Sound modding in KCD

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Getting started

To learn about modding of music, please refer to Sequence Music Engine in KCD

To help the community with creating mods that modify in-game sounds you will need FMOD projects and original sounds.

As the sound files are present in the "sound.pak" file within *.bank files the FMOD projects are not included in game data. You can download it directly from Warhorse Studios pages.

  • FMOD project download (note: please download it only if you really need it in order not to generate big traffic)

Project description

When you open the kcd project you can see various event folders in the event editor. It contains all sounds that are used in the game.

  • animals: Includes various animal sounds.
  • cinematics: Sounds made for in-game cutscenes. Most of the sounds have panning override to center channel (or to wide L - R - Ls - Rs surround image).
  • combat: Here are all combat impacts, bow sounds and different type of combat yelling.
  • foley: Foley sounds for 4 basic clothes types: plate, chainmail, leather, fabric.
  • footsteps: Self explanatory enough, I guess.
  • music: Mainly in-game cutscenes 5.1 music, also includes music programmer sound. This event is permanently used by the Sequence music engine.
  • npc: Different sounds of different professions.
  • special: Special sounds which are used in Alchemy, Dice and other minigames. Quest sounds which were made for concrete situations are there.
  • test: Sound events for testing purposes.
  • ui: Inventory, menu sounds.
  • voice: Burping, farting, coughing, yawning and in the subfolder dialog there are programmer sounds which are used by our robust voice replay system.
  • world: Folder contains sound atmospheres, water streams and dams, random sounds which will trigger in forests, meadows etc.