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All right... I don't really want to complain, but I really HAVE to point that out, since it really starts to piss me off. (sorry for the words, but there are people on the site I could simply strangle!)

What is that all about? All those picture of completely nude females on the image sharing section? Mostly in explicit poses and stuff, with unnatural big boobies and whatever. Mostly, they're not even good. (I don't say anything about those that are really nice made, and with a feeling for the situation and such.) But I really can't stand those pics that are only there to show pure nudity. Did you EVER think about what girls that look at them feel?

Worse enough that some people need stuff like that for their lives, but then have to show them off as if it was pure flesh... I don't really get the idea of that! (Again, I'm not complaining about lovely nude pictures.)

Well that was the first part of it...

In contrast, why do some of you have to rate a picture like 1, if it shows two guys that are HARDLY naked? I just don't get it! I'd take a 1 without complaining if the picture was crap, but I don't really accept you homophobes to post their crappy coments on that. Hey guys, if you don't like it, simply DON'T LOOK AT IT! That's all, that would do perfectly. What are you even thinking? Gays are people like you and me, and I DO NOT tolerate to demote them, just because of their oppinions about their lovelives!

It's only poor to state that that was pervert. (Especially if you like two girls together but complain about the guys) You guys need to grow up first, but leave your weak words by yourself, as you're just showing off your foolery but nothing more...

*sighs* I'm sorry for my harsh words, but that bugged me long enough now. Thanks to anyone reading (AND understanding) this, as well as to those who developed a feeling for good nude pictures, and finally to those who are mature enough to take stuff like that serious and who are educated enough not to demote gays...