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A guided set of steps for installing SSE Engine Fixes. This guide was last updated on January 21, 2023.

Base Requirements

SSE Engine Fixes is an SKSE64 plugin. Therefore, the correct version of SKSE64 must be installed to to use Engine Fixes. If SKSE64 isn't installed or you don't know what SKSE64 is, do not proceed. Return to these instructions once SKSE64 is correctly installed. To learn what SKSE64 is and why you might want it, visit Gopher's introduction to SKSE64 on YouTube. Installation instructions for SKSE64 and SkyUI can be found here.

Below is an abbeviated guide to the version of SKSE64 that must be installed prior to Engine Fixes installation. With the many different versions of Skyrim floating about, it's highly recommended you forget the marketing lingo "AE" vs "SE" and instead learn the much more useful game version number. Do this by checking the properties (Details tab) of SkyrimSE.exe:

  • Game version 1.5.97 = SKSE64 2.0.20
  • Game version 1.6.353 = SKSE64 2.1.5 (found on the silverlock “archived builds” page)
  • Game version 1.6.640 = SKSE64 2.2.3 for Steam
  • Game version 1.6.659 = SKSE64 2.2.3 for GOG

Step 0 / Initial Cleanup

It is recommended you completely remove all files and uninstall any previous installations of SSE Engine Fixes prior to starting.

Step 1 / Installing the Required Address Library

Download, install and enable/deploy the required all-in-one Address Library for SKSE Plugins with your mod manager.
Be sure to install the correct version of Address Library for your game version:

  • All 1.5.x game versions = Address Library Version 2
  • All 1.6.x game versions (including the GOG version) = Address Library Version 8

NOTE: Installing a version of Address Library that does not match the game version may result in a 567 error. Error 1114 or 617 may be due to a missing Address Library.

Step 2 / Installing the Required Visual C++ Redistributable

Download and install the latest x64 version of the required Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 (on the linked page, it's the download that reads x64: vc_redist.x64.exe). This is a Windows install: double-click the downloaded .exe file, follow the prompts and reboot.

NOTE: Error 126 may be due to a missing C++ Redistributable.

Step 3 / Installing Engine Fixes Part 1

Download, install and enable Engine Fixes Part 1 with your mod manager.
Be sure to install the correct version of Engine Fixes Part 1 for your game version:

  • Game version 1.5.97 = Engine Fixes Part 1 Version 5.9.1
  • Game version 1.6.353 = Engine Fixes Part 1 Version 6.0.2 (found in Old Files on the Engine Fixes Files page)
  • Game versions 1.6.629 and higher (including the GOG version) = Engine Fixes Part 1 Version 6.1.1

NOTES: Installing a version of Engine Fixes Part 1 that does not match the game version may result in a 567 error.

EngineFixes.ini has been replaced with EngineFixes.toml in SSE Engine Fixes 5.3.3+. Open the UTF-8 encoded .toml file in Notepad to read the setting notes and make your setting changes. The old EngineFixes.ini can be deleted.

Step 4 / Installing Engine Fixes Part 2

Do not install Engine Fixes Part 2 with your mod manager. Instead, download it manually and extract the Part 2 .7z archive, then copy and paste the three .dll files from the archive directly into the root game folder (Steam: /steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition/, or GOG: /GOG Games/Skyrim Anniversary Edition/)

  • Do not simply place the .7z file in the root directory.
  • Do not create a folder with the three .dll files in the root directory.
  • Do not place the extracted files in the /Data directory.

NOTES: Engine Fixes Part 2 is compatible with all versions of the game.

(Optional) If you are using Vortex, you can download and install Part 2 using the Mod Manager Download, but after install and before enabling, double-click the Part 2 item in Vortex and change the Mod Type to Engine Injector. Then enable/deploy Part 2.

Installation Verification

All steps above must be complete before Engine Fixes can be considered installed. Open the d3dx9_42.log in the Skyrim root game folder after you have started the game with skse64_loader.exe. It should look something like below when Engine Fixes is running properly (don't worry about the line reading "failed to search dll plugin directory" - this just means other plugins that use the \Data\DLLPlugins directory are not installed):

skse64 plugin preloader - d3dx9_42
exe path: X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\SkyrimSE.exe
loaded into SkyrimSE.exe or SkyrimVR.exe, proxying SkyrimSE d3dx9_42 funcs and registering preload hook
hook triggered, loading dll plugins (meh's loader)
failed to search dll plugin directory
DLLPlugin loader finished
hook triggered, loading skse plugins
found plugin "EngineFixes" for preloading
attempting to load found plugins
attempting to load "X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SKSE\Plugins\EngineFixes.dll"
loaded successfully and Initialize() called
loader finished


I am getting errors (567, 126, 617 etc) after installing Engine Fixes...
Most likely you missed or performed incorrectly one of the install steps above. Please read carefully and follow each step.

I am getting error Error 193...
You are running an Oldrim plugin and need to uninstall it and find the SE version.

Where is Engine Fixes.ini...?
Please read STEP 3 above.

I am still getting the false corrupt save bug even after installing Engine Fixes...
Increase MaxStdio to 8192 in EngineFixes.toml

I am still not getting achievements even after installing Engine Fixes...
Enable the Steam Overlay.

I am getting a crash with an error message "No valid segment found. Srt crash fix 64 patch cannot be applied"...
You have Animation Limit Crash Fix SSE installed. Set AnimationLoadSignedCrash to false in EngineFixes.toml

I am getting errors about the wrong version of SKSE64 plugins...
You have installed a version of SKSE64 and/or one or more SKSE64 plugins that do not match your game version number. See the BASE REQUIREMENTS above to discover your game version number, and then install the correct versions of the mods. To discover which plugins need fixing, open your skse64.log which can be found in \Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\SKSE\. If the error is reporting SKSE64 is the incorrect version, please visit the SkyUI SKSE64 installation guide.

Final Notes

Do not rename your skse64 executables. If you have already done so, you will need to change the files names back to the original skse64 and game executable names (skse64_loader.exe and SkryimSE.exe). Changing the game exe to Skyrim.exe and adding an .ini file, as several obsolete guides tell you to do to get skse launching from Steam, will not work. SSE Engine Fixes needs the original skse64_loader.exe and SkyrimSE.exe file names and files.

If you want to launch from Steam, add skse64_loader.exe as a Non-Steam Game. If Steam is open you can also launch skse64_loader.exe from a shortcut or from the mod manager and still get achievements in your Steam SSE Library and the overlay. The original Steam SSE page will always execute the standard launcher, but you can still see your achievements and screenshots there if you launch via skse64 using one of these other methods.