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This procedure is separated into several templates so it may be included in several instances in the article "Multiple-file Merge Up Procedure", with intervening commentary at the various steps.

Programs and Tools


Multi-file Merge Up Procedure

Step 1. Load ModA related plugins.

  • Load the target ModA 'parent plugin', and all the ModB plugins related to it (even those you do not intend to merge), into xEdit.
  • Go up to and <Right-Click> on the "FormID" column header, select the right pointing arrow after "Files", and make sure "always by load order" is selected. (If this capability is not available, it means you are not using the latest version of xEdit.)
  • <Right-Click> in any open, unused space in the left-hand pane and select "Remove Filter" from the displayed "Context Menu". This ensures nothing is being filtered out of our view.
Each and every plugin that will be merged directly into the parent will all be done at the same time and not in steps.
  • Note that xEdit assigns it's own relative two-character hexadecimal "mod index" to the plugins it loads. All records shown will begin with one of these relative mod indexes (which appear to the left of each plugin name in [square brackets]). When referring to unique records in a plugin, we mean one which has the same "mod index" as that plugin (regardless of background color), and not the index of any other mod.


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