Replacing Shaders

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Shaders are located in Engine/shaders.pak. Thanks to that, you cannot create a “standard” mod that modifies shaders, as mods only work within the Data/ folder. Instead you will need to provide your own shaders.pak and shadercache.pak, which the users will have to manually place in their Engine/ folder.

Modifying shaders.pak is trivial, just change whatever shaders you want within that archive. Then you need to generate shader cache:

  1. Backup system.cfg from root of KCD
  2. Copy Tools/shadercachegen/system.cfg to root
  3. Delete Engine/shadercache.pak, Engine/shadercachestartup.pak and Engine/shadersbin.pak (or just change their extension to something else than .pak)
  4. Run Tools/shadercachegen/ShaderCacheGen.cmd. This will approximatelly half an hour complete (you can check shadercachegen.log for progress, it will have around 110 000 lines by the time the process ends).
  5. Copy Tools/PakShaders.bat to root directory and run it. This will create new shadercache, shadercachestartup and shadersbin PAKs in root folder, containing your new shaders.  (You may need to edit PakShaders.bat so that there are double quotes around %CD% on line 6 so it looks like: set rootdir="%CD%"
  6. Move shadercache, shadercachestartup and shadersbin PAKs to Engine/ folder.
  7. Restore system.cfg from backup


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