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This procedure is separated into several templates so it may be included in several instances in the article "Multiple-file Merge Up Procedure", with intervening commentary at the various steps.

Programs and Tools


Multi-file Merge Up Procedure

Step 11. Verify and Cleanup.

The ModA file now includes the records from the other plugins we merged. Only our new version of ModA will be needed hereafter, so the ModB files that were merged into it can be left out. They will be deactivated/uninstalled from our "load order" once we check (once again) all the records have been successfully merged. However, do load the unmerged "ModB" plugins that were previously loaded.
  1. When we have verified (as in Step 9) that the ModB merges into ModA are correct and complete, we should copy the new ModA 'parent plugin' file to it's new project folder where we have been tracking progress in our 'ReadMe' file.
  2. In addition to ModA, various ModB plugins that were not merged have been changed (such as the replacement of the merged plugins as "masters" with the new ModA, or records updated with new ModA FormIDs). These should also be saved to the ModA project folder and added to the ReadMe file, as they are no longer the same as their original versions but specific this ModA version. They should be installed (overwriting the originals) when this package is installed.
  3. There is still one further consideration: other 'asset files' (meshes, textures, sounds, etc.) that are part of the original plugins, both the 'parent' and any in the merged patches. Here you have a choice: either copy those asset files into the 'project folder' (starting with the parent's files, and then the patch files in the same sequence as they were in the "load order", overwriting any conflicts); or by noting that they exist in the original mod and have to be installed without that plugin. Whichever choice you make, record it in the "ReadMe" file so you don't forget it.


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