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Marriage is a social, legal, and often religious union between two individuals, typically with the intention of creating a stable and long-term partnership. It is a formalized commitment that involves various rights and responsibilities, both legally and socially, between the spouses. Marriage is recognized and regulated by laws and customs in different societies and cultures around the world.

Some common aspects of marriage include:

Legal Contract: Marriage often involves a legal contract that governs aspects such as property rights, inheritance, taxation, and other legal matters.

Emotional and Social Bond: Marriage signifies a deep emotional and social bond between two people, typically based on love, companionship, mutual support, and shared life goals.

Family Formation: In many cultures, marriage is seen as the foundation for starting a family and raising children. It provides a framework for creating a stable and nurturing environment for offspring.

Religious or Cultural Rites: Many marriages are accompanied by religious or cultural ceremonies, rituals, and traditions that symbolize the commitment between the partners.

Social Recognition: Marriage is often recognized and celebrated by society, and married couples may enjoy various social privileges, such as tax benefits, healthcare coverage, and inheritance rights.

Mutual Rights and Responsibilities: Marriage typically involves mutual rights and responsibilities between spouses, including financial support, household duties, decision-making, and emotional support.

Marriage can take various forms, including monogamous marriages (between two individuals), polygamous marriages (involving multiple spouses), and same-sex marriages (between individuals of the same gender). The legal recognition and cultural significance of marriage vary widely across different societies and may change over time due to cultural, religious, and legal shifts.