How to create a challenge

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To demonstrate how to make a custom challenge to Fallout: New Vegas.

List of steps

1. Bring up the Geck and make sure that the correct master file is selected. This will usually be FalloutNV.esm, because everyone has this file, and any other selection would required them to have it.

2. Use the Object Window to open "Actor Data," and then open "Challenge." You should now see all of the vanilla challenges.

3. Right-click above the vanilla challenges and select "New." This will open a dialogue box named "Challenge."

Your screen should look like this by step 3

4. Type in an ID with no spaces in the "ID" heading. This will identify your challenge when you want something to use it. Most challenges start with "NVChallenge," so it is recommended to do the same to make your challenge easy to find.

5. Type in a name in the "Name" heading. Whenever the player receives the message displaying their progress, this name is the one they see, so do use spaces and any punctuation that is necessary.

6. Add a script to the "Reward Script" heading. An example is displayed below, to use it, just copy it and replace "MyChallenge" and "MyPerk" with the name of your challenge and the perk you intend to use. Make sure that the script is set as an "Effect" script and to save the script after you make it!

  scn ChallengeMyChallengeSCRIPT
  begin ScriptEffectStart
  player.addperk MyPerk
  showmessage ChallengeMessageMyPerk
  player.RewardXP 100

7. The next selection will determine what "Type" of challenge you are making. The choices are selected from a drop down list, and there are a good number of them, such as "Use an Item," "Discover a Map Marker," and "Kill from a Form List." Choices such as "Use an Item" will take effect whenever something in that general category is used, while "Kill from a Form List" only takes effect when an object from that particular list is, in this case, killed.

8. Underneath the "Type" heading are "Threshold" and "Interval." The "Threshold" is the total number of times the player will need to achieve the challenge's activity to finish it, and the "Interval" is the number of times the player will need to achieve the challenge's activity to receive an update on their status.

9. The next several boxes will be determined by which "Type" you selected. A quick example is if you picked "Miscellaneous Stat," the only box you need to use will be "Body Part." Using this selection drops down a menu with choices like "Quests Completed" or "Total Things Killed."

10. To the right of all of these headings is the "Challenge Text." This is where you type in the message that will be displayed when the player receives an update on their progress. You can type in whatever you want, such as, "No pants time!" if you selected "Pants Exploded" as the "Body Part." You do not need to worry about keeping track of the numbers, the game does that for you.

11. Underneath the "Challenge Text" are three check mark boxes. The two to keep in mind are the first two, "Start Disabled" and "Recurring." If you select "Start Disabled," at some point you need to create a script that will enable your challenge script. The vanilla game uses this primarily if the challenge has multiple ranks to it, like "Lord Death," where the player kills 200, 700, and 1000 things at each rank. Choosing "Recurring" means that the challenge will repeat after the "Threshold" is met, providing the same reward each time.

12. Save your esp! If you got this far, you just created your own challenge!