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From the artistic point of view, artist should take care of two things:

  • visual appearance of the shop (shop stand, crates, shelves etc.)
  • functional part of the shop (spawn boxes)

Visual appearance

Artist create visual representation of shop:

  • outside vs inside shop
  • think of navmesh for merchant
  • place to sit for merchant (and shop keeper where needed)
  • chest where merchant stores goods and money, behind the lockable door
  • enough room for goods placement

Shop signs

  • Different class of shop signs for different quality of shops (village/city)

Functional part

Artist places spawn boxes wherever he wants the merchant to place goods at:


To create spawn box, go to Area -> AreaBox.

Spawn box needs to be aligned to the surface underneath:


General remarks

  • Spawn boxes should be as big as possible, only item smaller then spawn box is displayed
  • There should be no obstacle in the spawn box area to prevent interference with goods
  • Goods are displayed randomly, there is very limited possibility how to influence it
  • Spawn boxes are aligned to the shop entity by scripters