Tool Setup: Witcher 3 Script Merger

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What is the Witcher 3 Script Merger and why do I need it?

The Witcher 3 Script Merger is a tool for Witcher 3 modding that can be used to combine the changes made by different mods to game scripts. If you are using more than one mod that is altering the same game script, only the changes made by the first loaded mod will be applied, making the other mod redundant. With the help of the script merger though, this issue is quickly and easily resolved and it is, therefore, highly recommended to download and use the Witcher 3 Script Merger. 

Where can I get it?

You can download the Witcher 3 Script Merger on Nexus Mods directly. Please download and install it manually (i.e. not with Vortex) to a destination of your choice.


Set up with Vortex

Once you have installed the script merger, open Vortex and go to your dashboard. You should see a dashlet looking like this:


On the predefined (but not yet configured) W3 Script Merger tool, click the three dots and select "Edit". Choose a name for the tool and navigate to where you installed the Witcher 3 Script Merger:


Field Information
Name W3 Script Merger
Target Click the little folder icon and point the path to where you have installed "WitcherScriptMerger.exe".
Command line For the script merger, you can simply leave this blank.

It should look something like this when complete.



Once you have set the script merger up like this, click "save" in the bottom right.

Launching the Script Merger from Vortex

Going forward, you can simply launch the script merger from the "Starter Dashlet" by clicking the play button.