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This is a list containing all mods that are useful or good or both, so that you can enjoy it without having to search through ten thousand mods.

This is still WIP, and will always remain so, because I'll keep updating it with new good mods. Actually, i just named it WIP because its pretty. Seriously. I think i covered a lot of mods, but I'm just one person (or am i?), and if you think i skipped a good mod, let me know.

Non-Player Character Modifications

NCR Doggy Buddies - Changes the NCR Dogs to normal dogs, and adds a NCR Helmet.

TYPE 3 Body and Armor Replacer - Transforms the Feminine armors into a more "Feminine" type.Adult only content.

Alsatian Rex - Transforms Rex into a Real Dog

Essential plus Tweaks - All Companions are now essential, and can level up to level 25. Also fixes Veronica.

Improved Faces- Improves some broken NPC Faces.


4GB Enabler - Load Fallout New Vegas with the 4GB enabling Large Address Aware bit set

NVSE,BOSS - NVSE extends New Vegas scripting capabilities, and BOSS re-orders your load order.

FOMM - A collection of utilities related to both creating and using mods.

FNVEdit - FNVEdit is an advanced graphical module viewer/editor and conflict detector.

Major Additions and Bug Fixes

Community Bug Fix Compilation Patch - A Patch Compilation, that fixes a lot of bugs and placement issues.

Bullet Time - Alternative to VATS. Slows down time so you can Aim.

Save Key - Adds a hotkey to save the game. ( It is not the Quicksave, it is the long save)

Fade That Faction Armor - You can now fade the faction script from a faction armor, so you can use it like a normal armor. An alternative to this is IFF Faction Disguises Reworked.

Save Cass - <spoiler> Adds a third option to the Silver Rush quest.

BlackWolf Backpacks - Adds wearable backpacks to the game.

Dragonskin Tactical Outfit - Adds a selection of the titular outfits - in different colours and camo patterns - to the Wasteland

Conelrad Radio Station - Adds a new Radio Station

AG's Supplementary Uniques - Adds nearly 100 new and unique weapons to the wasteland, Lore friendly.


Darnified UI - Improves the User Interface in a number of ways.

Attribute Perks Bonuses - APB - Gives players bonuses for high attributes.

Powered Power Armor - Power Armor now has a lot of enhancements, it carries itself, it can be recharged, among other cool stuff.

Passive Animals & Critters - Alters the default Animal Behavior.

WME - Weapon Mod Expansion - Expands on Vanilla Weapon Mod Expansion

IMCNNV - More Complex Needs- A ridiculously detailed, immersion oriented overhaul of the Hardcore mode hunger/thirst/sleep system.

More Perks - Adds over 75 Perks to the game.

Arwen Realism Tweaks - A gameplay overhaul, changes a lot of settings such as fall damage, weapons damage, etc.

FOOK - An overhaul mod which adds hundreds of new items, high quality retextures and many new gameplay features to the base game.

Places and Quests

Goodsprings Home - Adds a Player Home to the Goodsprings Area.Adults Only.

Markers for the Strip - Adds Fast Travel Markers for the Strip

New Vegas Bounties - New Quest, on which you assume the role of a Bounty Hunter.

RTS Real Time Settler - Find a strategic location, start your village, establish trade routes and alliances, and fight for your freedom!

Bobblehunt - Adds a bobblehead hunt quest.

Wasteland Defense - An Alternative to RTS Realtime Settler

Underground Hideout - Adds a vault that the player can use as his home.


Less Intrusive Kill Cam - Decreases the Kill Cam duration and frequency.

Trading Post Sells NCR Armor - A way to get NCR Ranger Armor without killing a Ranger Vet.

Improved Implant Regeneration - Improves the Regeneration Implant, by recovering more HP.

Jump Fall Fixer - This mod removes the "invisible ledge" that crops up when the player's jump height is increased too much by a mod.

KTs SpeedSquad - Changes the Companions following distance.

No Neos - Enemys can't dodge bullets anymore.

Sniper Perk Enhanced - Enhances the Sniper Perk, by reducing spread, among other things.

Charisma Based Follower Limit - Self Explanatory

HUD Extended - Extends the HUD to see time, among other things.

Level 60 Cap - Increases level cap to 60.

Alternate Loading Screens and Extras - Self Explanatory

Tweaks #2

Lucky Lighter - Gives the Lucky Lighter a +1 Luck effect.

IWS Increased Spawn - Self Explanatory

Service Rifle Burst Fire - Changes Service rifle from Semi-Automatic to Burst Fire.

NCR Enhancement - Adds new npcs, vendors and fortifications (lore friendly).

1ASS RPG - Changes to quest, Perk/Trait, Stat, Skill and message descriptions to reflect 1st person, among other things.

Realistic Weapons Damage - RWD - Increases BodyPart Damage, headshots are now Fatal and combat is much more dangerous. Also increases explosion effect.

The Walking Dead - Makes ghouls walk, among other things.

Mysterious Increase - Increases the chance of Mysterious Stranger helping you.

Fallout New Vegas Re-Animated - Improves game animation, like aiming, running, etc.

Experience Level Adjust - Adjust Experience Level to your liking.

New Vegas Replayability - Makes changes to ensure maximum replayability like respawning everywhere, raised level cap and more!

Ambient Temperature - Lets you check the air temperature, dew point, heat index, and relative humidity.

Visual Enhancements

DOF Depth of Field - Adds a Depth of Field effect on New Vegas ( FNV Enhanced Shaders already adds a Dynamic DOF, but if you want to use Anti-Aliasing, disable the FNV Enhanced Shaders DOF, and use this one.

Rusty Highway - Adds damaged cars throughout the Highway.

Detailed Normals - Bumps up the New Vegas Landscape textures and makes them more crisp and detailed.

Parkerized Pip Boy - Improves the Pip-Boy general look.

Arenovalis Weapon Retexture Project - This is a pack release containing all of Arenovalis's New Vegas weapon retextures

FNV Enhanced Shaders - My Personal Favorite, Adds some visual pizazz and styling to the graphics of Fallout New Vegas

Fellout NV Adds realistic lighting to the game, and makes nights darker. Now you´ll really need that Pip-boy light to travel during nighttime.


Nevada Skies - This mod adds more versatile Weather Effects to the Mojave.

Lighten Up New Vegas - Adds more diversion to the soundtrack.

Clean Up

Clean Up New Vegas - Cleans up New Vegas, removing useless clutter from the ground

New Vegas Restoration - Cleans up New Vegas, removes Trash , etc.

Cleaned Novac - Cleans up Novac, removes all the trash and fixes the street.

Clean Goodsprings - Cleans up Goodsprings, removing all the trash.