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(Mators SMASH)
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  <span style="color:cyan">11.</span> Once the build is completed, exit Smash and verify the mod is active in the left pane and appears at the bottom of the right. If it does not, Refresh MO2 and recheck.
  <span style="color:cyan">11.</span> Once the build is completed, exit Smash and verify the mod is active in the left pane and appears at the bottom of the right. If it does not, Refresh MO2 and recheck.
==== <span style="color:Cyan">[Lexy's LOTD SE OMEGA - SMASH Override]</span> ====
==== <span style="color:Cyan">Lexy's LOTD SE OMEGA - SMASH Override</span> ====
<div style="border-left:medium solid #14ff17; padding-left:3px;">
<div style="border-left:medium solid #14ff17; padding-left:3px;">

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LOTDSE Clear.png
Based on Neovalen's Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition
Created and Maintained by Darth_mathias and DarkladyLexy
Last Update: 12:07:54 4 October 2022 (GMT)

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Page Four: The Finishing Line
Quick Links
GUIDE SUPPORT: Support and assistance in the installation and troubleshooting of problems related to this guide are availiable in two locations - either will eventually get you the help you need. The first is located on the STEP Forums. The second, more real-time, location is on Lexy's LOTD Discord Channel.
MOD SUGGESTIONS: Don't see a mod in the list that you think needs to be included? Check on Lexy's Suggested Mods Trello board to be sure it hasn't already been suggested, is in testing, or has been previously rejected.
Guide Page Links
Page 1: Introduction and Prerequisites 
Page 2: The Mod List
Page 3: The Merge Page
Page 4: The Finishing Line. YOU ARE HERE.
Page 5: Recommended MCM Settings
Page 6: Troubleshooting
Page 7: Changelog


LOOT (Load Order Optimization Tool) is designed to assist users in creating a working and stable load order, based on author and community provided "meta" rules, with minimal effort on the user's part. For this program to work correctly, a number of custom "user" meta rules need to be added. These have been noted throughout the guide when you were installing mods, though you may not have entered these customs rules at the time. Once you have entered these rules, they will remain persistent unless you clear all user metadata in LOOT or delete the local custom metadata file.

The guide recommended not worrying about LOOT Rules until now, so the following tables summarize all of the LOOT Rules mentioned throughout the Mod Page. Note that some that were listed on the mod page are not listed here: This is because some mods that had rules listed have now been merged, and are no longer relevant. Those rules were placed so that those who do not follow the recommendation can still successfully sort their load orders for testing.

Idiot Check:

  • Ensure the following LOOT User Metadata Rules are entered, ensuring they are also assigned to the group indicated:


Arthmoor's Villages Group

Arthmoor's Villages Group Additional Rules
Darkwater Crossing.esp None
Dawnstar.esp None
Dragon Bridge.esp None
Helarchen Creek.esp None
Ivarstead.esp None
Karthwasten.esp None
Keld-Nar.esp Load After Landscape Fixes For Grass Patches Merged.esp
Kynesgrove.esp None
Rorikstead.esp None
Shor's Stone.esp None
Soljund's Sinkhole.esp None
Fall of Granite Hill.esp None
Whistling Mine.esp None
Landscape Fixes For Grass Patches Merged.esp Load After Dragon Bridge.esp and Shor's Stone.esp
NSUTR - Merged.esp None
Snazzy Overhaul Patches Merged.esp None

Landscape Group

Landscape Group Additional Rules
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp Load After Trees and Flora Merged.esp
Trees and Flora Merged.esp None

Merge Patches Group

Merge Patches Group Additional Rules
Animals Merged.esp None
Audio Patches Merged.esp None
IcePenguinWorldMap.esp Load After Weather Systems Merged.esp
KIC + RWT Patches Merged.esp None
LOTD Patches Merged.esp None
MLU Patches Merged.esp Load After LOTD Patches Merged.esp
nwsFollowerFramework.esp None
OMEGA CACO Patches Merged.esp None
RealisticWaterTwo.esp Load After Weather Systems Merged.esp
Trivial Smelters of Skyrim Merged.esp None
Weapons Armours Merged.esp Load After MLU Patches Merged.esp
Weather Systems Merged.esp Load After Audio Patches Merged.esp

NPC Retexture Group

NPC Retextures Group Additional Rules
ELE Merged.esp Load After NPC Retexture Merge SSE.esp
RS Children Patches Merged.esp None
NPC Retexture Merge SSE.esp Load After RS Children Patches Merged.esp

Conflict Resolution Group

Conflict Resolution Group Additional Rules
Lexy's LOTD Consistency Patches Merged.esp None
Lexy's LoTD SE OMEGA - Conflict Resolution.esp None
OMEGA NPC Retexture - Conflict Resolution.esp None

Leveled List Modifiers Group

Leveled List Modifiers Group Additional Rules
Pre Bash Merged.esp None

Load After LOOT Rules

These mods stay in their default group - add the Load After rule indicated.

Individual Mods LOOT Rules
CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp Load After MrissiTailOfTroubles.esp
CLARALUX SSE.esp Load After RelightingSkyrim-FULL.esp, Blowing In The Wind Merged.esp
DiverseDragonsCollectionSE.esp Load After DeadlyDragons.esp
ogSplendorDragons.esp Load After DiverseDragonsCollectionSE.esp
Point The Way.esp Load After UniqueBorderGates-All.esp
aMidianBorn_ContentAddon.esp Load After Lore Weapon Expansion.esp


Perform the following steps on initial setup of your load order and any time an ESP/ESL/ESM file (other than those created on this page) are changed:

  • Start Mod Organizer 2.
  • Select LOOT in the executable selection box and click [Run].
  • Find the icon that looks like a horizontal bar graph (mouse over text should state "Sort Plugins") and click it.
  • After some processing, the calculated load order will be displayed in the right pane of LOOT. Click the [Apply] button.
  • Click the [X] on the title bar to close LOOT.

All mods currently installed will now be ordered based upon the master list downloaded by the tool and the user metadata that was created while installing mods in this guide. However, they may not be in the order the plugins themselves are expecting. Note that this will not affect the ability of the game to run the files, but can be fixed by:

  • Opening SSEEdit in Mod Organizer 2 and click [OK] (make sure you are not loading your QuickAutoClean profile of SSEEdit).
  • After the load is complete, select all files.
  • Right-Click, and in the menu that appears, select "Sort Masters".
  • After SSEEdit has completed working, click the [X] in the upper right-hand corner
  • A pop-up window will list all files that were altered. Uncheck "Backup plugins", and click [OK] to save the new versions. If no pop-up appears, no files needed alteration.

FNIS - Fores New Idles in Skyrim

FNIS (Fores New Idles in Skyrim) was created to allow for new skeletons (not the creatures, the 'bones' of a in-game character) and animations that the default Skyrim engine could not support. This includes new animations, gender-specific animations, poses, and so forth. This involves the use of an external patcher, "GenerateFNIS_for_Users.exe", which will analyze your load order and selected options to create specialized .HKX files to match your current skeleton and animation configuration.


Prior to initial run:

1. In Windows Explorer - navigate to your Mod Organizer 2/Mods folder.
2. Create a new folder to act as a mod for the new FNIS files. We recommend "FNIS Output".
3. Launch Mod Organizer 2. Ensure FNIS Output (or the name you chose instead) is checked and the mod activated. NOTE: Since the mod is empty at the moment, you will see an X on a grey background in the same line - this is normal, and will be resolved shortly.
4. In the top toolbar, select the Executables Option.
5. In the Executables window, locate FNIS. This should have been created when you installed this tool during the Mod Page. If it does not, create it now.
6. In the "Create Files in Mod instead of Overwrite" dialog box, select "FNIS Output" (or equivalent) from the drop down menu.
7. Click "Apply".
8. Exit the Executables window.

Perform the following on initial setup and any time animations are added, removed, or updated in your load order:

1. Select FNIS in the executable selection box, and click [Run].
2. The FNIS main interface should appear. If it does not, review the installation section for FNIS on the Mod Page.
3. In the "Available Patches" section at the bottom of the window, Select the following: GENDER Specific Animations, SKELETON Arm Fix, and tktk1's TK Dodge/Ultimate Combat.
4. Click the [Update FNIS Behavior] button.  Wait for a message to appear in the window stating "X animations for Y mods successfully included.". Note that the window may lose focus and appear to flicker while it is running - this is normal.
5. Click [Exit]. 
6. Verify that Mod Organizer 2 has automatically placed the generated files into the FNIS Output folder in Mod Organizer. If the red X mentioned earlier is still present, refresh the list (through the right click menu).
7. Activate the mod (if not already active).

For reference, the FNIS Output folder should contain the following:

  • a meshes folder, containing new hkx behavior files.
  • a scripts folder, containing 3 compiled scripts for version tracking.
  • a tools folder, containing logs.

A Quick Test

Before finalizing the load order and generating the last few patches we need, it's time to make sure the installation is working as intended. There are three main causes of CTD (Crash to Desktop) at this point in the guide - this test will help you identify both of these.


Perform the following:

  • Launch the game via SKSE in MO2.
  • If the game crashes before the main menu, see the Main Menu section below.
  • From the main menu, open the console (the ~ key on most setups).
  • Type EACH of the commands below, in sequence. In each case, you will be moved to a specific area of Skyrim. If the game CTDs at this point, make a note of which statue is associated with that area, then see Statues below.
1. coc ShrineOfAzuraExterior01 (Azura Statue)
2. coc FallowstoneCaveEnd (Malacath Statue)
3. coc Mehrunes01 (Mehrunes Dagon Statue)
4. coc MarkarthTempleofDibella (Dibella Statue)
5. coc KilkreathRuinsExterior03 (Meridia Statue)
6. coc MarkarthShrineofTalos (Talos Statue)
7. coc WinterholdCollegeExterior (Mage Statue)

Main Menu CTD

If you crashed at the main menu on load, two main possibilities exist.

  • You have a missing master. Check your Load Order in MO2, looking for a red triangle next to any file in the list. If these appear, identify the missing master and activate it.
  • You have not extracted a BSA archive associated with a Skyrim:LE file that you converted earlier. Go through the Mod Page to identify these mods, and verify that you have extracted the BSA files associated with them, if they exist.

Statue CTD

This CTD is caused by an incorrect renaming or file structure for "Stunning Statues of Skyrim" (SSoS). Review the instructions for this mod on the Mod Page, and verify that all file and path renaming/creation has been done correctly, then reattempt the test.

Wrye Bash


Before proceeding, read the following important items:

  • DO NOT run LOOT on your load order after this point. All new plugins created will be added to the end of the Load Order IN THE ORDER THEY ARE GENERATED.
  • If you are updating your guide install, DISABLE ALL FINISHING LINE MODS (all mods created from this point forward) prior to updating. Run LOOT again once the updates have been entered, then continue with the Finishing Line (as indicated in the Changelogs).
  • SSE_Terrain_Tamriel.ESM should be disabled in the LEFT PANE at this point. If it is not, deactivate it at this time. DO NOT have this ESM file on unless specifically directed to do so.

Idiot Check: Similar to the LOOT rules previously posted, Bash Tags have been noted during the entirety of the Mod Page. Although LOOT provides for the ability to set Bash Tags, user feedback has shown that Wrye Bash does not always recognize tags set in LOOT. Therefore, it is our recommendation that Bash Tags ONLY be set in Wrye Bash itself. Bash Tags can be set by:

1. Select the mod needing the Bash Tag in Wrye Bash.
2. Locate and right-click inside the lower left window in Wrye Bash. It may already have some tags listed, or may be empty.
3. Select the Tag to be added. Repeat for all required Tags.

Make sure the following Bash Tags have been set before creating the Bash Patch:

Mod Name Plugin Bash Tag Update Required:
Amulets of Skyrim SSE SL01AmuletsSkyrim.esp DELEV, STATS
Animals Merged Animals Merged.esp DELEV, KEYWORDS, STATS
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp KEYWORDS
Deadly Dragons DeadlyDragons.esp KEYWORDS
Immersive College of Winterhold CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp KEYWORDS
Landscape Environment and Clutter Merged Landscape Environment and Clutter Merged.esp GRAPHICS
Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE LegacyoftheDragonborn.esm KEYWORDS
(SJG) OMEGA - The Modular Gameplay Overhaul for SSE MLU.esp KEYWORDS
Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul.esp KEYWORDS
(SkyTEST Integration Project SE - No Extra Spawns SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp KEYWORDS
Tactical Valtheim SSE TacticalValtheim.esp KEYWORDS
Typo Patches Merged Typo Patches Merged.esp NAMES
Weapons & Armours Merged Weapons Armours Merged.esp INVENT, KEYWORDS, NAMES, STATS
YOT - Your Own Thoughts Merged YOT - Your Own Thoughts Merged.esp NAMES
Pre Bash Merge Pre Bash Merged.esp INVENT, KEYWORDS, NAMES, RELEV, STATS
Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp KEYWORDS
Zim's Immersive Artifacts ZIA_Complete Pack.esp GRAPHIC, KEYWORDS, NAMES, STATS

Wrye Bash was originally designed to install and manage mods in the days of TESIV: Oblivion. While we are not using it for this functionality, it has a wide array of tools and features that we will be making use of - specifically, the Bashed Patch, which allows for the merging of leveled lists and the changing of core game settings.

Creating (or recreating) a Bashed Patch should be done on initial setup and any time you add or remove a mod that uses an ESM/ESP/ESL. Creating the Patch is performed by the following steps:

1. In your Mod Organizer 2 install folder, locate and open the Mods folder.
2. Create a new folder called "Bash Patch".
3. In Mod Organizer 2, press the Executables button and select Wrye Bash.
4. In the 'Create Files in Mod instead of Overwrite' drop down menu, select "Bash Patch".
5. Select "Apply". Close the window.
6. Select Wrye Bash in the Executables drop down menu, then select [Run].
7. After a moment, the Wrye Bash main interface should appear. Scroll to the bottom of the list and locate "Bashed Patch, 0.ESP".
8. Right click on this mod and select "Rebuild Patch". NOTE: This will always appear in this way, even if it is the first time you are building the patch.
9. In the options list that appears, ensure that ONLY the following have checkmarks:
* Import Graphics
* Import Inventory
* Import Keywords
* Import Names
* Import Stats
* Import Text
* Tweak Settings
* Leveled Lists
10. Click on "Tweak Settings" in the left pane. The following settings are recommended, but can be set otherwise if you so choose. Right-Click on each setting listed to set the value indicated - if the value does not appear, enter it manually via the "Custom" setting:
* AI: Max Actors => 50.
* Arrow: Speed => 1.4.
* Combat: Max Actors => 30.
* Crime: Alarm Distance => 1200.
* Timescale => 15.
11. Ensure that there are checkmarks next to the following settings:
* AI: Max Actors
* Arrow: Speed
* Combat: Projectile Dodge Fix
* Combat: Max Actors
* Crime: Alarm Distance
* Timescale
12. At the bottom of the interface, click [Build Patch]. This process generally takes about 3 - 5 minutes.
13. Exit Wrye Bash by clicking the X in the upper right of the screen.

Bashed Patch, 0.ESP should have been automatically added to the Bash Patch Mod. If it does not appear there, Refresh MO2 and/or check in your MO2 Overwrite folder.

Mators SMASH

Idiot Check:

  • Ensure "SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.ESM" is deactivated before running SMASH.

Prior to running Mator Smash for the first time:

1. Navigate to your Mod Organizer 2/Mods folder in Windows Explorer.
2. Create a folder called "SMASH Patch".
3. Launch Mod Organizer 2.
4. Verify that the "SMASH Patch" mod is checked.
5. Launch the Executables dialog. 
6. Locate and select Mator SMASH.
7. Locate "Create Files in Mod instead of Overwrite". In the drop down menu select "SMASH Patch".
8. Click Apply.

Perform the following for initial Smash Patch Generation, and again when updating the guide (when indicated in the Changelog):

1. Select Mator's SMASH in the executable selection box and click [Run]. The SMASH main interface should appear.
2. Select 'Skyrim SE' and click [OK]. 
3. In the popup window, select [OK].
4. Highlight everything from Update.esm down to Bashed Patch, 0.esp (this includes both of those mods as well).
5. Right click and select "Add to Patch".
6. In the popup window, call both fields Smash Patch. Ensure that the field for the file name contains the .ESP extension.
7. Repeat Step 4.
8. Right click => Smash Settings => Smash => "Smash.all"
9.Using the same process as step 8 above, locate the following files and set their Smash setting to "Smash.ForceAll":
NOTE: These files are located at or near the bottom of the list:
* RealisticWaterTwo.esp
* LOTD Patches Merged.esp
* MLU Patches Merged.esp
* Animals Merged.esp
* OMEGA CACO Patches Merged.esp
* NPC Retexture Merge SSE.esp
* ELE Merged.esp
* Lexy's LOTD Consistency Patches Merged.esp
* Lexy's LoTD SE OMEGA - Conflict Resolution.esp
* OMEGA NPC Retexture - Conflict Resolution.esp
* Bashed Patch, 0.esp
NOTE: These files are located between roughly halfway and 3/4 of the way down the list:
* MLU.esp
* PrvtI_HeavyArmory.esp
* Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
* CLARALUX Patches Merged.esp
10. Click the Hammer Icon at the top of the screen to build the Smash Patch.
11. Once the build is completed, exit Smash and verify the mod is active in the left pane and appears at the bottom of the right. If it does not, Refresh MO2 and recheck.

Lexy's LOTD SE OMEGA - SMASH Override

Lexy's LOTD SE OMEGA - SMASH Override - v1.09 - by Darkladylexy

Files to download :

  • MAIN FILES - Lexy's LOTD SE OMEGA - SMASH Override

Mod Notes: The mod Fixes some issue created by SMASH.


Idiot check makes sure SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm is deactivated before running zEdit

  1. Navigate to Mod Organizer 2/Mods and create a folder called zEdit Output.
  2. Launch Mod Organizer 2 make sure zEdit Output is checked.
  3. Press the Executables button locate zEdit.
  4. Locate Create Files in Mod instead of Overwrite (*} and from the drop down menu select zEdit Output.
  5. click Apply.
  6. Select zEdit in the executable selection box and click [Run]. The zEdit main interface should appear.
  7. Select 'Skyrim SE' from the dropdown and click 'Start Session'
  8. Select the 'OK' button at the bottom of the load order list (You might have to mouse wheel down to see it)
  9. After zEdit loads the mods in the load order, right-click in the left panel and select 'Manage Patchers' from the popup menu.
  10. On the left side of the window that opens, click on "Know Your Enemy's Armor Patcher".
  11. Make sure the "Patch armor descriptions?" box is set to false. (You will only need to change this once.)
  12. In the left panel, click on Build Patches.
  13. Uncheck everything except "Know your armor patcher"
  14. know_your_armor_patch.esp should be in the list, click the 'Build' button by it's name.
  15. Wait until know_your_armor_patch.esp appears at the bottom of the load order, or a message that reads "1 patch plugins built successfully" is displayed.
  16. Click the X.
  17. Now select 'Manage Patchers' for a second time from the popup menu.
  18. Uncheck everything except "Know Your Enemy Patcher".
  19. know_your_enemy_patch.esp should be listed, click the 'Build' button by its name.
  20. Wait until know_your_enemy_patch.esp appears at the bottom of the load order, or a message that reads "1 patch plugins built successfully" is displayed.
  21. Click the X.
  22. Now select 'Manage Patchers' for a third and final time from the popup menu.
  23. Uncheck everything except the options listed under zPatch.
  24. In the Left pane click Under the NPC Visual Transfer now you see a new box on the Right Pane add the following: NPC Retexture Merge SSE.esp RSChildren.esp RS Children Patches Merged.esp and OMEGA NPC Retexture - Conflict Resolution.esp
  25. In the left pane click Build Patches.
  26. zPatch.esp should be listed, Click the 'Build' button by its name.
  27. Wait until zPatch.esp appears at the bottom of the load order, or a message that reads "1 patch plugins built successfully" is displayed.
  28. Click the X.
  29. Now click the X to close zEdit. It will prompt you to save or discard the file. Click 'Save' and make sure that "know_your_armor_patch.esp", "know_your_enemy_patch.esp", "zPatch.esp" are saved
  30. The files will be in your zEdit Ouput folder.


Idiot check makes sure SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm is deactivated before running Relinker

Idiot check make sure you setup MO2 in Portable Mode

Idiot check make sure you don't move your mods folder out of Mod Organizer 2 base folder

  1. Open zEdit and select zMerge from the drop-down menu along with the profile you wish to use.
  2. Press Start Session.
  3. Hit the Button that says Relink Scripts.
  4. Once zMerge has finished you can exit.
  5. A Mod called Relinker Output should have been automatically created. You can now activate it in Mod Organizer 2.


WARNING: ENABLE SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm for this part only.

This may take some time to run. On my system, it takes Approx 1 hour
 Make sure xLODGenx64.exe has been added as an executable in Mod Organizer 2.
Make sure you have added the correct Arguments.
Make sure you have activated SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm as the warning above says to.
Run xLODGenx64.exe using Mod Organizer 2.
  1. Check everything in the Select Worldspace(s) to generate LOD.
  2. Make sure Only Terrain LOD is Checked
  3. LOD4 quality 5; Build Diffuse Size 512, Build Normal Size 256, Protect Borders, Format BC7 Quick - Screenshot 1
  4. LOD8 quality 10; Build Diffuse Size 256, Build Normal Size 128, Optimize Unseen On, Format BC7 Quick - Screenshot 2
  5. LOD16 quality 10; Build Diffuse Size 256, Build Normal Size 128, Optimize Unseen On, Format BC7 Quick - Screenshot 3
  6. LOD32 quality 15; Build Diffuse Size 256, Build Normal Size 128, Optimize Unseen 550, Format BC7 Quick - Screenshot 4
  7. Default Size Diffuse 128, Normal 128
  8. Bake normal-maps (checked)
  9. Occlusion - (Unchecked)
  10. Click Generate.
Once xLODGEN has finished, navigate to where you created the SSELODGen_Output then install into mod Organizer 2 and activate.
Once xLODGEN has run you can deactivate SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm it is only required for xLODGEN generation.

Once xLODGEN has been created and activated in Mod Organizer 2 move A Quality World Map and Better Falskaar and Wyrmstooth Map With Roads underneath SSELODGen_Output in the Left Pane of Mod Organizer 2

DynDOLOD - Dynamic Distant LOD Generation - Gamerpoets DynDoLOD Tutorial Video

Setting Up DynDOLOD for Ultra Trees

WARNING: DISABLE SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm for the last time. It is not required by the game from this point onwards, unless re-generating xLODGen

Ultra Trees will significantly increase your VRAM usage. If you have a 4GB or less graphics card consider generating traditional LOD. To set traditional lod, first leave TreeLOD as "1" in DynDOLOD_SSE.ini. Second make sure "Generate Tree Lods" is checked within DynDOLOD.

Idiot check makes sure SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm is deactivated before running TexGEN or DynDOLOD

For the purpose of this guide will be generating Ultra Trees using DynDOLOD.

  1. Make sure DynDOLOD Standalone is installed.
  2. Navigate to <DynDOLOD 2.73 Path>\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\cache
  3. Delete all files except becauseofreasons.txt.
  4. Navigate to <DynDOLOD 2.73 Path>\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\
  5. Open up the DynDOLOD_SSE.ini
  6. Change the line TreeLOD= to "0"

Now We can Begin the process of generating DynDOLOD.


Make sure TexGen64.exe has been added as an executable in Mod Organizer 2.
Run TexGen64 using Mod Organizer 2.
In the popup window Select where you want the TexGen Output to go (For the purpose of the guide Create a TexGen Output Folder in MO2/Mods and point to that).
In the popup window change LOD Texture Size to [512].
Click Start and allow TexGen to Run.
Once the execution has completed, select [Exit] to close the window.
Navigate to the TexGen output directory <Mod Organizer 2 path\mods\TexGen Output> and activate it.


Make sure DynDOLOD64.exe has been added as an executable in Mod Organizer 2.
Run DynDOLOD using Mod Organizer.
In the popup window Select where you want the DynDOLOD Output to go (For the purpose of the guide Create a DynDOLOD Output Folder in MO2/Mods and point to that).
click [Advanced >>>].
In the top left selection box, check all of the boxes by right-clicking and then clicking "Select All".
Below the preset buttons, check the boxes marked "Candles" and "FXGlow".
In the options panel, tick the "Generate static LOD", "Generate DynDOLOD" "Windows", "High", "Fake lights in child worlds" "Create texture atlas" checkboxes.
In the options panel change Max tile size to "512".
Click the [High] preset button (If you have a 4GB card and are not using Ultra trees you can select the Medium preset).
Click [OK], this will begin the LOD generation process (can take up to 30 minutes).
Once the execution has completed, select [Save & Exit] to close the window then click [OK] on the following window to close the program.
Navigate to the DynDOLOD Output directory <Mod Organizer 2 path\mods\DynDOLOD Output> place it below TexGen Output in the Left Pane of Mod Organizer 2 and activate it.
Manually place DynDOLOD.esm after Wyrmstooth.esp

xLODGEN - Occlusion Generation


  1. Check everything in the Select Worldspace(s) to generate LOD.
  2. Make sure Only Occlusion is Checked
  3. Click Generate.
  4. Once xLODGEN has finished a new esp called Occlusion.esp should appear in your Overwrite folder.
  5. Create a mod called xLODGEN - Occlusion Output and active it.

MCM Menu Setup

Recommended MCM Settings