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This procedure is separated into several templates so it may be included in several instances in the article "Multiple-file Merge Up Procedure", with intervening commentary at the various steps.

Programs and Tools


Multi-file Merge Up Procedure

Step 8. Clean Masters.

  • Right-click on ModA and select "clean masters" from the context menu.
  • Repeat on any ModB 'dependent' plugins (ones which have ModB as a 'master') as well. Once the ModB master is deactivated, their dependents should be using the new ModA as their master. This may require adding ModA as a new master to the dependent plugin.
Generally this means working down through all the plugins loaded after "ModA" because you added "prior loading plugins" as masters to them in Step 2.
Never manually delete a parent from a plugin unless you are absolutely sure it is not referenced. Always use "clean masters" instead, as it won't remove a "master" if there are any references to it.
In some instances "clean masters" will remove plugins (like with TTW) when it should not; re-add them afterwards and "sort masters" again after saving and reloading.


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