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This article will be about the music in Fallout 3, and adding your own music to the game swiftly.

Original Music score

(under construction)

Adding your own

In Fallout 3, it is very easy to add your own music to 97% of the game. (the 3% exception being the Fallout Theme and music played during death/completion of quest. These are however easily replaced)

The Layout

Some of the mods found on the Nexus websites can add their own Music folders, but the four general ones are:

  • Battle
  • Explore
  • Public
  • Dungeon
  • Special

Simply move/copy your music/songs (preferrably .mp3 files) to these folders, and they will play during their appropriate time. With exception being the Special folder.


Songs found in this folder are generally more aggressive and will make you whip up the action. Trademark songs from typical Heavy Metal groups can often fit fine for this.


Though Oblivion and Fallout 3 share the same Gamebyro engine, the Finale folder is one of few examples that set them apart. This folder is placed in the Battle folder, and when combat has ended, the game will look in this folder for a song file with the same name (of the song it has been playing) and with that indicate that combat has ended. Read the Finale sounds article if you want to add your own.


Sound files found in this folder will generally be played when you are out exploring the wasteland outside of combat. A general good selection of music would be soothening, calm music. Much like the spirit of the wasteland - calm and innocent, until something surprises you in the back.


Not as frequently used as in Oblivion, a guaranteed location to hear music out of this folder is Megaton. Music for this situation can be in the lines of the Explore folder, but a bit more lively and active.


This folder is used when dealing with dark and damp locations, such as subway routes and caves. These songs should be somewhat calm and silent, usually keeping the amount of instruments low.


This is the only folder wherein placing mere files will not do anything. You have to effectively replace these files in order to hear them in their appropriate moment.

  • MainTitle.mp3

This is the themesong of Fallout 3, and is usually only played during the Main Menu, before Loading/Starting a new game. Best suggestions are calm, iconic songs.

  • Death.mp3

This song is played upon the PC's death. If you wish to replace this, it would be wise to either find a short sound, or edit your favorite song with Audacity, as described in the Finale sounds article.

HINT: Keep the songs length/file size short. It is possible to crash if the song is too long. A maximum of 20 seconds is a safe bet.

  • Success.mp3

This is the song that is played when you complete a Quest. NOTE: There are a few mods on the Nexus that replace this file. Keep an eye on what sound of your Music/Sound mods do.