Managing Save Games

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For games that support it, Vortex allows you to manage your save games and maintain profile specific save games - if profile management is enabled.

Profile specific save games

When you create a new profile, you will be given the choice to enable profile specific save games and/or profile specific game settings (= ini settings). This will make it so any save games you create are stored in a separate folder in your save game directory.


Please note that after switching to a different profile (and after changing the above settings on a given profile) you will need to deploy your mods (Mods > Deploy Mods) to apply the changes. If automatic deployment is disabled, you will have to do this manually to ensure that your save games are being stored in the right folders.

Transfer save games from a different profile

Using the “Transfer Savegames” button in the toolbar allows you to import save games from a different Mod Profile to the currently active profile.


To do so, click "Transfer Savegames" and select the profile you want to import a save game from. Choose a save game on that profile and click "Import" in the "Actions" column:


This will bring up the "Import Savegames" dialogue where you can decide whether you want to move, or copy the selected save game to the currently activated profile.


Selecting "Move" will transfer a given save game from the selected profile to the currently active profile and effectively remove it from the profile it was transferred from, while "Copy" will create a clone of that save game for both profiles.

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