowed Mode

VSync: User Preference

See Graphics Settings - Vertical Synchronization to help determine best settings for your system.
iPresentInterval=1 ; 1=On, 0=Off

Screen Effects: Recommended to set HDR as this is required for TES4LodGen used later in this guide. Note that anti-aliasing must remain at none for HDR to be enabled.

See Graphics Settings - Antialiasing & Anisotropic Filtering for an explanation to set your GPU to use Antiliasing.

Click [OK] to complete your OblivionLauncher setup.

Click [Play] in the Oblivion launcher and once the menu loads click [Options] to set Gameplay, Video, Audio, and Controls preferences.
OblivionLauncher 02.jpg

In-Game Settings

In-game settings

OblivionLauncher Gameplay.jpg
Difficulty: User Preference

fDifficulty=User Preference ; 0%=-1.0000, 25%=-0.5000, 50%=0.0000, 75%=0.5000, 100%=1.0000

General Subtitles: On

bGeneralSubtitles=1 ; 0=Off

Dialogue Subtitles: On

bDialogueSubtitles=1 ; 0=Off

Crosshair: User Preference

bCrossHair=1 ; 0=Off

Save on Rest/Wait/Travel: Set all to Off

[GamePlay] ; setting all to 1=On

OblivionLauncher Video.jpg
Resolution = Select your Monitor Resolution

iSize W=640 Select your monitor's width. ; Default for Very Low - Medium Presets 
iSize H=480 Select your monitor's height. ; Default for Very Low - Medium Presets 

Brightness = 50% (Choose your Desired Setting)

fGammaMax=0.6000 ; Default 50%
fGammaMin=1.4000 ; Default 50% 

Texture Size = Large (Recommended for All Users)

iTexMipMapSkip=0; 2=Low, 1=Medium 

Tree Fade = 100% (Recommended)

fLODMultTrees=2.0000 ; 0.2=Low, 0.5=Medium, 1.3=High, 1.8=Ultra High

Actor Fade = 76% (MIN Recommended. Oblivion Reloaded will manage this setting if activated.)

fLODFadeOutMultActors=11.8800 ; 15.0000=100%, lowering this value will lower the % value

Item Fade = 60% (MIN Recommended.)

fLODFadeOutMultItems=9.4000 ; 15.0000=100%, lowering this value will lower the % value

Object Fade = 60% (MIN Recommended. Oblivion Reloaded will manage this setting if activated.)

fLODFadeOutMultObjects=9.4000 ; 15.0000=100%, lowering this value will lower the % value 

Grass Distance = 100% (MIN Recommended.)

[Grass] ; Lowering the following values lowers the %. Some users even suggest and prefer to raise the values. 
fGrassEndDistance=8000.0000 ; 0.0=Low/Medium, Bevilex recommends 12000.0, Mmclendon recommends 8192   
fGrassStartFadeDistance=7000.0000 ; 0.0=Low/Medium, Bevilex recommends 11000.0, Mmclendon recommends 7192

View Distance = 100% (MIN Recommended.)

fNoLODFarDistancePct=1.0000 ; 0.7500=75%, 0.5000=50%, 0.2500=25%, 0.0000=0%

Distant Land = On (Recommended.)

bDisplayLODLand=1 ; 0=Off

Distant Buildings = On (Recommended.)

bDisplayLODBuildings=1 ; 0=Off

Distant Trees = On (Recommended.)

bDisplayLODTrees=1 ; 0=Off

Int. Shadows = 2 (MIN Recommended.)

iActorShadowCountInt=5 ; Bevilex recommends 5, 0=Low, 1=Medium, 2=High, 3 thru 10=Ultra High

Ext. Shadows = 2 (MIN Recommended.)

iActorShadowCountExt=5 ; Bevilex recommends 5, 0=Low, 1=Medium, 2=High, 3 thru 10=Ultra High

Self Shadows = Off (Recommended. Note: Self-Shadows draw a line between the head and body with Seamless - OCOv2 Edition.)

bActorSelfShadowing=0 ; 1=On

Shadows on Grass = Off (Recommended.)

bShadowsOnGrass=0 ; 1=On

Tree Canopy Shadows = On (Recommended.)

bDoCanopyShadowPass=1 ; 0=Off

Shadow Filtering = High (Recommended.)

iShadowFilter=2 ; 0=Off, 1=Low

Specular Dist = %50 (MIN Recommended.)

fSpecularLOD1=500.0000 ; 25%=250, 100%=1000.0000
fSpecularLOD2=800.0000 ; 25%=550, 100%=1300.0000

HDR Lighting = On (Recommended.)

bDoHighDynamicRange=1 ; 0=Off

Bloom Lighting = Off (Recommended.)

bUseBlurShader=0 ; 1=On

Water Detail = High (Recommended.)

bUseWaterHiRes=1 ; 0=Normal

Water Reflections = On (Recommended.)

bUseWaterReflections=1 ; 0=Off

Water Ripples = Off (Recommended.)

bUseWaterDisplacements=0 ; 1=On

Window Reflections = On (Recommended.)

bDynamicWindowReflections=1 ; 0=Off

Blood Decals = High (Recommended.)

bDecalsOnSkinnedGeometry=1 ; 0=Off/Low/Medium
fDecalLifetime=10.0000 ; 0.0000=Off, 10.0000=On

Anti-aliasing= Off (Recommended. This setting can be managed from the User's GPU settings.

Note: See Graphics Settings - Antialiasing & Anisotropic Filtering for an explanation to set your GPU to use Antiliasing.)


[Audio] ; User Preference
fDefaultMasterVolume= ; Master Volume
fDefaultVoiceVolume= ; Voice Volume
fDefaultEffectsVolume= ; Effects Volume
fDefaultFootVolume= ; Footsteps Volume
fDefaultMusicVolume= ; Music Volume


[Controls] ; User Preference
fMouseSensitivity= ; Mouse Sensitivity
bInvertYValues= ; Invert Y changes

Oblivion INI Tweaks

Manual Oblivion.ini Tweaks

Special Note: The following changes are recommended Oblivion.ini tweaks that should improve performance and stability:

SArchiveList=Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa, Oblivion - Sounds.bsa, Oblivion - Voices1.bsa, Oblivion - Voices2.bsa, Oblivion - Misc.bsa ; The list of BSA files the game should load at startup. This line is limited to 255 characters, so if you have lots of files you'll need to do some creative renaming. Usually only needs to be messed with when creating custom BSA packages.
Wrye Bash Users should add:
SArchiveList=ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa, Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa, Oblivion - Sounds.bsa, Oblivion - Voices1.bsa, Oblivion - Voices2.bsa, Oblivion - Misc.bsa
Mod Organizer Users:
SArchiveList is managed by Mod Organizer's Oblivion - Invalidation.bsa. Mod Organizer manages this INI setting.
SInvalidationFile= ; With Archive Invalidation you should not use a text file. Remove the txt entry so it is blank.
bUse Joystick=0 ; Prevents some known issues even if you are using a gamepad controller with Oblivion.
bAllow30Shaders=1 ; Mmclendon advises this tweak is only needed for ENB users. Open RendererInfo.txt in your Oblivion.ini directory and find the line that says "3.0 Shaders". If it says yes next to it, then you should use this tweak. If it says no then leave it as is, note that you may experience some minor visual glitches if you use an ENB.
bAllowScreenShot=1 ; Default value 0. Set to 1, allows taking screenshots from within the game using the PrintScreen key.
bLocalMapShader=0 ; This changes the local maps from the parchment and faded brown coloring to a full-color local map.
bUseRefractionShader=0 ;Refraction shaders are enabled by default for particle effects. These can drain several frames and introduce stutter, especially in older video cards.

Same effects like "chameleon" can be a bit different if it is disabled.

fLightLOD1=4000 ; Controls how far away you can see light-sources.
fLightLOD2=6000 ; Controls how far away you can see light-sources.
iShadowMapResolution=1024 ; Default value 256; however, leaving this value at 256 has been shown to cause crashes. 
bSaveOnInteriorExteriorSwitch=0 ; Disables autosaves when switching Interior/Exterior cells. This prevents corrupted saves.
bAllowScriptedAutosave=0 ; Disables scripted autosaves to prevent corrupted saves.
bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 ; Default value 1. Controls the invisible borders around the game world. Changing this value to 0 will turn them off, and also overrides any changes made to border regions within plugins. This is the preferred way to turn off the game borders as it will not cause compatibility issues among mods.
SCreditsMenuMovie= ; Change this to a .bik formatted video of your choice. This movie runs between launch and the opening menu. Delete all text after = to disable it.
SIntroSequence= ; Controls what order the intro movies are played in. If the field is left blank after the = sign, the game goes immediately to the initial loading screen.
SMainMenuMovie= ; Controls the movie played in the background behind the loading menu. Needs to be a .bik formatted video. Delete all text after = to disable it.
SMainMenuMovieIntro= ; The movie that plays between the credits and the loading menu. Delete all text after = to disable it.
uGridDistantCount=20 ; Default value 25. Controls viewable distance for LOD buildings, ruins, etc. Especially useful when installing RAEVWD as lowering this to 20 or 15 will dramatically improve frame rates without having to turn distant objects off completely.
uGridDistantTreeRange=25 ; The default value is 15. Setting this lower will reduce the visible distance on trees, and potentially improve frame rates, at a cost to realism. Raising it higher obviously increases the view distance on trees, potentially reducing frame rates for increased realism.
iMinGrassSize=120 ; Raising makes grass more sparse, lower increases the density of grass (increasing performance cost).
fJumpAnimDelay=0.2500 ; Sets the delay between an animation and the jump animation.
fDlgFocus=3.0000 ; Default value 2.1000. This controls the zoom distance when talking to NPCs. Setting this to 4.5 virtually eliminates the zoom.
bForceFullLOD=1 ; Default value 0. Setting this to 1 forces all trees to load in full detail once you are close enough to see the 3D models. May have an impact on performance in areas with a lot of trees, but also helps avoid "pop in" as you get closer to them normally. Not to mention the visuals are much better.
fLocalTreeMipMapLODBias=0.0000 ; Controls the lod bias for distant and middle range trees.
fLODTreeMipMapLODBias=-0.5000 ; Controls the lod bias for distant and middle range trees.
bUseWaterReflectionsActors=0 ; Disable water reflection of actors improving FPS.
bUseWaterReflectionsMisc=0 ; Disable water reflection of miscellaneous items improving FPS.
bUseWaterReflectionsStatics=0 ; Disable water reflection of static items improving FPS.
bUseWaterReflectionsTrees=1 ; Allows water to reflect images from trees.

Essential Utilities

Descriptions: Applications and utilities that aid in Morrowind and Oblivion mod management. Be certain to also review and install the recommended utilities from Section 4 | Install Utilities

A mod-management utility is REQUIRED in order to easily keep track of a complex mod setup like Morroblivion Overhaul. There are a variety of mod managers available and a user should check each of them out to see what best suits their own style of modding. Review Section 5 | Install a Mod Management Utility

Mod Organizer 2 Users
Special Installation Instructions for MO2 to manage Oblivion
Special Installation Instructions

Review DianaTESGotH Nexus Wiki Homepage Section 5 | Install a Mod Management Utility | Mod Organizer 2 for more details and basic installation instructions.

For Oblivion support, download Mod Organizer 2.2.0 Beta 7 or later through the Mod Organizer 2 Devdiscord server in the dev-builds channel.

The paid for version of ccleaner is known to break Mod Organizer 2's Virtual Filing System (VFS). Unchecking the 'windows event logs' option under ccleaner's advanced tab will help ensure this doesn't happen. Also make sure the Profile Folder Remains in the same location of Mod Organizer 2 as all the base files.
Warning: MO2 IS RECOMMENDED TO BE INSTALLED IN PORTABLE MODE. This insures the functionality of other utilites.
1. Download and Install into any folder outside of User Account Control (read the provided documentation for recommendations).
Create a new folder named Mod Organizer 2 - Morroblivion Overhaul (or something you would Recognize easily) in the Root of a Drive (so you have something like C:\Mod Organizer 2 - Morroblivion Overhaul).
2. Extract the contents of the downloaded archive to the folder created in Step 1.
3. Create a shortcut on your desktop, right-click the ModOrganizer executable, hover over the Send To menu, and select Desktop (create shortcut). Right click on the shortcut and set the properties to Run as Administrator.
Notice: This is necessary because obse_loader.exe and TESConstructionSet.exe are required to be set with elevated privilege in order to use the Construction Set Extender which will be installed in this section.
4. Run ModOrganizer.exe
A popup box should appear, asking you to "choose an Instance" select Portable
A 2nd popup should appear; from the drop-down menu select Oblivion
A 3rd popup should appear asking if you want to see the tutorial. Those who are new to Mod Organizer 2 should select Yes. Those who are very familiar with it should Select No.
A 4th popup should appear stating that 'Mod Organizer is not set up to handle nxm links. Associate it with nxm links?' The recommended response is Yes, as this will allow Mod Organizer 2 to handle Nexus file links.
5. Create a new profile and name it Morroblivion Overhaul.
Make certain to activate\check Automatic Archive Invalidation. (The other options are optional). Select Close.
From the Profile dropdown select Morroblivion Overhaul.

Register to Download

Tag Name and Description Download Filename Additional Notes
Nexus Mods Nexus Mods is a community driven website that provide a platform for mod creators from specific off-the-shelf video games to upload their work for other users to download and use within their respective games. NA Registration with the site is free and required.
Off Site

TESA TES Alliance is a non-profit website for the use and enjoyment of Bethesda Softworks fans, modders, and players. NA Registration with the site is free.
Off Site

Highly Recommended
TESALL This is a Russian community driven website that also provides a platform for mod creators from specific off-the-shelf video games to upload their work for other users to download and use within their respective games. NA Registration with the site is free.
Watch Bevilex Modlist Full Video Guide - part 4 PREQUISITE - Register to the Russian mod site TES4ALL by outdated TV for detailed instructions.
Off Site

Highly Recommended
TES Reloaded TES Reloaded extends/implements the graphics engine without hooking the DirectX device, but working directly on GameBryo/Creation engine. This allows great performance, high compatibility and it is able to use all the features from the .esp/.esm mods. So, if (for example) a mod changes the weather, TESR "reflects" that changes into the water, precipitations the original game engine does. NA Registration with the site is free.

[Oblivion Script Extender]

Oblivion Script Extender - v0021 - by OBSE Team

Main Files

  • OBSE 0021

Update Files

  • OBSE 0021 Loader - GOG ONLY needed for GOG

Description: The Oblivion Script Extender, or OBSE for short, is a modder's resource that expands the scripting capabilities of Oblivion. It doesn't make any modifications to oblivion.exe, TESConstructionSet.exe, or any other files in your oblivion install, so don't worry about permanent side effects. It is compatible with the Official Oblivion 12416 Patch, as well as the 1.2 or higher version of Official Oblivion Construction Set. Versions of Oblivion downloaded via Steam are supported as well.

</div> </div>

Oblivion Script Extender Special Instructions
Related Video:: Bevilex Modlist Full Video Guide - part 2: OBSE by outdated TV
Special Installation Instructions:
1. Download and Extract to the OBSE folder.
Download and extract the obse_loader.exe from the to the OBSE folder overwriting the obse_loader.exe previously extracted.
2. Use the Section 3.2 | Working Data Folder structure to repackage the mod.
• Create a new folder inside the Data folder and name it Docs.
• Create a new folder inside the Docs folder and name it OBSE Docs.
• Move the following files into Docs\OBSE Docs
• src
• obse_command_doc.html
• obse_readme.txt
• obse_whatsnew.txt
3. Move the newly restructured Docs\OBSE Docs folder into the Oblivion Data folder.
4. Move the following files into the main Oblivion game directory where the Oblivion.exe is located:
• obse_1_2_416.dll
• obse_editor_1_2.dll
• obse_loader.exe
• obse_steam_loader.dll Notice: for Steam User's Only
ALL Steam Users must launch from the Oblivion.exe. DO NOT launch the obse_loader.exe file.
The obse_loader.exe file is required for the Construction Set Extender and must be installed.
Mod Organizer Users: Set up OBSE following Running Oblivion OBSE with MO2 instructions.

[Wrye Bash]

Wrye Bash - v307.beta3 - by Wrye Bash Team

Main Files

  • Wrye Bash 307 Beta3 - Installer

Description: The function of this tool is to manage mods, create Bashed Patches and other functionalities that will be used in this guide. Bashed Patches merge the leveled lists from the installed mods and has some limited functionality to merge mods and tweak game values. Also be sure to grab the Wrye Bash Pictorial Guide v8.4 by alt3rn1ty.

Wrye Bash Special Instructions
Related Guide: Guide: Wrye Bash by STEP
Related Video: Bevilex Modlist Full Video Guide - part 1: Wrye Bash by outdated TV
Notice: GOG Users: some users of the GOG version of both Oblivion and Morrowind have noticed a bug in Oblivion's BSA, ESM and ESP files - they are missing the Modified Date attribute (it's blank). This prevents Wrye Bash from launching properly. The fix for the GOG version of Oblivion is available at The Nexus Forums: Wrye Bash topic and may be needed for the mentioned files.
Special Installation Instructions:
1. Download and extract the files.
2. Launch Wrye Bash Installer and click Next (or follow the Related Video instructions linked above in the description).
3. In the Installation Location(s) select Install for Oblivion and Wrye Bash [Standalone]. DO NOT select Wrye Bash [Python] unless you are experienced with Python.
4. Make certain the Oblivion game directory is selected. Click Next.
5. In the Choose Component screen Select all. Click Install.
6. In the Installation Complete screen click Next.
7. In the Finished installing Wrye Bash screen uncheck Oblivion, check View Readme, and Delete files from old Bash version. Click Close.
NOTICE: Mod Organizer Users: Do NOT Run this utility until instructed. Wrye Bash will be added to Mod Organizer's executable list and launched from Mod Organizer.
Wyre Bash Users: Create a shortcut of Wrye Bash.exe to the desktop for convenience.
The first time you launch Wrye Bash a Lock Load Order Screen message may appear. Click yes and then ok. To manually turn off Lock Load Order, right click on file and uncheck Lock Load Order.
Right-click on File in the Mods tab and select Load → All
To enable Wrye Bash Installers, click on the Installers tab; when prompted “Do you want to enable installers?” click Yes
Notice: OBSE Plugins, Morroblivion, and BAIN mods install best using Wrye Bash. Mod Organizer users will have to restructure files and install OBSE Plugins manually.
8. Right click on Bashed Patch, 0.esp and select Rebuild Bashed Patch...
9. Click [Build Patch].
Notice: These are only Suggested Tweaks. User should read the Wrye Bash documentation to determine what they prefer. 
In the "Update Bashed Patch, 0.esp window, click Deselect All and check only the following:
Tweak Actors
Irresponsible Creatures
Tweak Assorted
Bow Reach Fix
Darnified Books
Default Icons
Magic: Script Effect Silencer
Right Hand Rings
Tweak Settings
Crime: Alarm Distance (set to 2000)
Greeting Distance (set to 100)
UOP Vampire Aging and Face Fix.esp
Warning: Exterior Distance to Hostiles (set to 2000)
10. Close Wrye Bash. If asked to Activate Bashed Patch, 0.esp click Yes then Close.
Notice: The Bashed Patch, 0.esp may become corrupted causing a CTD. If this happens, navigate to the Oblivion\Data folder and delete Bashed Patch, 0.esp (or delete the mod in Mod Organizer). Return to the Wrye Bash\Mods tab, right click on the File header → File → New Bashed Patch. Rebuild the Bashed Patch (make certain to select desired tweaks).

Add Executables

Wrye Bash Users: From this point forward launch applications from Wrye Bash's launcher bar, at the bottom of its main window.
• To add an executable file, find and Right Click on the .exe file. Drag the file to \Oblivion\Mopy\Apps folder and select Create shorcut here.
• When you next run Wrye Bash the icon will be in the Launcher Bar, and you can Drag and drop the new icon to a desired position.
• Be careful not to use up all the available space and prevent tool tip messages appearing next to the Launcher Bar.

Installing Mods with Wrye Bash

1. Launch Wrye Bash.exe
2. Click on the Installers tab and wait for it to scan the current installs.
3. Right click on Package and make certain Sort by → Order is checked.
4. If you are performing a new set of mod installations, right click on Package and select Add Marker… to keep your mods sets organized.
5. Drag the mod archive into the Package pane.
Notice: Wrye Bash may appear that it is not responding, be patient with the process. It may take a while.
6. Double click on the mod to review the files and restructure the folder as needed.
• If you need to make changes to the folder structure, follow the Section 3.2 | Working Data Folder structure suggestions. Double click the mod to open the explorer window, click on the File tab -> Open Inside.
• Once inside the 7-zip file manager, make any edits to the folders or files that are needed.
• Close the 7-zip file manager.
• Alternatively, right click on the archive and select Unpack to Project(s). Make the necessary changes to the folder structure, and then right click and select Pack to Archive.
7. Some mods have a wizard text that will be noted with a wand in the box next the mod. To perform this type of installation right click on the mod and select Wizard.
Notice: BAIN only recognizes a limited set of sub-directories of the Data folder, and skips any unrecognized sub-directories. Checking this option will cause BAIN to install unrecognized sub-directories. Files skipped because of this will be listed in the Skipped panel on the right on the Installers Tab: Skipped (Dir) section. Make certain to check this section for any files that have been skipped that should be installed, right click on the mod and select Has Extra Directories and reinstall the mod.
Tips from ponyrider0:
1. Undo Load Order Changes: CTRL+Z will undo any change you make to the load order. CTRL+Y will redo those changes. The undo/redo history is saved to disk whenever you exit Wrye Bash and reloaded when you start. So you can potentially undo all changes you've made to Wrye Bash back to when you first installed it... and then redo all those changes.
2. Installing BOSS: putting a shortcut in \Mopy\Apps will break Wrye Bash integration (starting GUI/console & allowing Load-Order changes with Lock- Load-Order enabled). Here's how to get around it: - place a symbolic link for \Boss directory to \Oblivion\boss: open a console and type the following inside the \Oblivion program directory:
mklink /d boss c:<your game tools folder>\boss(edited)
3. Installing non-BAIN mods: you can skip the working folder step for many mods by using Wrye Bash's "Project" feature. Here's how: - Right-click any non-BAIN mod archive in the Installers tab, and select "Unpack to Project(s)" - WB will ask you for a name of the new project. Add "-BAIN" to the end of the name and press OK. - WB will extract the selected archive into a new diamond Project icon below the original non-BAIN archive. - Right-click the Project icon and select "Open". An explorer window pops up into the project/working folder inside the Bash Installers folder. - Now modify the contents just as you would any working folder. When done, close the explorer window. - Back in the WB Installers tab, right-click the Project icon again and select "Pack to Archive..." - When asked for a name of the new archive you can just click OK since you've already added "-BAIN" to the project. - Just click OK two more times if WB asks you about solid compression and block size. The default value is fine. - After the progress bar completes, you will have a new square Archive icon immediately below your project icon. - You can now right-click the newly created BAIN archive and select install. - If your new BAIN package is how you want it, then you can delete the Project and original non-BAIN archive from the Installers tab.(edited)

BAIN Package Installation Note: Mod Organizer Users should make a habit of installing all mods manually.

Select "Manual", right click on the file to install and select "Set data directory". When the "Install Mods" window shows Looks good click OK.

Wrye Bash Users can simply select their choices and install.

Editing Bash tags

• Launch Wrye Bash.
• Locate the “Bash Tags” window in the bottom right window pane.
• Right click inside this window.
• Select the Bash Tag you with to edit. A checkmark represents it is active. To deactivate simply click to remove the checkmark.
Bash Tags:
WryeBash BashTag.jpg

[Oblivion Base Game Files]

Oblivion Base Game Files

Description: It is strongly recommended to install the Oblivion Base Game Files as the first mod with any mod manager. This is beneficial to correct any issues that may arise from certain utilities not recognizing the unmanaged Oblivion.esm and other vanilla data files. However, this step will require more disk space. Instructions for this are listed on DianaTESGotH Nexus Wiki Homepage section 3. Installing Official Games, DLCs, and Addons: 3.4 Base Game Files
Special Instructions: Adding Oblivion's Base Game Files

Note: Move Oblivion's Base Game Files to the top of the Package\Mod list.
1. Esp/m Filter: Check Only Oblivion.esm as the other plugins will be replaced after TES4Edit cleaning later in the guide.
2. Install.

[BOSS: Load order sorting for TES IV: Oblivion]

Off Site
BOSS: Load order sorting for TES IV: Oblivion - 2.3.2 - by BOSS Developers

Main Files

  • BOSS 2.3.2

Description: BOSS is designed to assist mod users in avoiding detrimental conflicts, by setting the correct load order for the plugins they have installed. BOSS also provides thousands of plugin-specific messages, including usage notes, Bash Tag suggestions, requirements, incompatibilities, bug warnings and installation mistake notifications. It supports the sorting of plugins ghosted by the Wrye Bash utilities, is highly customizable, has been translated into multiple languages, and is simple to use.

BOSS Special Instructions
1. Download boss_installer.7z or
2. Extract boss_installer.7z and install into any folder outside User Account Control.
Notice: Mod Organizer users should extract Navigate to the bin\Release-32 folder to copy and paste the boss.exe and boss_gui.exe into the BOSS root directory (overwrite when prompted). Mod Organizer 1 Legacy version 1.3.15 does not support 64 bit applications. Make certain to install x86 (32 bit) applications when they are available.
4. Run boss_gui.exe to launch the application.
5. Download the latest BOSS Masterlist for Oblivion. Extract the archive and move masterlist.txt to the BOSS\Oblivion directory, overwriting the original file.

BOSS Sorting

Notice: At any time during the mod installation process BOSS should be used to sort plugin load order before stopping to test Oblivion. This is necessary to ensure proper plugin priority order (load order), which can have a dramatic impact on the game (or at worst cause a CTD).
Launch BOSS and examine the BOSS output carefully looking for any alerts or warnings and address each as they appear.

BOSS User Rules Manager

Related Video: Bevilex Modlist Full Video Guide - part 5 update! by outdated TV
Editing the Boss Userlist
Be certain to read the BOSS Readme in the Docs section of the BOSS folder in order to become familiar with the utility.
1. In the Oblivion directory where BOSS was installed open the boss_gui.exe.
2. Select “Edit User Rules”
BOSS GUI Interface
BOSS 01.jpg

The User Rules Manager
BOSS 02.jpg
The User Rules Manager is a graphical interface for customizing how BOSS sorts your plugins and what messages it displays.
BOSS's sorting of your plugins and the messages it displays can be customized using user rules. User rules can:
1. Sort plugins relative to other plugins. Plugins can be .esp or .esm files, and you can both override the positions of plugins BOSS recognizes and sort plugins that are unrecognized.
2. Sort groups of plugins relative to other groups of plugins. BOSS's masterlist generally lists plugins in thematic groups, which you can override the relative positioning of. You can't create new groups though.
3. Insert plugins into the top or bottom of groups of plugins.
4. Edit the messages BOSS attaches to plugins. You can add new messages or replace existing messages with your own.
Notice: When adding a Sort user rule (e.g Immersive Interiors - Bravil.esp AFTER Immersive Interiors.esp), when you drag Immersive Interiors - Bravil.esp to “For” you should choose “Sort” “before”, then drag Immersive Interiors.esp to the right “of”. This actually sets Immersive Interiors - Bravil.esp AFTER Immersive Interiors.esp.
Navigate to the userlist.txt at \Oblivion\BOSS\oblivion. Create a shortcut of the userlist.txt to your desktop to perform some recommended edits.
Sorting An Unknown Plugin
To sort a plugin that is not in the masterlist after another plugin:
To sort it before another plugin:
Changing A Recognized Plugin's Position
To sort a plugin that is already in the masterlist after another plugin:
To sort it before another plugin:
The User Rules Manager allows easy management of your user rules without having to know any of their syntax (though if you want to customize messages, you need to know their syntax - fortunately it is pretty simple).
BOSS User Rules: contributed by ponyrider0
Instead of adding BOSS Rules based on position relative to specific files, add Rules based on the built-in BOSS groups. These groups are listed in the masterlist.txt (open with WordPad to see it formatted properly, Notepad will show you a mess). Some useful groups to know are "Morroblivion", "Pre Bash", "Post Bashed Patch" and "Map Changes". The "Morroblivion" group is a good place to put mods that are dependent on Morrowind_ob.esm/esp. The "Pre Bash" group is a good place to put mods which you want to load immediately before the Bashed Patch is loaded (and thus overriding all other mods which will be merged/imported into the Bashed Patch). "Map Changes" is a group which gets loaded after the Bashed Patch, and thus will preserve any custom map changes. "Post Bashed Patch" is a group which is similar to "Map Changes" but more generic. I personally make an over-ride to move the "Map Changes" group to be loaded after "Post Bashed Patch" (the default is to load Map Changes prior to the Post Bashed Patch group.

[Land Magic]

Land Magic - 0.3 - by Timeslip

Main Files

  • LandMagic_v0_3

Description: Tool to fix tears in landscape. This utility should be used eEverytime you add/modify a mod with landscaping.

[Merge Plugins]

Merge Plugins - 2.3.1 - by Mator

Main Files

  • Merge Plugins

Description: Merge Plugins Standalone (or just Merge Plugins), is a tool for combining mods from Bethesda games which have .ESP/.ESM files. It uses the xEdit codebase as an API, and can be used with Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 3. This utility is recommended for users who intend to have a heavy modlist consisting of more than 254 active plugins.

Merge Plugins Special Instructions
Related Video: Merge Plugins : Start to Finish by GamerPoets
Related Forums: Mator's Utilities Support by Mator
Special Installation Instructions:
1. Download Merge Plugins and extract the archive into the Oblivion\TES4Edit folder.
2. Move the following files into the TES4Edit folder:
• doc
• lang
• changelog.txt
• MergePlugins.exe
• (overwrite the original)
• TES4Dictionary.txt
3. Run MergePlugins.
Mod Organizer Users: Add Merge Plugins as an executable.
4. The Oblivion Profile should already be detected.
Game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Path: \Oblivion\
Click on the Oblivion icon and then click OK.
Right click in the window and select Uncheck All. Click OK.
When you first start Merge Plugins you should do some initial configuration. Click the settings icon.
5. Wrye Bash Users - Setup:
General → Reports: Select a Username
• Updating:
• Check Update dictionary automatically
• Check Update program automatically
Merging: Merge destination directory
• \Oblivion\TES4Edit\Merged Plugins
• Check Extract BSAs
• Click Verify file access
• BSAOpt path: \Oblivion\BSAopt\BSAopt x64.exe (or x32.exe)
• Click ok and close out of Merge Plugins. Reopen Merge Plugins and select the files to merge.
Notice: This application will be launched later in the guide.
Mod Organizer Users - Setup: Watch GamerPoets video linked above.

[Oblivion mod manager]

Oblivion mod manager - v1.1.12 - by Timeslip

Main Files

  • obmm 1_1_12 full manual

Description: This is a utility for managing plugins, and also for packing them for distribution. It can be used either as an enhanced version of the oblivion launcher\'s data files selector, or as a more advanced mod manager when mods are specially packed into omod files.

OBMM Special Instructions
Related Video:: Bevilex Modlist Full Video Guide - part 1: OBMM by outdated TV
This utility will only be used for OMOD extraction, therefore there is no need to download the obmm 1_1_12 full installer. Simply follow the instructions below.
Special Installation Instructions:
1. Create a new folder in \Oblivion Mods and name it OMODs.
2. Extract obmm 1_1_12 full manual-2097.7z to the Oblivion root directory where the Oblivion.exe is located.
3. Run OBMM.
4. Click the Settings button in the right pane:
Uncheck: New esps always load last
Check: "Never modify load order"
→ Move omod directory → click Yes → Choose \Oblivion Mods\OMODs
5. Close the Settings window and close OBMM.
Notice: Be patient while OBMM saves the new settings as it closes.

Convert mod to archive:
1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager
2. Locate the OMOD file in the right window pane and right-click on it.
3. Select Convert to archive and select the folder, filename, and filetype you prefer then click Save.
If asked, answer Yes to create omod conversion information.
4. A popup shoudl appear with the message Conversion successful. Click OK.
The archive is now complete. If you open the archive, it will contain an omod conversion data folder which holds OMOD-related configuration files such as script.txt, info.txt, config and screenshot.

[Official Oblivion Construction Set]

Official Oblivion Construction Set - v1.2.404 - by Bethesda

Main Files

  • Construction Set 1_2_404
  • Construction Set 1_2_404 Readme

Optional Files

  • LIP Template

Description: The Elder Scrolls Construction Set allows you to edit and create content for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Official Oblivion Construction Set Special Instructions
Visit The Elder Scrolls: Construction Set Wiki page for guidance and tutorials.

NOTICE GOG Users: TESConstructionSet is included with the GOG version. Skip to Step 5.

1. Create a new folder in \Oblivion Mods\Utilities and name it Oblivion Construction Set.
2. Download and Extract the files.
3. Launch the executable to install the TES4 Construction Set.
4. Extract the LIPTemplate and manually install the Sound folder to the Oblivion\Data directory. Do not install the LIPTemplate.esp.
5. Run the TESConstructionSet.exe. This will create the ConstructionSet.ini. Navigate to C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Oblivion and open the ConstructionSet.ini with Notepad or other text editor and make the following changes:
SInvalidationFile= (this should be left blank)
Mod Organizer Users:
SArchiveList=Oblivion - Invalidation.bsa, Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa, Oblivion - Sounds.bsa, Oblivion - Voices1.bsa, Oblivion - Voices2.bsa, Oblivion - Misc.bsa
Wrye Bash Users:
SArchiveList=ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa, Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa, Oblivion - Sounds.bsa, Oblivion - Voices1.bsa, Oblivion - Voices2.bsa, Oblivion - Misc.bsa
6. Save and then close.

[The Construction Set Extender]

The Construction Set Extender - v8.1 - by shadeMe

Main Files

  • CSE 8.1

Optional Files

  • Visual Styles Enabled CS

Description: Construction Set Extender (CSE) adds features and functionality to the CS - read the installation instructions.

The Construction Set Extender Special Instructions
Notice: CSE does not recognize obse_loader.exe loaders older than the most current v0021. If you chose to replace the Steam version in order to launch the game with an older obse_loader.exe, CSE will not function.
Special Installation Instructions:
1. Extract the files and move the following directly into the Oblivion game directory:
• Data folder
• CrashRpt1403.dll
• crashrpt_lang.ini
• CrashSender1403.exe
• dbghelp.dll
• DevComponents.DotNetBar2.dll
• GlobalInputMonitor.dll
• ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit.dll
• lame.exe
• Launch CSE.bat
• ObjectListView.dll
• TESConstructionSet.config
• TESConstructionSetOld.exe
2. If you downloaded the Visual Styles Enabled extract it and copy the following file into the Oblivion game directory:
• TESConstructionSet.exe
3. Move the Construction Set Extender_readme.rtf in the Data\Docs\Construction Set Extender folder.
4. Mod Organizer Users:
Modify the Construction Set Executable
Binary: %Steam\steamapps\common\Oblivion\Launch CSE.bat
Start In: (leave blank)
Arguments: -editor -notimeout
Check "Close MO when started"
Click Modify then Close
Notice: obse_loader.exe and TESConstructionSet.exe must be set up to Run as administrator for the CSE. Right click on each executable file, select Properties/Compatibility and check Run this program as an administrator.


TES4Edit - 4.0.2 - by ElminsterAU and the xEdit Team

Main Files

  • TES4Edit 4.0.2

Description: TES4Edit is an advanced graphical module editor and conflict detector.

TES4Edit Special Instructions
Related Videos: How to Use xEdit by GamerPoets
Notice: xEdit is the collective name for TES5Edit, TES4Edit, FNVEdit, and FO3Edit. TES4Edit, Mator Smash, Merge Plugins, and TES4LODGen are all TES4Edit utilities. When installing files into the TES4Edit directory, keep the most recent files. DO NOT select to overwrite all.
Special Installation Instructions:
ALL Users:
1. Create a new folder in the Oblivion game directory. Name it TES4Edit.
2. Extract the archive into the Oblivion\TES4Edit folder.
3. Wrye Bash Users:
• Edit the Target: field with the following parameter:
D:\Steam\steamapps\Common\Oblivion\TES4Edit\TES4Edit.exe "-B:D:\Steam\steamapps\Common\Oblivion\TES4Edit\TES4Edit Output\"
NOTICE: Change the game directory to match user setup. Make certain there is a space after the original line ending with TES4Edit.exe
• Create the directory "D:\Steam\steamapps\Common\Oblivion\TES4Edit\TES4Edit Output\", changing the path name as appropriate for your user setup. If this folder does not exist, TES4Edit will fail when trying to save.
Mod Organizer Users:
1. Create an empty mod and name it TES4Edit Output. This mod should remain activated at all times even though there is no recognizable Data files.
2. Add TES4Edit as an executable.
• In the Title field, type TES4Edit.
• For the Binary field, browse \Oblivion and select the application.
• Activate\check Create Files in Mod instead of Overwrite (*) and select TES4Edit Output.
• Click the Add button. This will add TES4Edit to the executables list.
3. The first time you Run TES4Edit in the Master/Plugin Selection screen right click and choose Select None.
4. Click OK.
5. Wait for Background Loader: Finished message and then close the window.


Notice: Any plugins that require cleaning should be backed up before cleaning.
ALL Users:
1. Create a copy of the TES4Edit.exe and paste in the same directory. Rename TES4Edit.exe - Copy to TES4EditQuickClean.exe.
Wrye Bash Users:
• Edit the Target: field with the following parameter:
D:\Steam\steamapps\Common\Oblivion\TES4Edit\TES4EditQuickClean.exe "-B:D:\Steam\steamapps\Common\Oblivion\TES4Edit\TES4Edit Output\"
NOTICE: Change the game directory to match user setup. Make certain there is a space after the original line ending with TES4Edit.exe
• Create the directory "D:\Steam\steamapps\Common\Oblivion\TES4Edit\TES4Edit Output\", changing the path name as appropriate for your user setup. If this folder does not exist, TES4Edit will fail when trying to save.
Mod Organizer Users:
2. Add TES4EditQuickClean.exe as an executable.
• In the Title field, type TES4Edit.
• For the Binary field, browse \Oblivion and select the application.
• Activate\check Create Files in Mod instead of Overwrite (*) and select TES4Edit Output.
• Click the Add button. This will add TES4EditQuickClean to the executables list.


ALL Users:
1. Create a copy of the TES4Edit.exe and paste in the same directory. Rename TES4Edit.exe - Copy to TES4LODGen.exe.
Wrye Bash Users:
• Edit the Target: field with the following parameter:
D:\Steam\steamapps\Common\Oblivion\TES4Edit\TES4LODGen.exe "-O:D:\Steam\steamapps\Common\Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers\TES4LODGen\"
NOTICE: Change the game directory to match user setup. Make certain there is a space after the original line ending with TES4LODGen.exe
Mod Organizer Users:
2. Create an empty mod and mane it TES4LODGen Output.
3. Add TES4LODGen.exe as an executable.
• In the Title field, type TES4LODGen.
• For the Binary field, browse \Oblivion and select the application.
• Activate\check Create Files in Mod instead of Overwrite (*) and select TES4LODGen Output.
• Click the Add button. This will add TES4LODGen to the executables list.

[Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5]

Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5 - 5.15 - by Gruftikus and Lightwave

Main Files

  • Landscape LOD generator 5_15c

Description: Tes4ll creates new and individual high-resolution landscape meshes including all the additional changes added by the mods which one has installed.

TES4LL Special Instructions
Wrye Bash Users:
Extract the files and move the following directly into the Oblivion\Data folder:
• Ini folder
• tes4qlod_tex folder
• tes4ll.exe
• tes4ll_tes4qlod_cache.bat
• tes4ll_normalmaps.bat
• tes4ll_tes4qlod.bat
• tes4ll_highres.bat (or tes4ll_ultimate.bat depending on system specs)
• tes4qlod_Oblivion_ltex.dat
Mod Organizer Users:
1. Install Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5 as normal. This mod must remain activated.
2. Create an empty mod and name it TES4LL Output. Copy the following folder from \mods\Landscape LOD generator to the new \mods\TES4LL Output:
• tes4qlod_tex folder

Creating the TES4LL Mod

Wrye Bash Users:
1. Navigate to your Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers folder and create a new folder named TES4LL Output. This will appear in Wrye Bash Installers tab now as a new project with a diamond icon.
2. Copy the tes4qlod_tex folder from the "Landscape LOD generator 5 15c" mod into the TES4LL Output folder you created.
Mod Organizer Users:
Special instructions will be provided in the Multi Purpose GUI section below.

Setting up the batch files correctly

ALL Users:
1. Navigate to the \Ini\tes4ll folder and locate a file named tes4ll_all.mpb.
2. Right click tes4ll_all.mpb to open with your favorite text editor and replace all the instances of $_gamedir\Data\ with the full path name that points to the TES4LL folder. If your favorite text editor does not have a "Replace All" function, just use Wordpad or similar text editor:
• Open tes4ll_all.mpb in WordPad or similar text editor, click Replace to open the Replace dialog window.
• Fill in the "Find with" field with $_gamedir\Data\,
• Fill in the "Replace with" field with the full path to your TES4LL Output project folder, ex: D:\Steam\steamapps\Common\Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers\TES4LL Output\. NOTICE: Change the game directory to match user setup.
• Make sure you have a \ at the end of each line, then click Replace All.
3. All future runs of the batch tools will now update these files in the TES4LL project in either the Wrye Bash Installers tab, or Mod Organizer mods folder depending how it is set up.

[Multi Purpose GUI]

Multi Purpose GUI - 2.00 - by Gruftikus

Main Files

  • mpgui_2_00

Description: MPGUI (Multi Purpose GUI) is a graphical frontend for various command-line based tools such as Lightwaves TESAnnwyn/TES4qLOD and tes4ll. MPGUI works for Morrowind (TESAnnwyn only), Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout3/NV.

MPGUI Special Instructions
Special Installation Instructions:
Wrye Bash Users should simply follow the instructions given by the mod author.
Mod Organizer Users:
1. Extract the archive and double-click on the Setup.exe or on MPGUI-Setup.msi. There is no need to install MPGUI in the game path; however, it is recommended to install it on same drive as the game directory.
2. From Mod Organizer, select Explore Virtual Folder from the executables and click Run.
3. From the Virtual directory, locate the mpgui.exe and double click it to run the program.
4. From the header, select File -> Open batch... -> Navigate to the %\Mod Organizer\mods\Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5\Ini\tes4ll folder and select tes4ll_all.mpb
Note: You could alternatively copy a shortcut of the tes4ll_all.mpb into the MPGUI folder for quicker access.
MPGUI 01.jpg
5. From the header, select Options -> Game mode -> Oblivion.
6. From the header, select Options -> Load order -> By plugins/loadoer file.
7. From the header, select Options -> Choose mod path -> %\Oblivion\Data.
MPGUI 02.jpg
8. From the header, select Plugins. Click Plugins.txt
Notice: Do NOT leave the Bashed Patch activated. If it is checked, simply uncheck it.
MPGUI 03.jpg
9. From the header, select Worldspace. Click Read Worldspaces. After it finishes loading the plugins, make certain Tamriel [0000003C] from 'Oblivion.esm' is selected.
MPGUI 04.jpg
10. From the header, select LOD Meshes. Activate desired settings.
MPGUI 05.jpg
11. From the header, select Normal Maps. Activate desired settings.
MPGUI 06.jpg
12. From the header, select Color Maps. Activate desired settings.
MPGUI 07.jpg
13. From the header, select Start Process. Activate Overwrite the original files and click Click me if you are ready.
MPGUI 08.jpg
14. When the process is complete, close MPGUI.
MPGUI 09.jpg
15. There may be file in the Overwrite mod. Move these files to the TES4LL Output mod. Check the TES4LL Output mod to ensure the files generated appropriately.
16. Activate the mod.

Final Pre-Installation Notes

A Final Consideration
Install mods in the order that they are presented in my guides in order to achieve the desired result.
Read the ReadMe and other mod-related documentation that comes packaged with most mods. This includes the mod description on the Nexus. If the mod author has seen fit and taken time to create these reference materials, then they are relevant and important in the eyes of the mod author. This means that they are relevant and important to you!

Notice: It is recommended to download all mods manually. Sometimes a download can become corrupted, especially with "Mod Manager Download".

Clean Oblivion DLCs

[Oblivion Official DLC BAIN Package]

Oblivion Official DLC BAIN Package - v1.0 - by Diana TES GotH

Optional Files

  • Oblivion Official Plugin BAIN Package

Description: A simple BAIN package for backing up the Original DLC plugins and then cleaning them with TES4Edit.

TES4Edit Cleaning Instructions
This section will take the user through the creation and installation of a simple BAIN package for backing up the Original DLC plugins and then cleaning them with TES4Edit.
To remove errors in the Bethesda master files, it is recommended that they be cleaned with TES4Edit. This ensures maximum stability and compatibility within the Morroblivion modding experience. Some mods have "UDR(s)" or "ITM(s)" but must not be cleaned. Reminders will be located after the installation description of mods that will need cleaning.

TES4Edit Mod Cleaning Instructions

1. Launch TES4EditQuickClean.exe.
2. Select the plugin to be cleaned.
3. Make certain the plugin is checked to be saved. Click the [X] to exit the program.

Instructions for the setup and installation of the Oblivion Official Plugin BAIN Package:
Mod Organizer Users: See Also 5.1.1 | GamerPoets Useful Tips for Mod Organizer Users for installation instructions.
1. Copy the Original esp in the appropriate folder as a backup.
2. Run TES4EditQuickClean.exe to clean each DLC.
3. Move the TES4Edit cleaned mod into the appropriate folder.
4. Archive the Oblivion Official Plugin BAIN Package folder when cleaning is completed.
5. Select only the TES4Edit clean mods for installation.

Or Create a New Mod
1. Create a folder in the "\Mod Organizer\mods\" directory and name it "Oblivion Official DLC - original". Copy each of the DLC file listed below from "\Oblivion\Data\" the "Oblivion Official DLC - original" folder you created.
2. Now select the "Oblivion Official DLC - original" folder and duplicate it by clicking copy and then paste. A folder named "Oblivion Official DLC - original - Copy" should be created in the "\Mod Organizer\mods\" folder. Rename this folder to "Oblivion Official DLC - cleaned".
3. Go into Mod Organizer and make sure the "Oblivion Official DLC - original" mod is deactivated (unchecked) and "Oblivion Official DLC - cleaned" mod is activated (checked).
4. Run TES4Edit from Mod Organizer to clean each DLC.
5. The cleaned ESP files should automatically synchronize into the "Oblivion Official DLC - cleaned" mod.

All of the following DLCs need to be cleaned with TES4EditQuickClean.exe

The following are suggested downloads to save for comparitive purposes and endorsement only.
Much of Morroblivion Overhaul is represented in the following guides. Please download the following mods in order to endorse these other excellent guide authors. Place the following downloads in a convenient location for reference as needed.

[Morrowind Graphics Guide Shaders]

Morrowind Graphics Guide Shaders - v1.4 - by DassiD

Main Files

  • MGG Shaders 1.4

Description: A complete shader suite for upgrading your visuals.
Special Instructions: DO NOT INSTALL, but please Endorse. Many of the Morrowind mods recommended in this guide are represented in the Morrowind graphics guide by DassiD.

[Oblivion Vanilla Enhanced]

Oblivion Vanilla Enhanced - v1.0 - by mmclendon

Main Files

  • OVE_inis

Description: An up to date, ENB compatible guide focused on improving Oblivion's visuals without drastically altering anything from its original appearance.
Special Instructions: DO NOT INSTALL, but please Endorse. This mod is for comparative purposes. Review all documentation from the original mod before tweaking the INI files. Compare mmclendon's tweaks to the default and adjust to suit your own style of gameplay.

[Bevilex' modlist for Oblivion - Graphics]

Bevilex' modlist for Oblivion - Graphics - v1.0 - by Bevilex

Main Files

  • Various .ini files

Description: Bevilex' modlist with installation order and instructions to completely remaster Oblivion's graphics.
Special Instructions: DO NOT INSTALL, but please Endorse. This mod is for comparative purposes. Review all documentation from the original mod before tweaking the INI files. Compare Bevilex' tweaks to the default and adjust to suit your own style of gameplay.

Extenders and DLL Enhancements

Third-party programs (or extensions thereof) that enhance Oblivion functionality or display. A few in this list may be Optional and only needed if specified as a prerequisite for a specific mod.

[ENBoost v0.259 patch for TES Oblivion]

Off Site
ENBoost v0.259 patch for TES Oblivion - v0.259 - by Boris Vorontsov

Main Files

  • ENBoost v0.259 patch for TES Oblivion

Description: This is adaptation of code Boris Vorontsov did for TES Skyrim to reduce memory usage of the game and to fix most CTDs (crashes to desktop) because of "out of memory" issue when many mods installed. It's just a patch without any changes to graphics. What it's doing? Utilize your videocard memory much better, compress resources and send them to enbhost.exe process, so you can install more mods with x64 OS (up to 4 gb game use by default and with this it's max about 10 gb at this moment).
Special Instructions: NOTICE: This file is not needed with Oblivion Reloaded.
Instructions for this utility are included in the following CTD and Memory patch ENBoost mod.

[CTD and Memory patch ENBoost]

CTD and Memory patch ENBoost - v259 - by Boris Vorontsov

Main Files

  • ENBoost 1_0

Description: A fix for CTDs and Memory Patch
Special Instructions: NOTICE: This file is not needed with Oblivion Reloaded.

CTD and Memory patch ENBoost Special Instructions
1. Review the insructions on the download description page.
2. Settings can be altered to suit the users’ preferences. Browse the web for recommended enbseries.ini configurations and test them out.
3. Review and make any needed changes to the "enblocal.ini". Some Recommendations include:
VideoMemorySizeMb=0 (Use Boris Vorontsov VRamSizeTest v1.0 to get the correct value for the parameter)


Remap the Free VRAM key to a different unused key

Notice: Some users may still experience CTD issues. Review muffinz10's post on CTD and Memory patch ENBoost Nexus Forum.

OBSE Plugins

OBSE Plugins are mods that contain the OBSE file structure including .dll and their related .ini files.


AddActorValues - v1.beta5b - by JRoush

Main Files

  • AddActorValues

Description: AddActorValues adds script functions for much greater control over actor values. It also allows modders to add \'new\' actor values for their own use.
Special Instructions: Only required if installing any of the following mods that will be recommended later in this guide:
Av Latta Magicka
FEA - Fundament Enchanting Addons

[AV Uncapper]

AV Uncapper - v1.beta1 - by JRoush

Main Files

  • AV Uncapper v1_beta1

Description: Uncaps skills, attributes, and other actor values. Also modifies game formulas so that values above 100 actually have an effect.
Special Instructions: AV Uncapper is the best choice for people who aren't satisfied with the choices made in Oblivion -Elys- Uncapper v098 and want the ability to fine tune themselves. Uncheck ActorValueUncapper_Example.esp
An alternative is the installation and set up of Oblivion -Elys- Uncapper v098 which literally takes two seconds with no readme required beyond "paste .dll into OBSE plugin folder."

[AV Uncapper Settings - Fixed]

AV Uncapper Settings - Fixed - v1.02 - by JCN

Main Files

  • AV Uncapper settings-fixed

Description: Bugfixed version of original 'AV Uncapper settings mod' by JCN (original by JRoush). Fixes Luck calculations if you want to use diminished returns formula for luck/skill.


Blockhead - v11.0 - by shadeMe

Main Files

  • Blockhead 11.0

Description: An OBSE plugin that adds support for gender variant head models and textures for NPCs. And allows free camera movement in the race/sex menu. And enables pain-free inventory idle overriding. And per-NPC/Race/scripted body/head texture/model overriding. And animation overriding. And equipment model overriding.
Special Instructions: Only required if installing Oblvivion Character Overhaul version 2.


ConScribe - vFiNAL - by shadeMe

Main Files

  • ConScribe 100

Description: Logs all console output to text files for later reviewing. Also adds log functions to log textual output and input.
Special Instructions: This mod is especially useful for bug reports. Another mod with similar functions is Pluggy. Only required if installing DarNifiedUI Config Addon.


EngineBugFixes - v2.1 - by Tiawar

Main Files

  • EngineBugFixes v2.1

Description: An OBSE plugin containing bug fixes for the Oblivion game engine.
Special Instructions: Considered Essential for stability and performance.

[MenuQue - OBSE Plugin]

MenuQue - OBSE Plugin - vv16b - by kyoma

Main Files

  • MenuQue v16b

Description: An OBSE Plugin that adds various additional UI functions , some quest functions and some misc functions.
Special Instructions: Considered and Essential mod. Required for Morroblivion and countless other mods.
\OBSE\Plugins\OBSE_Kyoma_MenuQue.dll is a dummy/empty dll and can safely be deactivated if using the latest version 16b of MenuQue - OBSE Plugin.


NorthernUI - v1.2.0 - by DavidJCobb

Main Files

  • NorthernUIAway (Vanilla Style)

Description: A comprehensive UI overhaul for Oblivion. This mod also patches native Xbox controller support into the game, and in fact that controller support can be used on its own. It also includes numerous engine fixes.
Special Instructions: Notice: NorthernUIAway (Vanilla Style) should be compatible with most other UI font, menu, and texture mods. If you choose to install the Main files: NorthernUI in the style of Skyrim and SkyUI, this will limit your options for additional UI mods.

[NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash]

NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash - v7.5.1.0 - by Queue

Main Files

  • NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash

Description: Implements structured exception handling and sanity checking to reduce frequency of game crashes.
Special Instructions: Considered Essential for stability and performance.

[Oblivion - Enhanced Camera]

Oblivion - Enhanced Camera - v1.4b - by LogicDragon

Main Files

  • Enhanced Camera

Description: This is an obse plugin that enables a visible body when in first person. Also, any points where the game force switches to 3rd person (sitting, death, etc) are now in 1st person.

[Oblivion Magic Extender]

Oblivion Magic Extender - v1.0 - by JRoush

Main Files

  • OBME v1_0

Description: OBME extends the Oblivion magic system to make it more general and open to mod makers.
Special Instructions: Only required if installing any of the following mods that will be recommended later in this guide:
Av Latta Magicka
Morroblivion Unofficial Patch Magic Addon.
This mod may need to be excluded from AV or Windows Defender. See Exclusion to Windows Security for instructions.
OBME is not compatible with all mods.

[Oblivion Stutter Remover]

Oblivion Stutter Remover - v4.1.37 - by SkyRanger-1

Main Files

  • OSR_4-1-37

Description: Makes Oblivion not stutter so much, improves stability.
Special Instructions: Considered Essential for stability and performance.

[Oblivion Stutter Remover Optimized]

Oblivion Stutter Remover Optimized - v1.0 - by MikJames

Main Files

  • Select the version that best matches your PC specs.

Description: An optimized OSR ini configuration. Sound fix and vsync stutter fix included. Focused on stability and usability for both vanilla Oblivion, and graphically overhaul'd installs, with minimal user tweaking required (ideally none).

[OBSE Elys USV AnathemaStudio Update v1]

OBSE Elys USV AnathemaStudio Update v1 - v1 - by Elys, modified by Anathemastudio

Main Files


Description: This OBSE plugin makes Oblivion play a 30 seconds duration silent voice for any missing voice file. It is a modified version of the original OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice.
Special Instructions: Required for Morroblivion
Replace \OBSE\Plugins\Construction Set Extender.dll with the most current version of the \OBSE\Plugins\Construction Set Extender.dll from the Construction Set Extender.

[One Tweak]

One Tweak - v2.1.0.2 - by virusek

Main Files

  • OneTweak

Description: OneTweak is Script Extender plugin mainly used for Borderless Window Mode and no crashing when you Alt+Tab.
Special Instructions: NOTICE: This file is not needed with Oblivion Reloaded.

[shadeMe Enhanced]

shadeMe Enhanced - v1.0beta2 - by arafuse

Main Files

  • shadeMe Enhanced

Description: This is a fork of the original shadeMe plugin which features improved shadow queueing, fixes the problem of disappearing shadows when turning, and adds some additional options and optimizations. You can now get nice dynamic shadows on architecture and landscape with a low shadow count and minimal performance drop.

[WalkBlessed OBSE Plugin (diagonal move)]

WalkBlessed OBSE Plugin (diagonal move) - vBeta15.2 - by cOJzZ

Main Files

  • WalkBlessed

Description: An OBSE plugin intended to enable simple PC diagonal movements, inspired by the famous NV mod "Diagonal movement".

Non-OBSE Utility Mods and Master Files

Non-OBSE Utility Mods and Master Files include mods that contain a plugin (.esp or .esm), but may not include an OBSE .dll file structure. Mods containing master files should usually be installed before all other mods. Master files should auto-load to the top of your Load Order.

[Clean up]

Clean up - v0.56 - by kuertee

Main Files

  • Clean-up 0p56

Description: Prevents saved-game file-size bloating by cleaning the game of actor and item references that are no longer required. (e.g. inactive references created from dropped items that were picked-up by the player.) Cleans long-dead actors that may have been corrupted somehow.
Special Instructions: Open kuerteeCleanUp.ini located at \Oblivion\Data\Ini and change the first line to the following:

set kCUQuest.cleanActors to 0

[Cobl v174]

Off Site
Cobl v174 - v174 - by Cobl Team v174

Main Files

  • Click the Download this file button.

Description: Cobl significantly enriches the world of Oblivion: new races, new books, new ingredients, new foods, etc. There are no quests, but you'll find the world a better and more interesting place in many small and large ways.
Special Instructions: Select the following options from the BAIN package:

Cobl - 00 Cobl Core
Cobl - 01 StableCore

This mod is only required for the following mods that will be recommended later in this guide:
The Ayleid Steps
Notice: Cobl will make use of either Conscribe or Pluggy.

[Custom Spell Icons Updated]

Custom Spell Icons Updated - v2.1 - by statttis, uploaded by miguick

Main Files

  • CSI Update

Description: Mods have added so much variety to magic in Oblivion. Between Midas Magic and LAME, I can easily have 30 different unique script effect spells. Problem is, they all have the exact same icon. Morroblivion will add even more. This mod solves that problem.
Special Instructions: OBME users should simply download and install this mod. An alternate for non OBME users is the original Custom Spell Icons.


Fundament - v4.03 - by tejon

Main Files

  • Fundament R4 U3

Description: Fundament is a generalized replacement for countless small mods, including its predecessor, Progress. Through simple initialization files the user can safely edit skill advancement rates, game settings, and even Oblivion.ini settings.
Special Instructions: Carefully review the description page and all documentation provided.
This mod is required for any of the following mods:
Alchemy Advanced Adjustments
Birthsigns Expanded
FEA - Fundament Enchanting Addons


Progress - v2.1 - by tejon

Main Files

  • Progress OBSE-0018-pre

Description: Progress is a general replacement for skill rate adjustment mods. It allows full configuration of skill advancement rates by editing the Progress.ini file, and alternate advancement methods for several skills.
Special Instructions: Esp/m Filter: Only activate Progress.esm. All Progress*.esp files are incompatible with Fundament.
Carefully review the description page and all documentation provided.


RefScope - v2.1.2 - by Wyzard

Main Files

  • RefScope 2_1_2

Description: Powerful in-game tool for finding reference and object IDs, and browsing NPC inventory, spells, factions, and more. Also tells you whether containers are safe for storage.
Special Instructions: It is highly recommended to install this mod (or its alternate FormID Finder) as it can be valuable in resolving conflicts, debugging mods, or just keeping track of where your game content is coming from.

Fixes and Unofficial Patches

Fixes and Unofficial Patches are standalone mods that are rarely affected by other Mods but enhance/overhaul large parts of the game with minimal or no overlap.

[Unofficial Oblivion Patch]

Unofficial Oblivion Patch - v3.5.6a - by Quarn and Kivan and Arthmoor and PrinceShroob

Main Files

  • Unofficial Oblivion Patch

Description: An Oblivion mod that fixes over 2,500 bugs (and 70,000 object placement errors.)
Special Instructions: Esp/m Filter: Uncheck: UOP Vampire & Face Fix.esp as it is included in Wrye Bash's Bashed Patch.

[Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch]

Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch - v1.5.9 - by Quarn and Kivan and Arthmoor and PrinceShroob

Main Files

  • Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch

Description: This mod is a joint effort to fix the vast amount of bugs currently existing in the Shivering Isles expansion pack for Oblivion v1.2.0416.

[Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches]

Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches - v24 - by Quarn and Kivan and Arthmoor and PrinceShroob

Main Files

  • Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches

Description: The aim of this mod is to fix the bugs existing in the official mods released by Bethesda.
Special Instructions: Bash Tag suggestion(s): Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp ADD: Relev

[A Champions Death]

A Champions Death - v1.4 - by migck

Main Files

  • A Champions Death

Description: Prevents the player's death through the OnHealthDamage handler from OBSE. The player will have to search for his corpse to get his items back after resurrecting... unless they have become a (mad?)God.
Special Instructions: This mod is considered essential because it solves CTDs and save corruption. However, Oooiii reports in the forum that "This mod is bugged with death in the Shivering Isles. Guards will treat you as Sheogorath even if you haven't done any quests. You will be unable to move after they take you to the graveyard." It will also require some workarounds with other mods, nobably Enhanced Economy.
Alternate Download: Lynges Unlimited Death Reload Time delays, indefinitely, the time when load screen pops up when your character dies.

[A To Take All also books]

Off Site
A To Take All also books - v1.0 - by statttis zirize

Main Files

  • Download and install fix by ZuSkunks in place of the original mod.

Description: Press the \'A\' button to loot all items in a container and take a book or a scroll when you read.
Special Instructions: The original mod will need to be downloaded if you wish to Endorse it.

[Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells]

Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells - v1.2.5 - by Alek, uploaded by mitchalek

Main Files

  • AULIAS_1_2_5

Description: Any leveled item or spell obtained as a quest reward or any unused sigil stone will be automatically replaced by better version of itself as player progress through levels.
Special Instructions: This mod is not needed if installing Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul.

[Better Saves]

Better Saves - v1.6.4 - by CakeeMaster

Main Files

  • Better Saves

Description: Replaces the vanilla auto save and quick save features.

When playing a modded Oblivion it's important to follow some best practices when it comes to saving:
- Do not use quicksaves, even with the Better Saves mod above it is recommended to make full saves.
- Do not overwrite your old saves, use a new slot instead.
- Avoid reloading too many times while in-game or when you die, some scripts from an old save can still run in the background. The best (if you have the patience) is to completely quit the game and start it again.

[Consistent Beggar Voices]

Consistent Beggar Voices - v1.2 - by Publick Gamer

Main Files

  • Consistent Beggar Voices 1.2 (Audio Quality Fix)

Description: The beggars' inconsistent voices is probably one the most notorious and hilarious audio mistakes in gaming history. This mod rectifies that, by replacing all the male and female imperial beggar dialogue, with the original versions from earlier in development, that ARE consistent! No more mid-dialogue voice changes, hooray!


DenockArrowToo - v1.00 - by Danny Warren

Main Files

  • DenockArrowToo

Description: Denock a readied arrow by pressing the ready/sheath weapon key (or any other key that you configure).
Special Instructions: This mod is not needed if Cobl is installed.

[Floating weapons Fix (Enemies keep weapons in inventory)]

Floating weapons Fix (Enemies keep weapons in inventory) - v1.0 - by mastergunforyou

Main Files

  • Enemies keep weapons in inventory

Description: Enemies don´t drop weapons to the ground anymore, the shields and weapons stay in their inventory. With this it´s save that you´ll get the gear you´ve earned by killing the target and they won´t glitch away and without searching.
Special Instructions: Engine Bug Fixes fixes the floating Weapon bug. This mod expands and improves with no dripped equipment.
There are two other alternatives to this mod:

No More Weapon Litter
Less Annoying Horses - Optional files - NPCs Don't Drop Weapons

[Harvest Containers]

Harvest Containers - v0.99.10 - by Harvest Team

Optional Files

  • Harvest Containers SI

Description: Harvest was designed to allow players to easily see which containers they had already searched. Along the way, that goal turned it into a popular mod for realism fans as well. When you search inside a container, it will change.
Special Instructions: This file is not needed if OOO - Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul is installed.
Notice: Patches may be required for mods that add items on top of containers.

Harvest Containers Special Instructions

From the Standalones folder copy the following:

• meshes folders
• textures folders
• Harvest[Containers] - Vanilla.esp
• Harvest[Containers] - SI.esp from into the Data folder and over write any files.
• Add ons are Optional. Read the documentation provided for user preference.

TES4Edit Cleaning Required:
Notice: BOSS Log reports 'Harvest[Containers] - Vanilla.esp Contains dirty edits: 19 ITM, 0 UDR records. Needs TES4Edit cleaning:'.
Launch TES4Edit.exe to manually remove the following records by right clicking on the record and select Remove.

FormID EditorID Header text
010011E7 DEJharvestMiddleChestJewelry "Open Jewelry Box"
0100B8CA DEJharvestMiddleCupboard01 "Open Cupboard"
0100B8D4 DEJharvestLowerCupboard01 "Open Cupboard"
0100B8D5 DEJharvestLowerPot "Open Covered Pot"
0100B8D6 DEJharvestLowerDrawers01 "Open Drawers"
01000CE8 DEJharvestUpperCupboard02 "Opened Cupboard"
01002A58 DEJharvestUpperDesk01 "Opened Desk"
01002A59 DEJharvestUpperDrawer02 "Opened Drawers"
010011D4 DEJharvestMiddleDrawers01 "Open Drawers"
010011D5 DEJharvestMiddleDesk01 "Open Desk"
010011D6 DEJharvestMiddleDrawers02 "Open Drawers"
010011D7 DEJharvestMiddleDrawersTop "Open Drawers"
010011D8 DEJharvestMiddleShelf01 "Open Shelf"
010011D9 DEJharvestMiddleShelf01a "Open Shelf"
010011DB DEJharvestMiddleLectern02 "Open Lectern"
0100342F DEJharvestUpperDrawer01 "Opened Drawers"
0100391C DEJharvestUpperExecDesk01 "Opened Desk"
01002081 DEJharvestUpperCupboard01 "Opened Cupboard"
01003430 DEJharvestUpperDrawer03 "Opened Drawers"

[Oblivion DLC Delayers]

Oblivion DLC Delayers - v1.0.2 - by Arthmoor

Main Files

  • Oblivion DLC Delayers

Description: This mod is a simple yet immersive and lore friendly way for the official DLC in Oblivion to be started.
Special Instructions: An alternative for users who prefer individual DLC Delayer plugins: SM Plugin Refurbish.

[Summon Dremora lord Saved]

Summon Dremora lord Saved - v1.00 - by DemonLord7654

Main Files

  • Summon Dremora Lord Saved

Description: Some of you may know some may not know that Volanaro of the Bruma Mages guild is the only one who sells the spell Summon Dremora Lord. Later in the Mages Guild quest his store becomes inaccessible thus you can\'t ever buy the spell if you haven\'t already.

Mesh and Texture Fixes and Improvements

General Mesh Fixes are the foundation mesh and texure mods that are intended to generally improve the overall visual effects. These mods may be overwritten.

[Really Textured Normal Maps for Vanilla]

Really Textured Normal Maps for Vanilla - v1.1 - by Jarod, uploaded by skylarscarborough

Main Files

  • RTNM_Part1_v1_1
  • RTNM_Part2_v1_1
  • RTNM Shivering Isles Fixed

Description: Very detailed normal maps that add a ton of texture to Oblivion\'s vanilla textures. Now with Shivering Isles.
Special Instructions: Mmclendon recommends: Really Textured Normal Maps for Vanilla Download and extract all three files. Either exclude or delete the normal maps from "Oblivion\Data\Textures\trees\branches" as they can cause flickering tree trunks. If you are planning to use OOO Shivering Isles, then you should also exclude/delete the "weapons" and "armor" files from the "RTNM Shivering Isles Fixed" archive as they can cause visual issues with Dark Seducer/Golden Saint armor.

[Qarl's Texture Pack III Redimized - QTP3 R]

Qarl's Texture Pack III Redimized - QTP3 R - v1.3Fixed - by Qarl and Bomret and dev_akm

Main Files

  • QTP3 Redimized 1.3 Patched Fixed and Optimised

Description: New textures, normal maps, specular and parallax maps to replace a large number of those in the game with ones which are higher resolution and more photo realistic, while at the same time still very close to the original feel of Bethesda's intentions. Included in this version are PYFFI Optimized QTP3 Meshes - Fixed. Most of the textures are 1K.

[QTP3 UOP350 Compatibility Patch]

QTP3 UOP350 Compatibility Patch - v1.0 - by Pickysaurus

Optional Files

  • QTP3 UOP350 Compatibility Patch

Description: Compatibility patch for QTP3 and UOP 3.4.2.

[Bomret's Texture Pack for Shivering Isles v1 with meshes from USIP]

Bomret's Texture Pack for Shivering Isles v1 with meshes from USIP - v1.0 - by Bomret and the USIP Team

Main Files

  • Bomret's Texture Pack for Shivering Isles with meshes from USIP

Description: This is Bomrets Texture Pack: Shivering Isles v1 with the fixed meshes from the USIP

[Mesh Improvement Project]

Mesh Improvement Project - v1.4a - by nsanitySorrow

Main Files

  • Mesh Improvement Project

Description: This project is a large undertaking with the aim of (slowly) fixing or replacing broken/ugly meshes found throughout the game's world.
Special Instructions: For those who prefer more a vanilla flavor, Mmclendon recommends: Download and extract the following files to the appropriate directories: "00 Core\Meshes\Clutter\Stamper.nif" and everything in "00 Core\Textures" except for the "Weapons" folder

User Interface

User Interface are mods that edit non-gameplay features and\or on-screen visuals. Oblivion's UI Menu has one of the most undesirable gaming UI that I ever played. It's a combination of wasted space, improper scaling, and inappropriate controls. Several mods are available that attempt to correct some of this. I will list my own prefences below, however, I recommend all users research what will best suit you. Remember, if you decide not to mimic my list, make certain it is compatible with mods you choose to install. Try to install only UI mods that are still being actively supported by either the author or the modding community.

Under Construction


Morroblivion: FAQ is a video game community web site. We do not display advertisements, require membership fees, or impose other charges on site visitors. Members may voluntarily donate if they wish to help us offset server costs (which are approximately $2,000 per year), but this is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL and in no way changes the user's ability to use the site or download files. Please review's entire FAQ page.

Notice: Many of the download sites are external (i.e. Mediafire, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc...) Only mods I have personally downloaded and scanned are listed in this guide. I also advise that the user enable an Ad Blocker on their browser as some of the download sites do have persistent ads.
Notice: Create a shortcut of the BOSS userlist.txt to the desktop as there will be several edits to add in the course of installing all the mods. If BOSS was installed as instructed the userlist.txt should be located at %\Oblivion\BOSS\oblivion.

[Morroblivion Project Release]

Off Site
Morroblivion Project Release - v064 - by TES Renewal Project Team

Main Files

  • Master File
  • Morroblivion v064 Complete Resources

Description: Morroblivion is additional content - a 'mod' or an add-on - for the popular PC video game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, released by Bethesda Softworks in 2006. The Morroblivion project seeks to merge the content from the previous game of the series, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, into the more modern gaming engine of Oblivion.
Special Instructions: Review Installation Instructions topic for a detailed Wrye Bash guide.

Morroblivion Special Instructions

Morroblivion Master File Installer for Wrye Bash Users:

1. In the installers tab, right click on Package and select Monitor External Installation... Click OK. Allow the Data files to refresh.
2. When the External Installation window pops up, follow the Morroblivion Master File Installer for ALL Users instructions below. After the installations has completed, return to the Wrye Bash Installers tab and click OK.
3. A new External Installation window will pop up. Make certain Morrowind_ob.esm is checked and select Create Project. Name the project Morroblivi0on and click OK.
4. Move the Morrowblivion mod just below the Oblivion Vanilla Data mod at the top of the Installers Packages.
Note: If you wish to archive the mod to save disk space, right click on the mod and select Pack to Archive. Select No when prompted to Use colid compression.
5. Delete the loose file mod (with the Diamond shaped box). Right click on the mod with the square box and select Install.

Morroblivion Master File Installer Mod Organizer Users:

1. Add the Morroblivion Installer Mod Organizer executables. Run Morroblivion Installer with Mod Organizer. Select Yes if you are prompted to allow Mod Organizer Elevated privileges.
2. Follow the instructions below. When files are written to the Overwrite mod, select create a new mod and name it Morroblivion Master. Move it to top in the left mod pane.

Morroblivion Master File Installer for ALL Users

1. Execute the Morroblivion Installer.
• Click Next
• Choose your Morrowind Directory pathto\Morrowind
• Choose your Oblivion Directory pathto\Oblivion
• Click Next
• Click Install
2. Installing will place the Morrowind_ob.esm in your Oblivion\Data folder.

Morroblivion v064 Complete Resources

Choose your Alternate Start before installing this mod.
Navigate to 00 Core\Ini, open the Morroblivion.ini and scroll to the bottom:
[Alternative Start]
set mwMainMenu.AltStart to 1 to start in Morrowind.
set mwMainMenu.AltStart to 0 to start a normal Oblivion new game.
set MorroDefaultQuest.ErrorDetection to 0 ;
if you are not concerned with any Error popups.
1. Sub-Packages: Check:
01 Better Map ;
01 Chargen and Transport Mod ;
01 Morrowind Music ;
01 Tree Replacer ;
01 Voiced Conversation ;
2. Install

Edit BOSS userlist.txt:

OVERRIDE: Morroblivion
BEFORE: Pre Bash

OVERRIDE: Morrowind_ob - Morroblivion Maps.esp
BOTTOM: Post Bashed Patch

[Morroblivion Unofficial Patch 2017-Dec-18]

Off Site
Morroblivion Unofficial Patch 2017-Dec-18 - v2017-Dec-18 - by ponyrider0

Main Files

Description: This unofficial patch is a mod-compilation of many bug-fixes and patches that have been posted to since the release of Morroblivion v064.
Special Instructions: Read ponyrider0's forum topic before installing the mods listed. NOTE: You MUST start a new game when using this patch.

Morroblivion Unofficial Patch Special Instructions

Morroblivion Unofficial Patch_BAIN

Sub-Packages: Check:
Reminder: Oblivion Magic Extender is required for Morroblivion Unofficial Patch Magic Addon. If you do not wish to install OBME, do not install the Morroblivion_Unofficial_Patch_Magic_Addon.esp.
01 INI Tweaks ;
02 Optional, Fast Travel Cheat ;
02 Optional, Firemoth Enemy Mage Rebalance ;
02 Optional, No Havok Bottles and Clutter ;

TES4Edit Cleaning Required:


Edit BOSS userlist.txt:

OVERRIDE: Morroblivion_Unofficial_Patch.esp
BOTTOM: Morroblivion

OVERRIDE: Morroblivion_Unofficial_Patch_Magic_Addon.esp
BOTTOM: Post Bashed Patch

ADD: MOB_FastTravel_Cheat.esp
BOTTOM: Morroblivion

ADD: MOB_Firemoth_Enemy_Mage_Rebalance.esp
BOTTOM: Morroblivion

ADD: MOB_NoHavok_Bottles_and_Cluter.esp
BOTTOM: Morroblivion

ADD: Morroblivion_Unofficial_Patch_defaultmap_fix.esp
BOTTOM: Post Bashed Patch

ADD: Morroblivion_Unofficial_Patch_multiskill_trainerfix.esp
BOTTOM: Morroblivion

ADD: Morroblivion_Unofficial_Patch_Redoran_Hortator_QuestFixes.esp
BOTTOM: Morroblivion

ADD: Morroblivion_Unofficial_Patch_Telvanni_ArchMagister_hotfix.esp
BOTTOM: Morroblivion

ADD: 2018-july-bloodmoon-fixes.esp
BOTTOM: Morroblivion

ADD: 2018-july-tribunal-fixes.esp
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[Morroblivion - Improved landscape lod and fps - For v064]

Morroblivion - Improved landscape lod and fps - For v064 - v1.0 - by mmclendon

Main Files

  • Morrowind_ob - Meshes

Description: Improves the landscape lod meshes that came with morroblivion while removing some distant lod objects like rocks/dungeon entrances for an improvement in fps. Vivec's distant lod is left alone for immersion.

[Morroblivion Improved]

Morroblivion Improved - v0.1.0 - by DaggerfallTeam

Main Files

  • Morroblivion Improved

Description: Morroblivion Improvement Project, shortened to MIP is designed to Expand and Improve Morroblivion.
Special Instructions: Edit BOSS userlist.txt:

ADD: Morroblivion Improved.esp
BOTTOM: Morroblivion

[Ebonheart Improved (Path Grids) (Morroblivion v64)]

Ebonheart Improved (Path Grids) (Morroblivion v64) - v1.0 - by DaggerfallTeam

Main Files

  • Improved Path Grids for Ebonheart

Description: Improves the AI Path Grids in Ebonheart (Path grids are the Paths which NPC's walk.
Special Instructions: Edit BOSS userlist.txt:

ADD: Ebonheart Path Grids Improved.esp
BOTTOM: Morroblivion

[Seyda Neen Improved (Path Grids) (Morroblivion v64)]

Seyda Neen Improved (Path Grids) (Morroblivion v64) - v1.0 - by DaggerfallTeam

Main Files

  • Improved Path Grids for Seyda Need

Description: Improves the Path Grids in Seyda Neen.
Special Instructions: Edit BOSS userlist.txt:

ADD: Morroblivion_Seyda Neen Improved Path Grids.esp
BOTTOM: Morroblivion

Graphic Extenders and ENB Presets

Under Construction

Alternate to Oblivion Reloaded

Oblivion Reloaded may not be everyone's cup of tea. Don't dispair, I will offer you some alternative mod suggestions that will not only reduce memory usage of the game, but also enhance the visuals and graphics much like you will see with Oblivion Reloaded.

Before continuing on with this modlist, make certain you have first reviewed and installed the following mods from section 5: Extenders and DLL Enhancements and 6: OBSE Plugins:

ENBoost v0.259 patch for TES Oblivion by Boris Vorontsov
CTD and Memory patch ENBoost by Boris Vorontsov
OneTweak by virusek

[Oblivion Graphics Extender]

Oblivion Graphics Extender - v3.0.1 - by -Timeslip -Scanti -ShadeMe and -Ethatron

Main Files

  • Old files: OBGE Core - Retro 3-0-0

Description: The Oblivion Graphics Extender is an OBSE plugin created by Timeslip that adds extra functionality to Oblivion's scripting language, focussed on the implementation and manipulation of graphics effects.
Special Instructions: This OBSE plugin is used solely for better quality water reflections.

Oblivion Graphics Extender Special Instructions
1. Extract only the OBGEv2.dll to your OBSE\Plugins folder.
2. Run the game once to create an OBGE.ini in your Documents\My Games\Oblivion folder.
3. Configure the OBGE.ini


iReflectionMapSize=2048 ;Try 1024 if you're using a weaker PC.


[Detailed Terrain]

Detailed Terrain - v0.4 - by ChainsawXIV

Main Files

  • Detailed Terrain - Beta II
  • [Optional files] DT Texture Pack - Shivering Isles
  • [Update files] DT Shader Patch

Description: Detailed Terrain updates the technology used to render the game's terrain textures.
Special Instructions: Install all three with Oblivion Mod Manager (or extract the archive and repack it to install with other mod manager).

NOTE: Install DT Shader Patch last.

NOTICE: After installing this you may see flickering blood textures on the ground. To fix this delete Data\Textures\landscape\ & Textures\landscape\ or disable blood decals in your Oblivion.ini:

[Enhanced Water v20]

Enhanced Water v20 - v2.0 - by halo112358

Main Files

  • Enhanced Water v20

Description: This mod simply adds for better looking water.

[Enhanced Water v20 HD - SI Addon]

Enhanced Water v20 HD - SI Addon - v2fixed - by halo112358

Main Files

  • Enhanced Water v20 HD - SI 2fixed

Description: This is an addon for LprMan's Enhanced Water v20 for the Shivering Isles.

[FOV Modifier]

FOV Modifier - v2.0 - by troybayliss

Main Files

  • FOV Modifier v2_0

Description: This mod allows you to change the Field of View from the default 75, and the new value you choose will NOT be reset every time you talk or zoom.

[Koldorns LOD Noise Replacer]

Koldorns LOD Noise Replacer - v1.3 - by Koldorn

Main Files

  • KoldornsLODnoiseReplacer

Description: Replaces the noise effect on LOD textures to something better.

[Nighteye Shader Replacement]

Nighteye Shader Replacement - v1.1 - by Timeslip

Main Files

  • Nighteye Shader Replacement

Description: This mod contains 16 replacement nighteye shaders for oblivion.
Special Instructions: Install with Oblivion Mod Manager (or extract the archive and repack it to install with other mod manager).

NOTICE: If you choose to extract this mod to install with another mod manager, make certain to select only one of the shader files.

[Real Lava]

Real Lava - v1.3 - by CptJoker

Main Files

  • Real Lava 1_3

Description: This mods adds better looking lava.

Suggestions for In-Game Testng

It is recommended to test your game after installing each mod section of this guide. Make certain the game will load without crashing to the desktop (CTD) and that the player can change cells, interact with NPCs, etc... without CTD. It is difficult track down issues after you have installed several mods. The more mods you have, the more likely it is that more than a single mod causing may be causing a conflict.
Related articles: UESP | Oblivion:Console

SPOILER! Console Commands for Testing:

Use the following Console Command to Enter Testing Cells:

For Morrowind: type coc mwToddTest; to leave type coc SeydaSNeen00
For Oblivion: type coc testinghall; to leave simply exit through the door labeled “to Hawkhaven”

Testing Morroblivion: Performance and Stability
Wait for all mods to load. From the main menu open the console with ~ key and type in the commands.
Explore Interior and Exterior Cells.

1. tgm; player.setav speed 255; player.setav athletics 255; tcl (turns collision on or off); tdt (toggle the debugging text and show FPS)
2. Testing Cells:
• coc mwToddTest (Morrowind)
• coc TestingHall (Oblivion)
Also try:
• coc CharacterSStuffSWonderland (Morrowind)
• coc MarkAsSVampireSTestSCell (Morrowind)
• coc ClutterSWarehouseSTSEverythingSMustSGoX (Morrowind)
3. "tmm 1" will toggle the map markers on and can be used to fast travel if it is enabled. Explore Open World Spaces, as well as Interior and Exterior Cells.
Morrowind Places:
• Ald'ruhn (Test Fast Travel)
• Balmora (Test Fast Travel)
• Sadrith Mora (Test Fast Travel)
• Vivec (Test Fast Travel)
Mournhold Places:
• coc MournholdSTemple
Bloodmoon Places:
• coc FortSFrostmoth00
• Test fast travel to other Settlements.
4. Oblivion Places:
• Test Portal Spell to Cyrodil
• Test Fast travel to Cities, Towns, and Villages.
• coc SEHighcrossExterior01
• Test Fast Travel to other Settlements.
5. Tamriel Rebuilt
Test Fast Travel to locations South East and South West of Vvardenfell.
• coc FireWatch00
• coc BaanSmalur00

Tips & Troubleshooting Common Issues

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