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Bben's Mod Advice

Original post 2/17/2010

This was originally intended for newcomers, but some of it is applicable to many problems I have seen.

  1. Do play the game for a while with no mods so you will know what you would like to change, and be able to tell if it actually changed what you wanted it to.
  2. DO NOT make the noob mistake of thinking you will save time loading a bunch of mods all at once. Any time you save will be more than lost in troubleshooting to find the mods that are causing problems.
  3. DO start with a simple mod. Trying to install a large complicated mod that makes a lot of changes to the game will be much more difficult if you have not installed a few simpler mods first. This one thing can save a lot of frustration.
  4. Do install one mod at a time, then test to be sure it works before installing the next - the best place to test is OUTSIDE of the sewer that completes the tutorial. Make a save game there and use that one for testing new mods. The Imperial City is another good place to do testing. I usually load the end of sewers save and travel from there to the city. Walk around the city and talk to a few people. Try to get into a fight with some creature and a human too. if that works, the mod is probably OK. If the mod only affects a specific place, be sure to go there for testing.
  5. Do make sure you have the latest patch and OBSE as many mods will not work without them.
  6. Do make a back up of your vanilla data folder BEFORE adding any mods. Vanilla means the base game, with the latest patch and no mods. That is what you want to back up - Just make a new folder OUTSIDE of the Oblivion folder and copy the data folder into it - give it a name like original_data so you will be able to know what it is 3 months from now when you need it to avoid a complete uninstall and reinstall.
  7. Do use OBSE and OBMM. Wrye Bash is a great program with many functions, but you will not need them at first. OBMM will do everything you need and is much easier for a neophyte to install and use. After you have worked with mods for a while you may consider Wrye Bash. You can use both with no problems if you wish.
  8. Do read the readme and any other documentation with EVERY mod you use, as there may be differences in installing or using that mod.
  9. Do learn to use either the OBMM OMOD or the Wrye Bash BAIN installers as they make installing, removing and reinstalling mods so much easier (Pick one and stick with it)
  10. Do Not blame the mod maker if a mod does not work in your game. Instead, POLITELY ask for help.
  11. And finally, If you have problems, DO ask here, as there is always someone willing to help if you ask nicely.

Please let me know if there is anything you think should be added or is wrong - Thanks.