Creating basic Mods

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Basic Modding


GreedFall is fairly easy to mod when it comes to basic mods altering things like weapon stats, requirements, carry weight etc. All you need to do is extract the file you want to edit from a "pack" file that's shipped with the game and then make the edits you want with a text editor of your choice.


1. Locate your game installation and navigate to the "packs" folder containing *.spk and *.stc files. While the *.stc files contain checksums, the *.spk files are the "packs" that we need to extract.

2. Open the *.spk file you want to extract with a tool such as 7-Zip or WinRAR and extract its contents into the folder "[ path...]\datalocal" - make sure to create that folder if it does not exist already (it needs to be manually created at some point, though Vortex will create it for you when you install your first mod).

3. You can now edit any *.sli and *.sbt files with a text editor of your choice.

Note: Your datalocal folder is your override folder / your mods folder. Any unpacked (edited) files therein will take priority over the packed files when it comes to how the game loads them. Never make edits to the pack files (*.spk) themselves or the game will crash.