Orbital Strike

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Welcome to another mini tutorial by your beloved jaysus :P

This time we want to learn how we can beat the crap out of super mutants with an orbital strike


The end product will allow you to hotkey an armor item which upon equipping and unequipping fires a laser beam from whatever weapon you are holding at your target. -the target must be a dead or alive creature or npc- once the target is hit 3 ion blasts will rain down from the sky and bring devastation to all that oppose you

Lets begin right away

We will need to create the following items in the GECK (you do not need anything else):

1 target marking weapon 1 orbital laser weapon

1 armor piece which will serve as the tool to call in the strike

1 projectile for the orbital strike weapon 1 projectile for the target marking weapon

1 explosion for the orbital strike projectile 1 explosion for the target marking projectile

1 base effect for the target marking enchantment 1 enchantment for the target marking explosion

1 script for the target marking base effect 1 script for the strike calling tool armor

3 teddies (or hula girls if you like them more)

-Lets begin with the teddies: Place 3 teddies somewhere where no one will ever look (an empty cell for example or in fawkes pants or just checkmark their "initially disabled" box) Give each a reference name and set them to be persistent (in our example we use the names AAHSCionStrikeTeddy1REF to teddy3 respectively) I have set their 3dscale to 0.1 additionally just so that they will never be seen

-Now we create the explosion for the orbital strike: See the pic below for a neat setup (in our example we name it AAHSCIonstrikeExplosion) You can basically modify that baby how you like but the setup in the picture is quite cool for ion beams

ion beam setup

-Now we create the projectile for that orbital blast: See the pic below for a neat setup, you can change that too of course but make sure you use the AAHSCIonstrikeExplosion we just made as its, you guessed, explosion (in our example we name the projectile AAHSCIonStrikeProjectile)


-Now we create the actual ion strike weapon: See the pic below for a possible setup which can, once again, be altered to your liking, just make sure you set its projectile to the AAHSCIonStrikeProjectile we just created (in our example we call it AAHSCIonStrike)


-Next we create target marking script: (We name it AAHSCportableNukemarkerScript in our example) (effect script)

scn AAHSCportableNukemarkerScript
;; the script name

ref markerref
float angle

begin scripteffectstart

;;enables the 3 teddy references

set markerref to placeatme teddybear01
;;creates a teddy at the target and turns it into a reference, ill refer to him as MarkerRef

set angle to markerref.getangle x + 90
;; sets the variable angle to the world angle of the spawned
;; teddy and adds 90° to make him fire downwards

AAHSCionStrikeTeddy1REF.moveto markerref 0,0,2000
AAHSCionStrikeTeddy1REF.setangle x, angle
;; moves another teddy we created before 2000 units above the markerref teddy

AAHSCionStrikeTeddy2REF.moveto markerref 0,128,2200
AAHSCionStrikeTeddy2REF.setangle x, angle

AAHSCionStrikeTeddy3REF.moveto markerref 128,0,2400
AAHSCionStrikeTeddy3REF.setangle x, angle
;; we spawn 3 at different heights to get a lil variety, 1 blast is for lil kids :P


begin scripteffectfinish
;; sets the markerref teddy to be deleted soon so he doesnt blow up the savegames

AAHSCionStrikeTeddy1REF.fireweapon AAHSCIonStrike
AAHSCionStrikeTeddy2REF.fireweapon AAHSCIonStrike
AAHSCionStrikeTeddy3REF.fireweapon AAHSCIonStrike
;; makes the 3 spawned teddy references fire an ion strike each

;; disables the 3 spawned teddy references



-next we create the base effect for the target marking enchantment: see the pic below for the setup, make sure you use the script we just created as its Associated Item


-next we create an object effect: see the below pic for a setup, make sure you select the base effect we just created as the efefct you can also add a condition to that effect which should look like that: reference player isInInterior == 0, to add a condition just double click the condition field on the right that will disable the orbital strike later if the player is indoors (in our example we name it AAHSCIonStrikeMarkerEnch)


-now we create the target marking explosion: see pic below for the setup male sure you set the object effect we just created as its enchantment (in our example we name it AAHSCIonStrikeMarkerExplosion)


-now we create the target marking projectile see pic below make sure you set the just created explosion as it explosion (in our example we name it AAHSCionStrikeMarkerBeam)


-next is the target marking weapon: see pic below make sure you set the just created projectile as it projectile (in our example we name it AAHSCionStrikeMarkerGun)


-Next we create the target marker armor tool script: (in our example we name it AAHSCionStrikeToolScript) (object script)

scn AAHSCionStrikeToolScript
;; the script name

begin onequip
player.fireweapon AAHSCionStrikeMarkerGun

begin onunequip
player.fireweapon AAHSCionStrikeMarkerGun
;; fireweapon uses any available projectile nodes the player has
;; equipped due to his weapon, if none is available fireweapon fires
;; from his feet frontwards


-now that we have this script we can create an armor as seen in the pic below and assign it the above script I used no model for the armor as it shall be invisible, earring slot cause its usually unused, as icon and worldobject ("go" model) i used the sensormodule


Now you just need to place that armor piece somewhere and you are done.

If you hotkey it now it will fire a laser beam every time you click its hotkey exactly to the position your crosshair aims, if you hit a living or dead creature or npc the orbital strike will come down and destroy

Have fun!


The amount of ammunition spent per shot is subtracted from your currently equipped weapon's ammunition type

The marker does exactly the same damage as your currently equipped weapon

Therefore it might be useful to create an individual marker-weapon instead of an armor piece to fire the marker beam