How to split a single mesh outfit into player equippable parts

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This is a guide by UberGrainy for Monster Hunter: World.

Original post on the Nexus Mods Forums.

Basically, you can dupe the same model over multiple parts and it looks the same in-game. For example, if you take the Handler's entire body model and copy paste it over the player's arm, body, leg and waist models, they will all look like the Handler's entire body, and you won't notice them overlapping in-game because they are the exact same model.

Now let's say you want to cut the model up, so that the arm = arm, body = body, leg = leg and waist = waist.

Using my tutorial for erasing model parts you can dupe the model and then erase the unneeded body parts from each.

If you're lazy, you can delete the LOD versions and then set the max quality mesh to LOD value of FF. The primary reason for keeping max quality mesh and deleting LOD version references is because, it seems LOD parts tend to be grouped together. For example, if I want to remove the flower from the swimsuit. I can do that easily with the max quality mesh.

But if I tried to remove flower from the LOD version of the swimsuit, the flower was part of the same referred mesh as the necklace, etc. So it was impossible to separate them cleanly.

Anyway, using this method, you should be able to separate a full body model into player equippable parts.