How to edit eye color in mrl3 files

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This is a guide by UberGrainy for Monster Hunter: World. This requires some hex editing knowledge, and a hex editor.

Original post on the Nexus Mods Forums.

Refer to my previous tutorials on editing mrl3. You're looking for the texture that refers to the eye bm tex.

My understanding was incomplete/incorrect. Idlehands88 has provided me with more accurate information (thanks!).

I've uploaded an image to this mod's gallery (corrected by idlehands88) that shows where the values are in the Handler's face mrl3.


Here's an explanation from their comment:

" The hex values are in Float for eye color. Float is 4 bytes in length.

RED: 03 26 86 3E = 0.26200876

GREEN: 5E 48 47 3E = 0.194612

BLUE: 37 6F 0C 3E = 0.137143

ALPHA (white underline): 00 00 80 3F

00 00 80 3F = 1.00 OR 100% 00 00 80 BF = -1.00 and can sometimes be used for colors to make something very dark in-game.

The second byte seems to greatly affect the intensity. 3E seems to be the general default. 3F makes the colors much more intense. Higher values (eg. 4F) tend to affect the surrounding colors, ie. eyewhites start changing color as well. "