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This tutorial will walk you through how to download mods from any of the Nexus sites.

Throughout the tutorial, there are images to help you find what you are looking for. Note: The site used in the images is TESNexus, but the procedure is the same on all Nexus sites.

Downloading the mod

  1. Create an account and login. (Image)
  2. Find the mod in question, which can be done in various ways.
    Browse the file categories. (Image)
    Search the file database. (Image)
    View the "Top 100" mods or files which have won the "File of the month" awards. (Image)
    Browse the recently added or updated files. (Image)
  3. Whichever method used to find the file, click the file. (Image)
  4. Once on the file submission page, read the description of the mod for what it does, and for install instructions, then click the "Files" tab. (Image)
  5. You will now be presented with one or more files, categorized as "Main files", "Updates" and "Optional files". Click on the name of the file you need to download, depending on the install instructions for that specific mod. (Image)
  6. A popup window will appear, with a few download Servers. Click one of them, preferably the one located closest to you. If you are a Premium Member, use the Premium Servers for best speeds. (Image)