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This template is so it may be included in several articles referencing xEdit.

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A word about "record selection" in xEdit: You may find a number of desired "selection blocks" of records of various types. Unlike standard Windows editors, xEdit provides a mechanism allowing you to select multiple "selection blocks" and chain them together using the standard Windows <Shift+Click> and <Ctrl+Click> selection commands. This means once some selection of records has been made, you can add an additional group of records by:

  • <Ctrl+Click> on the first record of the next range, (the <Ctrl> key adds that record to the existing selections), then;
  • <Ctrl+Shift+Click> on the last record of that new range to extend and "chain" the "block" selection to those previously selected, or use <Ctrl+Click> to add each new individual record.
  • If you do not use the <Ctrl> key to combine the new selection with those previous ones, you are starting a new, separate selection which discards all those previous selections.


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