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A load order dictates the order in which mods are loaded by the game you are using. They can sometimes be important in diagnosing technical issues with your game so it can be quite important to sort your load order out properly.

Before you start

Load orders will not fix everything, some mods will just not work with some others and some require special handling. There is no magic formula to a load order, just a set of general guidelines. If your load order works and you are able to play the game, it is right - for you.

Before you start messing with load orders:

  • Be sure you have patched to the latest version of the game - some mods will not work unless you do.
  • If any mod requires OBSE (Oblivion) or FOSE (Fallout) be sure it is properly installed and you start the game using these programs, not using the default game launcher.
  • Be sure you have the proper tools to change the load order, usually OBMM and BOSS

Any mod that changes something in another mod MUST be loaded after the mod it makes changes to. Such as patches to a mod.


Batch loading a bunch of mods without testing is asking for trouble. The time you think you will save will be more than made up by the time you spend in troubleshooting. Install one at a time, test that one, then after it is working install another one. This way your load order gets built one mod at a time. And you are never trying to 'fix' more than one mod at a time.

Note: these recommendations are based on Oblivion but can also apply to Morrowind and Fallout games.

For those who insist on making things hard for themselves:

At the end of the BOSS order, there will be some mods that it did not know where to put. Use OBMM to place them manually.

Here is a load order recommendation, originally by Dev_akm and modified by Bben46

  • Oblivion.esm - this MUST be the first thing in the list.
  • All other .esm files All .esm files MUST be before any .esp files.
  • Unofficial Oblivion Patch
  • Shivering Isles.esp
  • Unofficial Shivering Isles patch
  • Weather/Environment/Sound Mods
  • Minor Mods/New Items/Houses/DLC's (Post-Completion)
  • Note: any DLC patch should go directly after the DLC it changes, no matter where the DLC is located
  • Major Overhaul Mods (FCOM, OOO, MMM etc)
  • Any compatibility patches for the major overhaul mods
  • Mods that specifically conflict with overhauls and need to take precedence
  • DLC's (Pre-Completion)
  • Quests (these can be moved up after completion of the quest)
  • Compatibility Patches/UOMP/Merged Leveled Lists
  • Special handling mods - Streamline, Deadly Reflex etc.
  • Bashed patch (if bash is used)

After DLCs and quest mods have been completed they can be moved up. It is a good idea to have the quest you are currently working on near the end of your load order. They can be moved up when you start another quest.

After you have everything else working, add in the special handling mods (Stream line and Deadly reflex) ONE at a time.