The Morrigan twins morph fix

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The Morrigan "twins morph" problem solution.

I, in the past, and others have had the issue where you find a tasty Morrigan morph, rename it to use on another character, and then Morrigan changes to be a twin of the character you used the renamed Morrigan morph on. I helped another member with this and decided to release the article with a fix for others having this issue that either haven't said anything or that I haven't seen.


In this example I will be using a Morrigan morph and renaming it from hf_genfl_morrigan.mor to hf_genfl_Codifer.mor(This was taken from help I gave to another member) You then take and drop your renamed hf_genfl_Codifer.mor into your override folder and Voila! Your Codifer looks like the Morrigan morph you choose. Here is where the problems start. You now look at Morrigan and she has changed into the same Morrigan morph your renamed hf_genfl_Codifer.mor is using! Have no fear, this can be easily fixed if you can use the Dragon Age Toolset. It can be downloaded here: Bioware Social Network

Once you have the toolset, either drag and drop the hf_genfl_Codifer.mor file right onto the toolset shortcut on your desktop and wait for the toolset to open OR select "File" then "Open file" after you open the toolset then navigate to where you have saved the file. I recommend saving your renamed morph somewhere else first and then opening it up in the toolset from that location for safety.

This is a really easy fix at this point. You just have to follow a couple of easy steps. In my SS below, SS1a, I renamed my Morrigan morph to a random name, Codifer in this case to use an example from another member I helped with this. When you rename or "save as" a Morrigan .mor only the name circled in green changes. To keep the twins thing from happening, you also have to change the one circled in red to what the one circled in green is (minus the .mor). This is the easiest way to keep Morrigan from using it.


To change the Value of hf_genfl_morrigan (circled in red) to your .mor file name (circled in green), just double click on the hf_genfl_morrigan (circled in red) and it will put a cursor in that box allowing you to backspace the morrigan part out and put the Codifer part in. To get the cursor out, click anywhere below where there is just white. When you are done it should look like this.(shown SS1b)


After fixing the Value in the NAME row (circled in red) to match the name of your .mor (circled in green and minus the .mor part), you need then to hit "File" then "save as" and click "save" in the save as window that pops up. The file name of your .mor file should be highlighted in the "file name" of that window. Leave it there. After hitting "save" in the bottom right of the save as window, a "Confirm Save As" window will pop up and will tell you this file already exists and will ask you if you want to replace it. Click yes and you are done fixing the hf_genfl_Codifer.mor file so it does not change Morrigan as well. (SS1c)


Select your fixed .mor file from where you had saved it, click copy, open up your override folder and paste it in. It will ask you about over writing. Choose the top option of copy and replace and you are done. (SS1d)


Now you can start the game and your Codifer.mor is on your NPC and Morrigan is back to looking the way she did before you started this.

I hope this helps. "X"