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This is a list of all mods created by amineri. Links to forum posts and wiki articles are provided when available.

Mod List

  • XCOM EU: AI Changes mod [3] - Wiki-page under construction
    • Changes to move behavior
    • Removing Alien teleporting
    • Alien patrol bug fix -- reduces distance unseen alien pods can patrol
    • Fixes glitch, allowing aliens to Hunker Down when appropriate
  • XCOM EU: Bug Fixes - Wiki-page under construction
    • Lost mission causes all equipment to be lost [7]
    • Lost interceptor causes interceptor weapon to be lost [8]
    • Divide-by-zero error fixed that caused flanked+overwatched aliens to skip turn [9]
  • Damage Randomization rework [11]
  • XCOM EU: Revive changes mod [18] - Wiki-page under construction
    • Revive grants single move to revived soldier
    • Revive undoes 10 of the 15 will loss and allows soldier to be critically wounded again later in campaign

In progress

  • Subclasses extension for Perk Tree