Fixing Realtek driver related CS/GECK crashes

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This article will explain how to fix the crash to desktop that occurs under certain circumstances when attempting to edit dialogue in the Construction Set or the GECK.


This bug is known to consistently cause crashes when editing dialogue in both the CS and the GECK. More precisely, the editor will stop working when the dialog for selecting sound files and specifying subtitle for any response or topic is opened, at which point Windows will display a dialog saying the CS or GECK has stoppped working.

It will occur under the following circumstances:

  • Your operating system is Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • You have a Realtek audio card
  • You have a microphone port on said audio card
  • There is no microphone plugged in

The bug is very common, but until recently, there was no way to fix it so people had to rely on an inconvenient workaround.


Construction Set Extender

The Construction Set Extender, or CSE for short, is an OBSE plug-in that adds numerous new features to the CS as well as fixes for some of the bugs that are present in the tool, including the Realtek driver bug.

Because this is an actual and definite solution to the problem, it is the preferred method. However, the Construction Set Extender is only available for the Oblivion CS, so GECK users will have to rely on the old workaround.


The alternative is to use a simple workaround, namely, plugging something in the socket on your audio card. (Which is the red, circular port.) It does not have to be a microphone; plugging earphones or a similar thing in the microphone port will also prevent this bug. Note that the microphone must be plugged in before opening the dialogue editor, otherwise the CS/GECK will crash before you have the chance to do so.


Fixing Realtek audio driver related CS crashes

CSE user manual (included in download)