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To insure conformity across this Wiki please take on board these simple guidelines

Naming your article

When coming up with a name for your article or tutorial please make it as informative but concise as possible. Make it straight to the point rather than long winded. So if you're writing an article on installing mods for Oblivion you should name it "Installing mods for Oblivion" rather than "How to install mods for Oblivion without any hassle".

Do not use "title capitalisation". Title capitalisation is where you capitalise the first letter of every word in the title. For example the title should be "Installing mods for Oblivion", not "Installing Mods For Oblivion".

You should use the underscore character "_" to replace spaces in the page title. For example this page was started using "Standard_template". The underscore is automatically replaced with a space by the Wiki software. Our mod install example would therefore be "Installing_mods_for_Oblivion", not "InstallingmodsforOblivion".


When making new articles on the Wiki please try and follow the template below to insure conformity across the Wiki.

Describe in brief what your article or tutorial is about.

==Title 1==
The title of the first area of your tutorial 

==Title 2==
The title of the second area of your tutorial
Repeat as necessary

Provide links/citations to any and all resources you used to create your article or tutorial

If you need further help with formatting your articles or tutorials please look at the examples below (look how they've been formatted using the "Edit" tab at the top of the page).

Example references

Reference #1: How to create an OMOD

Reference #2: How to extract BSA files using BSA Commander