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There are several methods to create a new wiki page. Here are two ways to do it.
This tutorial is mainly about how to create a Brand New page and some basic information how to start off.

  • Before you create a new page, make sure:
    • You are logged in to the wiki.
    • A similar subject is not already covered on the wiki.


Search Method

The advantage to this method is it will reveal other pages that begin with the same phrasing. The disadvantage is that the more detailed your page name, likely only one exactly matching it will be revealed. A vague search is preferable to locate similar articles, followed by a search for the exact page name you desire to actually use.

1. You basically start off with a clear and concise title. All spaces converted to underscores and only 1st word capitalized unless proper nouns. Example: Installing_Dragon_Age_mods

NOTE: Take some time to create/choose a name. Once you've made it, you cannot rename it.
Check the Posting guidelines and template for more info.

2. Then type the properly configured title in the search bar at the middle-left of the screen. Example: Type Installing_Dragon_Age_mods and click GO.
3. If that page was not already there, it will give you a RED link to the page. (Example: Installing_Dragon_Age_mods)
4. You will then be presented with the Wiki page editor and the contents will obviously be blank.
5. I would recommend immediately adding the categories at the bottom that best describe the tutorial contents. Here is the list of all current Category Names. Example selection:

    [[Category:Dragon Age]]
    [[Category:Dragon Age - Installing mods]]
   NOTE: It is best to just spell out the category names as they show on the category list (with spaces instead of using underscores)

6. The rest is just a matter of copy/pasting your text into the editor and adding the wiki format to it.
7. You can look at other wiki pages to see how they utilize the various wiki code to achieve certain effects or you can look at the MediaWiki Page Formatting documentation.
8. Make sure to use the "Show preview" button extensively before submitting to make sure everything looks the way you want it to.
9. You can always go back and make edits later but it is easier to use the preview before hitting submit.

URL Method

The advantage to this method is that it will either take you to an existing page that exactly matches, or will let you create a new page. The disadvantage is it will not reveal 'near matches' that already exist, which is why it is not the preferred method. However, when the wiki search engine is down, this method will still work.

You can create a new wiki page by entering the following URL in a new browser tab/window:

where 'New_Page_Name' is your exact wiki article name with underscores (_) replacing any spaces. If the wiki page does not already exist, you will be presented with an empty page with a 'There is currently no text in this page' message, and if you are currently logged in to the wiki, there will be a 'create' tab in the middle the left of the top edge. Clicking on the 'create' tab will open an edit box where you can paste a template or your prepared material and edit it with your article.


If your article needs to link other articles in the same wiki, you can surround the title of the article with double brackets. Example:

[[Blender shortcut tips]]

If you need to rename how the link appears, you can do so using the pipe character to separate the proper page name from how you want it displayed. Example:

[[Blender shortcut tips|click here for Blender tips]]

External links:

All external links (outside the wiki) use single brackets with the 1st part being the URL and the 2nd part being the display name. Example:

[ LHammonds Oblivion Mods Site]

Differences between links:

Blender shortcut tips
Blender shortcut tips
Blender shortcut tips

The main difference between internal and external links is the formatting for the one editing the page.
For the one viewing the page there's only the difference that Externalurl.JPG is added after an external link.
The main advantage of using internal links is that upon a mistake it'll show red, while this won't happen to external links. Example:

Blender shortput tips
Blender shortput tips

This is why you should use an internal link for an internal page, all of the time!

Additional links:

You might want to include a "Related pages" section and "References" section at the bottom if you want to point readers to other articles that are related or articles referenced in the making of this article or "sources" of where you obtained the information. Example:

 ==Related pages==
 [[Developing successful mods]]
 [[DDS texture tools]]

 [ LHammonds Oblivion Mods Site]
 [[Glowmaps 101]]
 [[Reflective metal]]

More information & Sources