Just because you can mod doesn't mean you should

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I do not expect this blog to be popular...

and it could possibly hurt some feelings, though that is not my intention!

I didn't think it was right for me to try and post this in the Forums as a topic... so I decided to try to say my piece here.

I don't know why... and can't understand WHY, you guys have posted some of the mods you have! I will not single any mod or modder out... but some of the releases are just a total waste of space - to be direct!

I will agree that it is cool when you learn how to change a .ini setting, turn blue to green in a texture, or make a console command act like a spell... but just because you have finally learned how to manipulate the game doesn't mean that you should release a mod of it!

Who really wants a Pink crab? ~ or even wants a mod like that taking up their computer resources? (for an example)

I want members to learn to mod, don't get me wrong, and I don't expect every mod to have a quest or be massive in content!... but just because you have learned how to change one texture, or redirect something in the game... doesn't mean that you should feel compelled to release a mod.

Be patient! Once you've learned... and release something that is actually meaningful to the game, that 'You' can be proud of!... (and not just something to slap under your belt so that you can say to yourself, 'I'm a modder') ~ There is a difference!