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Today we learn how we get that funky new santa claus hat into fallout for all of us to enjoy :)

this tutorial is for advanced users and requires you to understand the basic principles of model creation and its import into fallout.

1. create a hat model

2. import a vanilla hat and move your hat around and resize it until it fits, alternatively you could also load the human headmodel and adjust your models size according to it

3. export your hat model

(no need to skin/rig it as long as it is a stiff piece of cloth,a hood would need skinning though as it moves differently according to the cloth's location,a baseballcap wouldnt need skinning as it is stiff and only moves with the general movement of the head-bone)

4. once you have your nif properly set up open it up in nifskope

(see the modelling mini tutorial if you struggle with setting up a nif, it also has a sticky thread in the forums with dozens of answers for you)

5. in nifskope select the topmost node (root) and hit export

6. export your nif as an obj

7. open up the conformulator (do a search under tesnexus.com)

8. in the conformulator select fallout3\data\meshes\characters\head\humanhead.tri as the head model

9. select your newly exported *.obj file as the hair model

10. hit conformulate

11. rename your newly created egm exactly as your nif is named (example santashat.nif and santashat.egm)

12. open the geck and create your hat item

13. go to characters -> update facegen model availability

14. save and done

Your hat will now be conform to every humanhead ingame.

I used vanilla egms prior to this which often works but not always and can result in nasty model distortions custom egms dont take long to create and are much better :)

mind that you need an egm for every nif you have, if one has none and you hit "update facegen data" your other hats will eventually hang on the head sideways, to prevent that use FOMM to delete all hat entries you didnt want to modify with your mod (under ARMO) ater you updated the facegen data.