Installing Nexus Mod Manager

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  1. Go to
  2. Click the green button that says “download now”.
  3. A pop up of some kind will show up depending on your web browser, mine look like this, click “save file”
  4. Once the file is saved, it is typically located at C:\Users\%username%\Downloads (you can copy and paste this file path into your window like below)
  5. Double click the “Nexus Mod Manager” installer shown in the picture above. Should you get a security warning, either from your operating system, or your virus protection, like I have on the picture below, allow the installer to run.
  6. Choose your language using the drop-down menu. When you have made your selection, hit OK.
  7. The installer wizard should pop up after you hit ok. It should look like the picture below (in whatever language you chose in step 6). Hit “next”
  8. You must click on “I accept the agreement” and then click “next” to proceed. Otherwise, the installer will not let you continue.
  9. Now you have the choice of where you want to install NMM. It is highly recommended that you keep it at the default install path. Click “next” to continue.
  10. You now have the option to create a start menu folder. If you do not want to have one created, then click on the box that says “Don’t create a Start Menu folder”. Click “next” to continue.
  11. Now you have the choice to set file extension associations. For example, a .txt file, like readme.txt, is associated with the program notepad. If you don’t know what anything does below, just click “next”.
  12. Now you have the chance to review what you are about to install. If you are happy with your selections, hit “install” and the program will begin installing.
  13. A successful install should look like the picture below. You have the choice to launch NMM when you click finish, simply uncheck the box if you do not want it to open after you exit the installer. Click “finish” to exit the installer.