Modding Sekiro with Vortex

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro is an action-adventure video game developed by FromSoftware and published by Activision.

Released: 2019

Genre: RPG

Engine: Custom

Nexus Mods

 This guide is designed to help you set up Vortex to install and manage mods for Sekiro.




Before we get started, this guide assumes that you have installed Sekiro and Vortex at their default locations. You will also need to be logged in to your Nexus Mods account in Vortex.. Other than that, you will need to quickly set up Vortex and download Mod Engine. The following guide will walk you through all the necessary steps.


Getting Set Up

To begin, open up Vortex and navigate to the games section. If you don’t already see Sekiro under the “Managed” tab, check the “Discovered” section. Use the “Manage” button on the game tile to add it to your managed games.


If you can’t see Sekiro, you can scan for it or define it manually.

The first time you activate support for Sekiro, Vortex will inform you of an external requirement: the Sekiro Mod Engine. Simply click on the button that says "Got to Mod Engine Page" to download the tool on its Nexus Mods mod page.


On the mod page, click the Vortex button to download Mod Engine via Vortex:


After the download is finished, you will see a notification in the top right corner prompting you to install Mod Engine. Click the "Install button" to proceed.

Important notice: Vortex will bring up a dialogue asking you to confirm the installation of Mod Engine. This is because Mod Engine is a DLL based modification. Due to the nature of DLL based mods, and the potential security risk, you should only confirm their installation if you are trusting the mod in question and if you have downloaded it from a trustworthy source.


Once the installation is complete (which should only take a few seconds) Vortex will raise 2 more notifications in the top right corner asking you whether you want to enable (and deploy) the newly installed mod (Mod Engine). Clicking "Enable" will both enable and deploy Mod Engine clearing the two notifications(unless you have disabled automatic deployment in your Vortex settings, in which case you still need to click "Deploy" on the other notification).



If you followed all those steps, your Vortex should now look like this:


With Mod Engine and Vortex set up, you are now ready to install Sekiro mods.



Installing Mods

Once you are set up, feel free to browse through the Sekiro section on Nexus Mods and find a mod you like. Our example mod for the guide will be Bearded Sekiro - a mod that gives our protagonist a manly beard!

On the mod page, there are two buttons that will download the mod directly through Vortex.


One button, in the top right, will download the primary file for this mod immediately. Alternatively, if you'd rather check which file you're downloading, head to the "Files" tab of the mod page and use the "Mod Manager Download" button on the file.


Once the file has downloaded via Vortex, click the "Install" button in the notification or navigate to the "Mods" section within Vortex and click on the "Never installed" button. Once the installation is complete, the button will change to say "Disabled". Click on it again to enable the mod (or use the button in the notification).

You can now start the game by pressing the "Play" button on the game art in the top left of Vortex. This will bring up the game's launcher. Please make sure to tick the box next to the mods you have enabled in Vortex for them to be able to be loaded correctly.



Does Vortex work with the Steam version of Sekiro?

Yes. Vortex can install and manage mods for both the Steam and versions of the game. Only mods installed from Nexus Mods (or manually dropped into Vortex) will be visible in the app though. You can still use mods from Steam Workshop together with mods installed through Vortex, but you will have to manually manage those or use the workshops subscription system if you want to un- or re-install those.


I'm getting a security prompt each time I install a mod, can I stop that?

Depending on your settings, Vortex may select "Symlink Deployment (Run as Administrator)" as the default. This is perfectly fine to use but will require you to accept a security prompt from Windows each time you deploy or change your mods.

To avoid this, you may want to go to Settings > Mods and change the deployment method to "Hardlink deployment", then click "Apply". This will require one final security prompt to save the change.

See also: Deployment Methods