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Modding is a good way to customize your game experience, and set things up to better reflect your preferences. This guide will help you get started with modding UnderMine.

Please keep in mind that modding is not officially supported by the developers. Any crashes, errors, or issues you encounter while modding should be reported to the mod author(s) in question rather than Thorium.

Before We Start:

This tutorial is for those looking to begin using mods for UnderMine. It assumes you're either familiar with Vortex, or at least have it installed. If you are not familiar with, or do not have Vortex, please follow the steps 'Download / Install Vortex' and 'Configure Vortex' on the guide for installing your first mod with Vortex. This tutorial picks up from that guide after logging in to Vortex.

Installing UnderMod

Installing UnderMod for the first time can be a confusing process, especially if for those more familiar with the straightforward installation found in Bethesda games like Skyrim. Once Vortex is installed and ready to use, following this guide should alleviate that difficulty.

Finding and Managing Undermine

To start, view the sidebar on the left of the Vortex window, and click Games, as seen below:



On the Games page, either search for UnderMine using the search box at the top, or scroll until it shows up in the list of games. The picture will be grayed out when you find it. Next, click Manage on the game's logo:



If Vortex has never been set to manage UnderMine before, you will be informed that you need an extension for Vortex to manage the game. Click Download, as shown:

UnderMod Installation 003.png


After you have clicked, Vortex will automatically download and install the extension. Once the extension is installed, you will be informed that Vortex needs to restart. Click the button to restart before continuing:



When Vortex has restarted, UnderMine should now show in color in the Vortex game list. If it is not, check to make sure UnderMine is properly installed on your computer. Once Vortex can see UnderMine, click manage on the logo again:



Telling Vortex to manage UnderMine will cause a window to appear, informing you that the game needs to be patched to support mods. Click Enable Mods to continue:



At this point UnderMine is patched and ready to load direct patches, such as the UnderMod loader and API.

Downloading and Installing UnderMod

After you enable mods for UnderMine in Vortex, you will be prompted to download and install UnderMod:

UnderMod Installation 007.png


The 'Get UnderMod' button will open up the UnderMod page on Nexus. If you did not install UnderMod, or otherwise missed the prior step, you can simply proceed to the UnderMod page, where you should click the 'Vortex' download button:

Undermod Installation 08


A window will pop up asking you to confirm the download, and showing that UnderMod requires Vortex. Click the 'Download' button again. Dependong on your Nexus account type, this window may look different, and you may have an additional window to click through after that.

UnderMod Installation 009.png


When Vortex has finished downloading Undermod, a notification will pop up in the top right. Click the Install button the notification gives you:



After Vortex finishes installing UnderMod, tell it to 'Enable' the mod:



At this point Vortex should ask for permission to 'Elevate' and make changes to your computer. Give it that permission, and when your computer asks to confirm, allow it to make those changes:



And that's the last of it. Now that UnderMod is installed, you can run the game through Vortex, as seen below:

UnderMod Installation 013.png