Installing Natural Bodies All In One

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Ok, there's been a lot of folks that have been having problems installing this Override, so here's my tutorial on how to do it, and trying to cover some of the issues that folks have been having.

Note: Mismatched Textures - if you try to mix and match body parts in the newer versions of this mod,the colors won't match. So if you run into this problem, reconfigure the body parts to use parts from all one body. Like All NB for NB or All RL for RL.


Dragon Age: Origins DA Modmanager- Link

7zip - Link

Step one

Have you screwed up already? IF you have already placed the 7z or overrride file into your documents/bioware/dragon age/packages/core/overrides folder DELETE IT. IF you have tried installing this file in DA Modder,UNINSTALL IT. If you have dropped the NBAIO.override file into DA Modmanager in the Installed DAzip's box of DAModManager, UNINSTALL IT. If not, then you can ignore this step.

Step two

Installing and Configuring DAMM IF you have your DAModManager (DAMM) already installed and working correctly, you can skip this step.

Install DAModmanager. The location where you install it doesn't matter, as long as it's output is pointing towards our dragonage/packages/core/override folder. IF you have issues with further install of mods thru this program- After installing the program, go to the OPTIONS tab. Make sure that Dragon Age Origins is set as follows- Dragon Age Folder- Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age (Now this varies slightly from versions of windows. You'll have to find where your documents folder is on your own. Google it, if you have massive troubles with it.)

Screenshots Folder- documents\bioware\dragon age\screenshots Settings Folder- Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\Settings AddIns Folder- Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\ AddIns

Program Path- Default locations on this one. Will be different if you told your computer to install the game to a different folder or different hard drive. DAO_exe- C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daorigins.exe DAO_Config_exe- C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship\DAOriginsConfig.exe DAO-Toolset_exe- C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\tools\DragonAge Toolset.exe

IF one of those isn't set correctly, click on the area that is wrong... For example where it says C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daorigins.exe and a small box with three periods will show up. [...] Click that Box and browse to the correct location, and click OK. IF you dont have that folder where it's supposed to be, create one When finished here, click on the tab that reads mods. We're done here...for a minute or two.

Step three

Installing 7zip Install 7zip. If you have already done this, or already have a program that can open this type of archive, you can skip this step.

Step four

Extracting the Override File. Extract the nbaio.override file from inside the nbaio.7z folder. This is simple. Just right click on the nbaio.7z file and choose Extract or Extract Here from the drop menu. (Sorry, its been a very long time since I used 7zip, I'm not for sure what the options are for that program anymore).

IF you've already extracted this file, you can skip this step.

Step five

Installing the actual Override file. Ok, Now that you've got your file unzipped, open up the DA ModManager (DAMM) program if you don't already have it open. Situate your windows so that you can drag and drop the file from where it is, into DAMM. LEFT click and HOLD down the mouse button on the nbaio.override file, and drag it into the box in DAMM that reads Installed Override's. Let it go thru the process of working the mod's files, and guess what? You've just installed it!

BUT...! You're not done yet.

Step six

Configuration Now that you've got this installed, RIGHT click on where it says NBAIO or Natural Bodies all in one, and choose CONFIG. Another window will pop open, and you'll have a list. Each of these is the options for body styles for each available race, and race's gender. Click one, and you'll get a drop box arrow off to the very right of that window. Choose the option that you want to use from the drop box and click on it. Go to the next line. Do the same.

Now, you don't have to choose an option on these, but if you don't, they will use the plain settings that come with the game. Or the default for the override, which is what is showing in the area where the drop box opens up. When you're done, close the little window, and start up your game to see if the override, and it's settings took.

Hopefully, with all luck, you are good to go If not... then go to Link Up in the top right hand corner of the screen you'll see a grey rectangle that reads what are you looking for? with a link next to it that reads "Advanced" Click Advanced.

Where it says Find Words type in "bodies" (without the quotes) do not check search titles only. Go down to where it says FIND IN FORUM, with a list in a box. Scroll thru that list until you get to Dragon Age: Origins and keep scrolling down until you see General Talk Then click the button at the bottom that reads PERFORM THE SEARCH.

Hopefully, that will help you out. Cheers, and enjoy -DW