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There are many mods available for DragenAge 2 which only can be used by activating the developer console and typing the command: "runscript something". But not every user is familiar with this procedure and so the following might give you a short guideline for opening the developer console on the different systems.

These are experiences gathered by users and should work on the most systems. Nevertheless if you have trouble you can ask for help on The Nexus Forums

Enable developer console on MAC OS X

To enable the console on the OS X version you need to edit the Dragon Age 2 config file in
~/Library/Application Support/Dragon Age II/config
You can open it with TextEdit.

At the end of the file, paste the following in:
"cmdlineadd" = "-enabledeveloperconsole"

By default, you should be able to open the console using the ` key. If this doesn't work you can manually assign the keybind: Open
~/Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age 2/Settings/KeyBindings.ini
look for OpenConsole_0 and reassign the ` key:

You should be able to trigger the console using your ` or tilde key.

Updated on 5.11: Clarified keybindings

Mac devconsole.png

Enable developer console on default Windows version

To enable the console on Windows you first have to locate the DragonAge2.exe. Usually it is under
C:\Program Files\Dragon Age II\bin_ship\DragonAge2.exe
If you installed the game into another folder look for the file there.

Now make a shortcut to your start call of the game. Typically it is located on your desktop or Start menu:

  • Right click on shortcut or menu entry
  • Click properties
  • In the Target field change the value "C:\Program Files\Dragon Age II\DragonAge2Launcher.exe" to the DragonAge2.exe you found before and add " -enabledeveloperconsole".
    It should now look something like this:
    C:\Program Files\Dragon Age II\bin_ship\DragonAge2.exe -enabledeveloperconsole
  • Accept

You can also change this in Explorer -> Start menu -> your shortcut

The default enable key on Windows is ^ (grave). The key definition is in your personal folder, usually
My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\Settings\KeyBindings.ini
If you want another key than grave you have to change the value for OpenConsole_1:
(The OpenConsole_0 can also be called Kanji.)

ps. From reader,Be SURE to get your shortcut from the DAO/DA2 Exec in the bin_ship folder. Be SURE in the shortcut, to leave one space and only one space between the exe" and the -enabledeveloperconsole and yes you need the - OK so I'm dummy, but I made both of these mistakes more than once, hope this helps.

Enable developer console on Steam version

There is a different procedure on the Steam version. To enable the console you have to do this:

  • Right click the "Dragon Age 2" option
  • Select "Properties" under "My Games" tab
  • In the "General" tab, select "Set Launch Options"
  • Enter "-enabledeveloperconsole" in there and accept
  • Follow everything else on the guide

Use the runscript command

The developer console is not visible at this time so you are typing blind. You will notice that the console has been activated if the game doesn't react on your mouse movements - it seems to be freezed.

Normally the mod authors give instructions what you have to type on the console in the file description or the readme file. If there is no command specified but the author want you to use it, you have to ask him/her.

At first hit the trigger/enable key (tilde or ` or ^ or whatever you have changed).
Because you dont't see anything hit it 1-2 times.
Now hit the backspace key 2-3 times to make sure the trigger/enable sign is erased.
After that type the runscript command the mod author specified: runscript something
and hit enter.
If the item was added you will see a message like "Items received: Some item".

If you don't get this message:

  • The game is still frozen: hit the backspace key about a 100 times, type the runscript command again and make sure you don't miss something.
  • The game is not frozen: repeat the procedure descripted by typing the trigger/enable key.