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  • Amineri - 2013/4/28
The information on the page is good for discussion, but it would have to be moved to a "Article Hierarchy" page or something eventually, right? I'm thinking that having a link to posting guidelines, which would include naming conventions, the hierarchical structure, and some wiki page template for XCOM articles would be handy to have.
Also a link to a page : How to Install Mods
That and the links to the various categories:
Modding (includes tutorials and tools)
Mods (includes details on specific mods, hex code, notes, etc)

  • Dubious - 2013/04/29
Presumably this will be the text page people see from the Category:XCOM link off the navigation bar (left frame), at least going by the other name spaces (Oblivion, Morrowind, Fallout 3, etc.) as examples. However, I now agree it needs a more descriptive page name to lead people to it. That in turn depends upon what we think belongs on that 'first impression' page. It's my feeling it should answer the question of 'how do I find what I am looking for about XCOM'. The 'Guidelines' section can easily be split off to it's own page, which can have links to templates. But everything above that is what I think a first time visitor wants to know initially. Some of the specific examples below the third level of indentation might be omitted if people think it's too much; moved to the Guidelines page for instance.
Otherwise, I am open to suggestions for the 'first impression' page content.
BTW: Have you seen the basic Wiki provided temples in the 'How to post' article under the 'Navigation' box in the left-hand frame (at the top)? What else would anyone like to see in any particular template design?
I will add an 'Installing Mods' page (to be consistent with the remainder of the name spaces), and draft something to get it started.

  • Amineri -2013 May 1
Based on the other sections and the quicklink boxes on the left-hand side, those link to the Category:XCOM (for example).
Typing in XCOM in the search window takes one immediately to the text-only XCOM page.
The category pages and XCOM text-only pages appear to be distinct
When I typed in XCOM in the search window I am taken to a blank page.
The Category:XCOM page is still populated.
Appears that there may effectively have to be two portals, unless the wiki overlords can be convinced to link to a text page on the left-hand side -- the problem with that is it requires more active managers to keep the front page up to date.
Might be able to avoid this by having the links to the categories by present on the main page. This would provide less clutter in the left-hand toolbar, which is starting to fill up.