Radish Trial 1 Installation Step By Step Guide

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General Information

This paragraph will tell you basic information about the installation of the radish modding tools for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

Folder Structure

Downloading and installing all the tools, as well as its requirements, can create a mess, if you just throw everything in one or two folders.
Therefor I would strongly recommend drawing up a well structured folder-hierarchie.

Tip: Place your root-folder for modding as close to the base (C:/, H:/, G:/, etc..) of your disk as possible and avoid any special characters.
Both can cause serious errors, when trying to run the tools correctly.

In the following paragraphs I will use the following basic structure (You need to change the paths to your folder structure accordingly!):

Root H:\Witcher 3
Game Installation H:\Witcher 3\_game       → shared for all your mod-projects
External Tools    H:\Witcher 3\_modTools → shared for all your mod-projects
Mod-Projects H:\Witcher 3\_projects


About the Game

Tip: Always use a completely fresh game-installation for modding! For this guide We are going to install it completely from ground up.

Install the game into your chosen directory.

Tip: If you want to play the game normally while modding at the same time, I would recommend to have to separate game-installations.
To create a new game-installation (in GOG) just rename the current on (e.g. put a _ in front of the name) and restart GOG completely.
Now GOG should offer you to install the game to your desired directory. After the installation, just configurate the path back to the original installation folder.

My installation window: