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Making small edits to mods (or the game itself) such as weapon damage, or crit chance is fairly simple and can usually be done by editing a text file. All it takes is having the right tools installed to unpack (usually referred to as “uncook”) mod or game files to make these text files accessible.

  1. Download and install the latest version of the Official ModKit. You won’t be required to actually use the ModKit per se, but the unpacking tool we’re going to use requires it.
  2. Download and install xTcModKit. Technically, you can cook and uncook mods using the official ModKit, though you might find xTcModkit’s interface easier to use.
  3. Launch xTcModKit and point it to your Witcher 3 directory and the directory you have installed the Official ModKit in.
  4. Specify a “Cook Path” and “Uncook Path” - these are the folders the mods/fo;es you unpack or pack will be put into. Make sure you have enough disk space as uncooked assets can take up a lot of space.

Once xTcModKit is set up, all we need to do is uncook (i.e. unpack) a mod that adds new items with stats or changes existing stats, then make the changes we want by editing text files, and then cook (i.e. re-pack) the mod.

As an example, we're going to be modifying the Cave Troll trophy's stats by downloading and unpacking the mod Better Trophies.

  1. Download the mod Better Trophies and install it with Vortex or manually drag and drop it into your mods folder.
  2. Open xTcModKit and drag and drop the mod folder (modBetterTrophies2_0) into the "Uncooking" zone where it says "Drag and Drop the mod/s you like to uncook here."
  3. xTcModKit will now uncook the mod which may take a while. Once it's finished, open the "uncook" folder. Navigate to Uncook\modBetterTrophies2_0\gameplay\items and open the file def_item_trophies.xml with Notepad++ (recommended) - this is the file that contains the trophy stats we want to change.
  4. The Cave Troll trophy stats can be found on line 10-14. For our example, we are going to add +15% attack power to the trophy's stats.
  5. To do that, copy the line "<attack_power type="mult" min="0.12" />". This is line 20 and part of the Nekker Warrior trophy stats.
  6. Going back to the Cave Troll trophy stats again, create a new line under the line that says"<vitality type="mult" min="0.1" />" and paste <attack_power type="mult" min="0.12" />. Lastly, change the value from "min="0.12"" to "min="0.15"". Note that attack power, like many other stats, is multiplied by 100 ingame, so a value of 0.15 in the definitions xml equals +15% in the actual game.
  7. Save your changes and close the xml file. 
  8. Optional: You can make the same stats change to the file found in Uncook\modBetterTrophies2_0\gameplay\items_plus - which governs the trophy stats for New Game Plus.
  9. Run xTcModKit again, this time drag the uncooked mod (the mod folder named "modBetterTrophies2_0" containing the file we just edited) into the "Cooking" zone on the right where it says "Drag and Drop the mod/s you like to cook here." and wait for the mod to be cooked.
  10. Open the "Cook" folder and look for the now newly edited and cooked (packed) modBetterTrophies2_0. You can zip this mod folder up to install it via Vortex (after uninstalling the original mod) or copy the two files in Cook\modBetterTrophies2_0\content named blob0 and metadata.store and use them to overwrite the same files in your Witcher 3 mod folder for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\Mods\modBetterTrophies2_0\content
  11. Once that is done, run the game to confirm your changes. If you have the debug console enabled, you can give yourself a Cave Troll trophy with the item code additem('mh201_cave_troll_trophy'). If you followed this tutorial correctly, it should now look like this: CaveTrollDone.jpg