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Do you enjoy the sense of community and want to give something back but do not exactly know how?

Here are a few things that any Nexus member can do which will help everyone who visits this site.

  1. Tag uploaded files using Search Tags. If you have downloaded a mod, examine the contents and go back to the mod page and select the search tags that describe the mod such as the language of origin used, what kind of mod it is (New Models, Textures, Savegame, etc.). This will make the Tag Search utility extremely powerful even when there are thousands of mods uploaded.
  2. Upload screenshots for mods that have none or could use some more. Make sure the images help clarify the contents of the mod rather than introducing other mod contents (e.g. Do not upload a picture showing off a dagger mod with armor/items from another mod visible in the picture...tends to be seen as false advertising and causes unnecessary confusion).
  3. Try a mod and give constructive feedback on what you thought about the mod, what you liked, what and how you think it could be improved. Please re-read what you typed up as if somebody was giving you the feedback for your work before you hit the submit button. Keywords for this is RESPECTFUL and HELPFUL.
  4. Become familiar with the available tutorials at the Nexus and other sites and help point people to the appropriate tutorials that have questions on how to do things.
  5. Report uploads or comments that are against the Terms of Service or forum rules for this site.
  6. If a mod description is a one-liner and non-descriptive but you checkout the mod anyway and find that it is worthy of a better description, go ahead and create a well-formed description as you'd have it read in the main description and post it in the comments. If the author is active, they are most-likely appreciative of the effort and will utilize your text in their description. If they are inactive, click the report button on your comment and ask a moderator to update the description with your text. You can utilize this readme generator to help create a readme file if one does not exist.
  7. Support the site and keep its doors open by not blocking the site ads or by purchasing a premium membership. All money collected goes back into the site to keep it running.