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This procedure is separated into several templates so it may be included in several instances in the article "Multiple-file Merge Up Procedure", with intervening commentary at the various steps.

Programs and Tools


Multi-file Merge Up Procedure

MfMUP Fig. 1-4
Step 4. Basic Record Injection.
(Record types vary by plugin.)
  • This is the order used to inject unique records for each of the "ModB" plugins (one at a time) to be merged, broken down into 11 sub-steps by record type:
  1. All forms which are not record type: CELL, Worldspace, Dialogue, Script or Quest.
    • All record types to be selected in one plugin can be expanded and done at once, but if there are too many to fit on the screen, you may find it easier to break the step up into batches of record types for selection. Just remember to process them all in the record type sequence given, and inject them all at one time for each plugin to ensure they each receive a unique form number. Refer to the FNVEdit Training Manual section on "Merging a Plugin into another Plugin or Master" or "Gribbleshnibit8's Merge Up Guide (MUG)" if you have any questions.
    • You want to select all of these unique records (use <Shift+Click> and <Ctrl+Click>) before you:
    • review your selections to make sure you didn't accidentally skip/miss some and verify only unique records are selected,
    • renumber by right clicking on one of the selected records and selecting "Change FormID" from the "Context Menu", then
    • selecting the main 'parent plugin' (ModA) as the target file when the list of plugins appears.
    This will "inject" all the selected records into the "ModA" plugin. The consequence is the parent index number of the FormIDs for those unique records will be changed to that of ModA's index. (Any resulting duplicate FormIDs will automatically be adjusted.)
    • If selecting only one record to be renumbered, you will need to note the last "Changing FormID [<number>] in file <filename> to [<new number>]" message in the "Messages" tab of xEdit, add one to the "<new number>" in hexadecimal, and place that value in the "New FormID" prompt manually. ("<Ctrl+I>" Saves the FormID of the highlighted record to the clipboard.) The "starting value" given is not correct otherwise. This is only required when renumbering single records.
    xEdit may now prompt you with a message "There are overrides in later plugins, do you want to update them?" You should choose Yes to this and it will automatically fix them for your merged plugin. This function was added to xEdit for this very purpose. (Thank you Zilav).
    (You may find it necessary to scroll up and down the left-hand pane before all the updated FormIDs are displayed correctly in Bold Italics.)
    • Examine the "Messages" tab in the right-hand pane of xEDit for any errors.
    • Now process the remaining unique (white-background) form record types (following as sub-steps 2-11) in the same manner. It's important to process each record type separately so the FormIDs are updated properly.
  2. CELL Persistent records (Expand "Cell" | < Block # > | < Sub-Block # > | < record # > | "Persistent")
  3. CELL Temporary records (Expand "Cell" | < Block # > | < Sub-Block # > | < record # > | "Temporary")
  4. CELL Parent Records (if unique) (Expand "Cell" | < Block # > | < Sub-Block # > | < record # > on "white-background")
  5. Worldspace Persistent records
  6. Worldspace Temporary records
  7. Worldspace Parent Records (if unique)
  8. Scripts
  9. Quests
  10. Dialogue Responses
  11. Dialogue Top Level topics (if unique)
    • Examine the "Messages" tab in the right-hand pane of xEdit for any errors.
  12. You want to collapse all record types for the plugin by "<Left+Click>" on the "-" sign to the left of the plugin name, and then "<Alt+Left+Click>" on the "+" sign that replaces it to expand them ALL again. (Recall that collapsed record types don't get copied.) When we are finished injecting all unique records, there should not be any records that do not begin with a mod index other than 00-05 or that of our "ModA" plugin. Anything else in an earlier loading "ModB" plugin should have already been injected and updated in this plugin. (If there are any, they will cause Step 6 to fail and you have to cancel the session: uncheck all plugins and "<Left+Click>" the "X" in the upper right corner of the "save changes" window to exit without saving, and restart Step 4 over. Take the time to check now.)


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