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Three-Point Lighting

There is an option in engine to use a technique called Three-Point Lighting (3PL). Controlled by the cvar r_DeferredShading3PL, described bellow,
any skin geometry and any marked Illum shader geometry is lit by additional tree dir lights, virtually placed relative to active camera.
The Illum shader material has to be marked using checkbox "Three-Point Lighting".
Please note, any Illum shader using Subsurface Scattering value higher than 0.0, but bellow 1.0, must be set over 1.0 to get
the Three-Point Lighting enabled. Once set like that, it's treated as a skin shader and lit by 3PL automatically.


  • 0 - disabled
  • 1 - enabled
  • 2 - enabled with screen space shadows for the Fill/Rim lights
  • 3 - debug mode, useful for easy dir settings
    • With the value set to 3, please create light entities named as 3PLKey3PLFill and 3PLRim
    • Those lights should be disabled (the Active checkbox unchecked) and switched to planar light (PlanarLight check box checked), so it gizmo light cone is properly visible.
    • Also a non-default camera should be created with rotation 0,0,0, so the light rotations numbers are correctly aligned.
    • Any rotation of those lights is automatically formatted as a string and set to the string cvars bellow.


  • Enables user to specify direction for each light, formated as three Euler angles in degrees (e.g. r_3PLKeyDirStr = -45.2, 11, 180)
  • Final values have to be set in the system.cfg and Alt/system.cfg

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